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  1. There are dealers and mechanics all over the place here and in Guadalajara. I have a friend in Guadalajara that belongs to a Vespa club. Hers is purple. Walmart and stores like them sell Chinese and other cheap brands but there are dealers for Honda and the better brands. lots of Mexicans on scooters here.
  2. It costs me nothing to go to the teller at Intercam and get whatever currency and amount I want instantly and they never run out. When my account gets low there I merely write a cheque from my Canadian bank which is deposited instantly by my account exec even though it will take 5 working days to clear. Stopped using the Scotia ATM when it became a grabber instead of a swiper. Oh,and our doctors like to be paid by cheque for anything major and I have used my Intercam debit card for hospital payments.
  3. I got Vonage 3 years before we moved here and still have that same Canadian number for people to call us conveniently. It's around $30/ month Canadian and I can also call 60 other countries. I have relatives in Europe and the UK. In addition Mexican landline and cell. I'm not going to worry about nickles and dimes when a lot of things are so cheap around here. the Vonage is terrific and so is their tech support. So big deal if it goes out for a bit with a brown out,your computer does too. I have had my V router replace 3 times. So what.
  4. What's with this? You posted a location in another thread. Unless there are 2 alphas on here
  5. There was one in our house when we bought it and the smartest thing we did was get rid of it.
  6. Yes to Jose for plumbing. He also does a good job on electrical. We've used him for many years now for both and he speaks English.
  7. It wasn't quiet here in the Chapala region in 2000 and is not now either. What part of Mexico is quiet in your opinion?
  8. I brought what some would consider an entire workshop including large drill press,router on table, contractors table saw, 6" jointer on stand,compessor and a bunch of other things like drills, large red mechanics tool chest,etc. that fit in my truck and trailer. Crossed at Santa Teresa,New Mexico and all they did was glance in the truck and trailer and sent me on my way.
  9. Or it has similar usage to the Mexican word mande? Yes? with a question mark-sorry? A short way of saying repeat please when you didn't quit hear or understand.
  10. Before you get into your usual diatribes and since you have been on here a long time you should not have to be reminded that Chillin is Canadian. There will be a new Government in Canada after an election in October and for your edification your what you call administration, fortunately does not exist in Canada which is not a Republic. I don't know what Chillin has done here but I do know all sorts of NOB'S and Euros that have done things here. what have you done?
  11. William Lyon MacKenzie[ originally from Scotland] and several buddies were hoisting a few at Montgomery's Inn[owned by a former Irishman] .Feeling no pain they grabbed their pitchforks and marched down Dundas Street to oust the Crown from Upper Canada and form a republic in 1837. They were met shortly by the well organized British Empire Loyalist Militia, who immediately confiscated their weapons of grass destruction at which point they retreated back to the Inn to quench their thirst. The Inn has been restored and I have hoisted a few there myself, surrounded by the rebel's[rabble's?] ghosts. My family home from 1954- March,2019 was built on the former Montgomery farm just to the north of the inn.
  12. And of course,they won every war single handedly because Hollywood says so.
  13. I'll wear my many badges of honour for trying new things but not one for puter brand switching. I have more important and exciting things to do. I use 7 which I was forced into when XP became obsolete. Computerguy makes a living at this sort of thing and probably doesn't need no stinkin' badges in it because he gets paid currency.
  14. I've only been to the French Bakery once on purpose. There is a place in Ajijic that makes a Napoleon almost as good as what my mother used to make.
  15. I happen to be somebody and said in the written word that some bacon is maple flavoured.There are various ways that "some" bacon in Canada has maple "flavouring" including the 2 methods that you mention. I buy all my bacon from the butchers at the Chapala mercado or now the Ranchito Cremeria as well. I never said anything about buying bacon at Tony's. All breakfast bacon is cured and lightly smoked pork belly and sometimes it has more fat than other times and sometimes not enough. If I don't like the looks of it I don't buy it but since I have a goodly choice of butchers in a small area,one of them will have what I want. I have no trouble frying the bacon that I select here in my 80 year old cast iron frying pan if fried is what i want.
  16. I find the chunk bacon, which the butcher cuts to your liking, far superior to what i bought in Canada-eh! Note it goes bad faster here because it has less nitrites as preservative . I've been known to eat it "raw" piled on a slice of fresh bolillo because it's similar to a German cold cut that i used to enjoy. Not almost all breakfast bacon in Canada is maple "flavoured".
  17. You might want to now as it's stocked with a Florida strain of large mouth bass which grow fast. There have now been 2 international tournaments here. No need to hike over to Agua Milpa anymore.
  18. Envy will get you nowhere. bmh hit upon it and I guess you missed it and I have also mentioned it more than once. Their well kept mansions are here sometimes 4 or 5 to one compound.
  19. You have no idea with a statement like that. There are innumerable Mexicans here that could buy and sell what you may consider rich foreigners 10 times over. Then there are the upper middle class and probably just plain middle class who more than likely are wealthier than you-sorry to say. Good friend of mine travels the world on behalf of his company,buys cars and motorcycles for fun and rents out 6 properties he owns. Poor mexican-eh!
  20. Oh they do but not where it counts.Most of my friends are Mexicans,you?
  21. The crow flies straighter on Hdalgo then Morelos and there you are close to it and parking.
  22. I'm not everyone but apparently some choose not to read all the posts. By the way I don't need to hear,just looking works for me.
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