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  1. Crested Caracaras have a lot of white and not just the wing tips and. Islander's hazy picture probably shows them but not the large black birds that the OP is curious about.
  2. I got a replacement at the hardware near my house,I think.
  3. It's called a paint pad and I wouldn't recommend it's use unless the walls are perfectly smooth which most of these walls here aren't. On the other hand a skilled painter can do a fine job using one for edging as was done recently on our casa. Yes they are still available in various styles and shapes. See foto.
  4. Vendors selling them fresh are all over the place around here. 50-80 pesos per liter are the best. I call them blueberries on steroids because they are so big and boy are they good! I can't understand why anyone would buy this wonderful and readily available berry frozen.
  5. Mostlylost told you in great detail.
  6. No matter how bad things are for some of us, our moral compass dictates that we don't screw somebody that helps us, like buying our business for example.
  7. I will only give contact info to people who pm me with their phone number and at least their first name. Then I will chat/interview them so that I can hopefully determine if they are going to treat my service people well. I made an exception to that recently by posting my friend Moy the mechanic's info.
  8. I have been going nuts purchasing on Amazon US the last 2 months or so and everything gets here on time and sometimes early like the package yesterday that was slated for delivery Tuesday. Nothing was denied out of clothing, aids for disabled,appliances/electronics of all types and accessories as well as kitchen stough.
  9. They sold 65 today before running out and will have more on Tuesday.
  10. At my request Ranchito Cremeria is now baking these and they are outstanding,especially with a German imported beer. Eating the traditional way by dipping in the sweet Mazamitla cultured butter. They bake them with cheese too but original type is with salt crust.
  11. Pablo says you got it. So you and I are the only non-cheapskates-jaja! Have you tried any yet and if so,wadda ya think?
  12. Is Helen ready,does Lucille ball.is Victor mature etc. etc.
  13. The best ground beef for my world famous Pedroburger,we buy from the out door butcher at the north west corner of the Chapala Mercado. She double grinds what appears to be beef suet as requested with the red meat. I don't go by %'S and probably have her add a touch more than 20% for juicyness[sic], cooked thoroughly not any redness showing because that's a dangerous thing. It matters not what cut of meat that you use,the fat is the thing. Same for meatloaf. Less fat ground in for other dishes.
  14. Getting 4 more boxes delivered manana. Yes I deserve to treat myself to these fine puros. They go so well whilst sipping equally fine Mezcal. Puff,sip,puff,sip,etc..
  15. Gracias. I phoned but they couldn't help me.
  16. He has picked up and delivered to my house before and all my friends and I ,we are distancing. i can drive and my wife could go in but i need to show him what i want done.
  17. I need my leather pants taken in which he has done very well before. I drove by his store last week and it was open but my disability precludes me going there because of the lack of close parking.
  18. My wife is on a thyroid med here. Go see another doc and they might know the equivalent available in Mexico.
  19. I have an old cell# for him but it may be no longer. Does anyone have his cell# por favor y gracias!
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