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  1. This piece that I made ain't yellow and the cupboard is traditional Canadian Ukrainian and Mennonite prairie settlers, yellow and green combo.
  2. I cannot say enough about how absolutely fantastic they are. They repaired my 50 year old 3 speed Dual turntable and a couple of years ago did my 50 year old cassette player. Because of my recent disability, I could no longer reach the turntable so Michael Merriman rearranged some of the equipment so that I could once more gain access to the turntable. A few years ago he set up everything including our new Shaw receiver and new smart TV. The foto is before he set everything up the first time.
  3. Does anyone know of a Neurologist/Internist that I can discuss the results of my PET scans with? A Neurologist with experience on the affects of the Vagus nerve on the GI tract would also suffice.
  4. I really don't know why all this necessity for all sorts of machine and chemical maintenance on a natural clay tile which we have inside and outside of a house that we have been in for 14 years and these tiles are at minimum 10-15 years older than that. Our maid mops them twice/week.
  5. That's quite a generalization. I would say, that premise applies more to web boards like this where 99% are anonymouse, pose as the opposite sex and use fake or no avatar. pedro kertesz
  6. Methinks that you would be advised to do a little research to find out the meaning of the word "bigotry".
  7. See my advice on your other OP.
  8. And I know it from personal experience. You are totally correct slainte39. First small thing I went to doc Jorge for years ago was a partially torn achilles tendon and I asked him to give me a cortisone shot. He told me that's only for pain and not healing so he didn't do that and told me to not play volleyball for 6 weeks and walk carefully.
  9. Medical equipment can be a problem with Aduana..
  10. See Dr Jorge first for a consult and he will decide what imaging is required No cart before the horse-eh!
  11. OK so he is not yet like rvgringo then-jaja!
  12. I never looked in a dictionary but started using it exactly as described and why. And the word I use is SNORK! [as written] not smork. I'm sure the other 2 trolls are glad you joined them in irrelevancy. pedro kertesz
  13. 2 Orthopedic Surgeons saw me and recommended surgery on my spine. Then #3, Dr. Jorge Gonzales fixed my 2 collapsed disc lumbar problem with an Epidermal injection, outpatient procedure. Every once in a while I go for an office visit for a steroid injection for another problem with deteriorating almost gone disc including nice ragged bone spurs The SAT Hospital of which he is a founding doctor has all the equipment needed for that. Back specialist= Orthopedic Surgeon and don't just perform surgery.
  14. Apparently a medical imaging topic is too boring? Perhaps because it's not Covid-19 related?
  15. Recent knowledge is of import to this area-no? It probably will appeal to a percentage of ferners and thereby not last.
  16. Decorum you say? It appears like you and your buddy carnivore think it's ok to screw somebody that helps you and carnivore took umbrage with my suggesting somebody like that has a damaged or nonexistent moral compass. As to the way I use "SNORK!" It Is a word I came up with for use on web boards many years ago to describe my reaction to silly and uneducated posts. It is an actual physical sound made by my nose and the back of my throat when I sneer at the same time, to denote incredulity so you won't find that in any dictionary. SNORK!
  17. Both father and son are Orthopedic Surgeons. I get treated by the senior Gonzales and either can treat you.
  18. I'm sure there are plenty Texmex eateries in Greenville SC so why should you concern yourself with the lack thereof here?
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