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  1. And what do you actually know about Pfizer,I say rhetorically?-SNORK!
  2. It is my understanding that supply has run out and will be available again sometime in May.
  3. Did the same and they realigned the dish and fiddled with the receiver. They are the best!!!
  4. Arrachera available at Soriana[several brands] and Walmart. Have not ordered in a restaurant since. Not difficult to BBQ at home. Last nights dinner and will have leftover for breakfast.
  5. Repeat for the umpteenth time, including very recently, on here complete with fotos. It is our go to place to take visitors to and our special occasions. In other words our favourite Chapala Mexican restaurant.
  6. Bruce ain't the greatest but at least he FLASH GRILLS IT after the sous vide the latest cooking fad of the people that are followers of the latest fads/passing trends, and totally unnecessary if you're experienced for many years doing"all meats and even shell fish".
  7. How many chillin garys are needed to change a light bulb?
  8. Indeed! A constant scourge of phonyness[sic] or googleness on topics of interest only to the poster[sic]. you captured the poster perfectly-SNORK!
  9. I was thinking the non electric repairs. For electric, one would call an electrician or take it to a small appliance repair shop. I have my contractors electrician do anything like that around the house and not been disappointed yet.
  10. I like myself so not even doing things like Wiener Schnitzel which is more intense than doing bbq I have done just for me. Liking ones self is the basis for liking others and doing for them and not considering it a chore. We are not restaurant people either except for special occasions because we both really enjoy the creativity and satisfaction of messing in our kitchen and me additionally on my weber for bbq at least once per week. I have not yet decided between the oven or Weber for my first attempt at preparing duck breast.
  11. I have had my contractors and or their people do repairs. Just about any handy person around here is capable.
  12. Why not do it for your own pleasure? Don't you think that you deserve it? I have done it for me only many times and when I was in the bush by myself it was a joy to do my freshly caught trout over the fire. I still do it for me when wife goes to Canada for a while.
  13. Good grief! Now comparing more or less harmless natural way of fire/charcoal cooking of meat to cigarette smoking? How about industrial smogs,vehicle exhausts and here field burning and I can't be bothered adding more to the list for you great thinkers of a simple COOKING METHOD being bad for you. Get real!!!
  14. I am almost 78 and have been bbq-ing and smoking,campfire cooking meat fish and crustacea, using charcoal,briquette and wood since I was about 18,continue to do so and have experienced no adverse effects from doing it. I have had 2 PET scans. The "alleged health hazard" is quite low and worth ignoring.
  15. 2-3 doors east of Telmex and beside the health food store on the north lateral. They now carry both Berlin AND el Alemann products and I worked with them to get boneless pork butt steaks[need to order] so you never have to buy those dry flavourless chops again. I also got them to get Muscovi duck whole and breast.
  16. It's not worth the drive when you can get the same steaks in Ajijic where some people can walk to get them at Los 3 Butchery which has been in operation longer than the place where you went.
  17. Bought a great humidor that holds 50 cigars so yes he sells all sorts of accessories. As well as his own brand he has cigars from everywhere. pedro kertesz
  18. Get yourself a weber like this at Soriana and use real carbon. Brought this one with us and have used it for almost 30 years with a few minor repairs I've had done here.
  19. ditto and their baby back ribs are to die for!
  20. My point was that one doesn't have to be on face book to be found. I spend more time on facebook than any other internet social media like forums that I belong to and nothing adverse has happened to me.
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