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  1. I have excellent dentures. that's just the way it's served in the delis I've eaten in. And besides, his corned beef is not tough at all. Definitely good deli quality. Foto is from Katz's Deli,New York. Now if I could only find some good rye bread like that here,
  2. Now if only more people ordered it so that he will continue to make it. I slice mine as thin as possible so that i can stack it in the sandwich. I like it warm so I let it sit for about 10 minutes before I slice it.
  3. It's interesting that you find the need to disagree with a post about somebody screwing a person that helped them because I inserted "moral compass" in it.-SNORK! Mine's just fine thanks. EDIT: And your quiz has no relevance to what I posted nor how many posts that I have made. sincerely: none other than pedro kertesz
  4. Here is your insult once more.
  5. Your links are old news and Monex was the exception not the rule for Mexican banks. We happily bank with Intercam and to top up our account we write a cheque from our Canadian bank which our account exec deposits in our account for access right away even though it takes 5-10 days to clear for them.
  6. I did with my OP and you decided to insult Mexicans with no knowledge about what a PET scan is or it's cost. To help you further about cost the average cost in the US is $5750 and can be as high as $9225 USD.. 24999P = $1l23USD.
  7. Then you don't really know him.
  8. It costs more than that if you pay privately in Canada. Where's your logic? Nothing to do with usage, as it's the most expensive MRI usage anywhere.
  9. In 1 1/2 years they went from $23000+p to only $24999p. Not huge inflation!
  10. I think these are appropriate to this thread-SNORK!
  11. I have some glass slides that my father produced with his prewar II Leica. Does anybody do this locally other than LCS which is closed?
  12. This thread is great entertainment. Thanks-heehaw!
  13. You seriously suggest that the drivers using their jakes, motivation, is to "disturb the peace"?
  14. Here is some help for you that was told to me by a wise old mexican about things like this: "DON'T LISTEN". That is your cheapest help. A more expensive help for you is to move from living on a long grade on the most used road into Chapala.
  15. Had half of our chunk last night. Boiled/simmered in the package for 3 hours Oh boy was it tender and yummy!
  16. You need to read the exchanges more closely methinks. There is no confusion for several of us as to what Johanson has backtracked on and then attempt to deflect from criticism on his behaviour to gringohombre. From my experience, said behaviour by him is not new. And that's all I'm going to say about his past behaviour.
  17. I got my corned beef chunk today and Amador told me that he only sold one other package which must have been slainte39. What happened to the rest of you that alleged you were interested.
  18. You clearly told gringohombre that you may want to buy them and asked for his price for that purpose, because he wants to sell them not pay to have them removed. Now you are refuting that?
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