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  1. Apparently you don't understand us Canadians. He don't need no gun here.You even confuse all of us CANADIANS with the Montreal CANADIENS hockey team. - SNORK! pedro kertesz CANADIAN
  2. It really matters not how the family operates the 2 businesses because together they are synergistic. In light of that, Pancho has a snowball's chance in haitch of ever selling more liquor than a member of the Paz family complex, who operate side by each. He does sell more fresh bread though and his round sourdough is close enough to a light rye to use for making a corned beef sandwich, getting back to the OP who asked about rye bread of which the real European style has never been available at Superlake or anywhere else here. I have had real rye bread all my life in Czech Republic and Canada. There is a German bakery in Gaudalajara that bakes it.
  3. Place your order now. They will have 10 packages ready for July 21. Since he has a freezer I told him if he couldn't sell them, I would buy them all. Hopefully all you people that wanted real corned beef weren't just BS-ing. It will take me a long time to go through that much corned beef but on the other hand I could donate some to a food bank. If you people don't buy any, it's highly unlikely that they will only do 1 package at a time for me and I have wasted my time with this effort.
  4. The grocery division of the Paz family retail "empire" is called Superlake and carries zero liquor because that would be stupid to compete with there other division Paz Licuors. They operate side by each. So, yes they are one entity and that's a simple fact based on reality.
  5. Even before we had an account with Intercam we cashed 3rd party cheques including cheques from the Canadian Government. Those cheques were mailed to our PO box in Chapala. Talk to an account rep at Intercam. Ours is Alejandra who speaks English.
  6. Paz Liquors is the booze vendor of Superlake. Both owned by the PAZ FAMILY so they are really one entity ain't they.
  7. It's kind of hidden and looks small from the road but it has many plants/trees inside. Across from the 711 in Riberas. we bought a flowering 8-9 foot tree and three flowering bushes[those to be potted] for $1375 mp. They threw in a flower bunch as a bonus.
  8. Better alcohol selection than Paz Licuors? I think not and likely never will come even close.
  9. Yet once more. My gift to you Eric,an appropriate avatar. Joe Bflspk from Li"l Abner comic strip.
  10. That's true for some and it's about equal to the usual credit/debit card hold up but I have my cash ready and pay in nano seconds.
  11. When physically shopping or paying for a service[e.g. mechanic] I use cash except in medical facilities. Used cash everywhere in Canada too. Means I don't hold up the line at checkout to the benefit of the people behind me.
  12. I just vacuum sealed all the meat we bought at Walmart today including a whole chicken. no more Ziploc and freezer burn, gracias.
  13. I'm Canadian and I don't care what Trump gave you. Seems that you take every opportunity to segue into your jingoist proclivity.
  14. Amazon uses contractors for delivery like Fedex, Pacifico,DHL and some local delivery services. There is no such thing as an Amazon company delivery truck and they have no control over these contractor drivers and how they behave. Why waste your time stewing over something which is out of your and Amazon's control. I'm just happy to get timely delivery to my door of which there has been plenty for the last couple of months. I am on an Amazon binge. Another delivery this coming Sunday by Pacifico. pedro kertesz
  15. Seems to have paid all of us tax payers $300 each on July 7. pedro kertesz
  16. virgo lady, this thread is for humour to add some levity to a grim situation. Please remove your post as it does not fit.
  17. Yes,that confirms that it has one store only, located in Ajijic which is in the MUNICIPIO of Chapala.
  18. The only numbers are for the entire Municipality of Chapala. Ajijic is just a a small pueblo therein so you will never get that info from any gov't stats. So nobody knows.
  19. Here's my first springer Tobin and her first retrieve at 3 months which she carried about a 1/2 mile back to the car without dropping it.
  20. It's apparent that none of you have had any experience with small game working dogs. Yes the Doberman thing is no longer necessary and any other breed that most of you perceive as pets only. I was a bird and rabbit hunter,trained them myself and they were family companions too. Pointers tails are docked but left long enough[the tail done this way gives you the direction to let you know where the game is so that you can flush it] they stay where they started the point and then retrieve the game for you. I have had 2 shorthair pointers and 4 Springer spaniels who are flushers. They go nuts when they pick up a scent and no thicket or brambles can stop them and then they flush and retrieve if you were successful. Springer's tails are docked to avoid all sorts of nasties getting stuck to it. I also have their dew claws removed so that they don't get torn off. I gave them a medium haircut about a month before the season so their ears and body would be less likely to be affected and then grow enough so they don't get too cold retrieving waterfowl. Here's Monty Montana the 2nd and last under the stove after a day of hunting
  21. Greasy fries are perfect. Just let them drip for about 5 minutes above your fryer. I do them skin on.
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