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  1. I only boil raw hocks like these with spices added to the water similar to my homemade soups.
  2. Because I do European. From what I've seen and your description I have zero interest in what you call southern style unless it's southern Bavaria which is far superior and not a waste of a good and flavourful cut of pork. The hock from the Smokehouse is well smoked/cooked and ready to eat. Because we got it in early afternoon I merely put it in the oven to warm up again and then had it with mashed potatos and sauerkraut. It was so tender and juicy that it fell off the bones.
  3. Spencer McMullen is our attorney for everything and he has a whole team for immigration matters to make life easier. I have known him for 14 years even before he became a lawyer.
  4. Hector Hernandez, La Floresta, 376-766-4656,cell-331-536-8774. Also sells good quality watches.
  5. These of what I speak are smoked and ready to eat. Boiling is for raw I would think.
  6. Yes and there are many more ways of consuming them. Very versatile and tasty cut off the hog.
  7. Hardly but SPAM seems to be a large part of your repertoire? What does that mean I ask rhetorically.
  8. They are taking by order only. Best bet is to go to their facebook page or go to their shop. I believe the next batch will be sometime in the next 10 days
  9. The whole "pork" hock I am portioning for a meal for 2. There was left overs for pork sandwiches and fixings for French pea soup . Are you not a meat eater ? If you aren't your disgust is understandable.
  10. We have been ordering delivery of meals for a while now even from restaurants that people wax poetic about how wonderful they are. We have been delivered nothing but dreck and after Fridays fiasco no more. The only place that we are totally satisfied with and that goes for long before this pandemic,DOMINOS and in the last 2 years or so chinese pick up on Madero south of the coffee shop. Between the 2 of us, we produce excellent dinners in our own kitchen. Tonight ,ribeye with a few fries and lots of my Caesar salad a la Harry's steakhouse which I have been preparing for more the 40 years. EDIT: and my wife surprised me with her butter tarts for dessert.
  11. Gracias once again for your generosity in keeping this OP at the top-SNORK!
  12. I have plenty of friends in real time. Yes if the test market is a dud and this being it and there is no positive[sales] response then the people on this board that requested either of the 2 products can be faulted for not buying. That concept should not to be hard to understand. I take it from your posts that have nothing useful to add, that you're not interested in purchasing either but thanks for keeping this topic at the top.
  13. It's called a test market as it's one of 2 new products for him. I am merely trying to help him with this endeavour by making these posts. The other being an outstanding corned beef.
  14. Amador's corned beef is the best I've had since leaving Canada. I've suggest to him that he might want to put it on the restaurant menu.
  15. There was a Uni student posting or being recommended on here a while ago who might be just what you need. From what I recall his hourly rate was quite reasonable.
  16. You need to have your eyesight checked because it's polychrome and there is no yellow inside either.jaja! pedro kertesz-folk artist
  17. The last one that I got from The Smoke House was excellent so I have ordered again and it will be ready next week. IF nobody orders this and his excellent REAL corned beef we will loose this "right here" in our own backyard source. Phone # 376-108-1805
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