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  1. My mechanic Moy restored practically everything on my 1980 Renault 5[Le Car]. Even had to make a tool and other parts because replacements couldn't be found. he works with a group of others that do welding,exhaust,upholstery.carb and bodywork. Didn't charge me the" special price" like some mechanics do here. They repair and not just replace like REAL mechanics do. I was happily surprised at what his rates are including the other associates too when needed. He is in Riberas on the lateral mountain side 3 buildings west of Parker Insurance and east of the 711.
  2. They've gone back to work but won't be open until Monday of next week.
  3. Glam is across the street from Coldwell Banker on Hidalgo, Chapala .Mari has legally opened. We bought the thermometer for her. She's had a hard go ,not only this pandemic problem but by the messing around with this stupid roadwork for months. By appointment at the shop and she brings all her gear to do my hair and beard in my house. Cell # 331-307-0953. Her English is slight but passable.
  4. Says this Canucklehead. pedro kertesz
  5. I will confirm Cristiana tennis perhaps this afternoon. Lupe told me on Monday that his wife and son, who operate the proshop and maintain the courts, that they have been called back to work today,July 1.
  6. We have used Adrian for several years and he is more than capable of many things including complex security and whole house sound systems. He came here on Sunday of this week with my printer ink, put it in and then set up our smart TV so we can watch Youtube. He is reliable and lets you know if there is a change in appointment time. Just some of the things he has .done for us: built 2 towers one with Windows 7 and the other with Linux,hard wired wife's tower directly to modem. spent time with both of us until we could operate on our own, installed the new Infinitum modem and many more things over the years. Adrian's cell # 331-997-6867. Ajijic Electronics, Michael Merryman. best to call before noon. He does our Shaw. They repair electronic devices including my 70's tape player. And he set up our entertainment unit including our smart TV, tape player ,turntable, sound bar,dvd player and central control box. Phone:376-766-1117 pedro kertesz
  7. "Maria" Lourdes is fantastic and has been our dentist for many years. we strayed a couple of times including to a very popular dentist. She totally corrected the mess he made of my wife's bridge. She has done all my dentures including relines made by the excellent lab she uses.
  8. Except sandwich size. Got a vacuum machine that also does regular sealing from Amazon along with enough bag making rolls to last forever. No more freezer burn. did 2 steaks and made several vac packs of Korean dumplings[pot stickers] last night. Truly exciting! Got it because of all the moaning about lack of Ziplocs availability and got tired of constant freezer burn too.
  9. Sam is a GP not an ENT. Big difference.
  10. I believe what you are looking for is cast iron.
  11. Controlled your Glaucoma. There is a difference. And yes she is very good.
  12. For your well being I would suggest that you stick with the therapy prescribed by your doctor. Ask him about the "Super Beta Prostate" and discuss your concerns with him about what you are taking now.
  13. I just spray with dawn mixed with water.
  14. Arcosangels,if you PM me with your real first name and phone number I may give you a first hand tour of our place and answer you face to face.
  15. gracias! I gave them a colonial door foto to work with. They are not wood. His iron worker did the metal and the painter used the tromp l'oeil technique to simulate wood.
  16. I stand corrected re: last gov't was PRI, then 2 terms PAN then the first gov't I worked with was PRI before those two. I did not "take" the flag . It was given to me as a gift for voluntary services rendered to Chapala gov'ts and local Mexican citizens as verified by Mexican and Canadian media.
  17. Just the tile over the windows and doors and a new faux tile roof over our outside sitting area roof work. Yes he did everything else too,including some plumbing and electrical He has built new houses too as well as doing excellent renos. Keeps to his quoted price and timeline.
  18. Lookit the size of this! Churchill length and twice as thick,gonna last me 2 days and it's tasty.
  19. It's interesting that you bite the hand that allegedly feeds/fed you as you have boasted about your connection to them.Last government was PAN so you're saying ,what? lovesdogs seem to have their finger on the pulse of things.If you're going to make such serious accusations on a public forum,you are just stating another baseless rumour unless you name names which you can do with impunity a a Mexican citizen.
  20. Update: Friday was my 77th birthday so I ordered Don Pablos father's day special[26 assorted puros for $1000 mp]. He had to fight heavy traffic to get them to me en mi casa. The special carries to the end of June. If you truly like an excellent quality puro at a more than reasonable price ,please support him. He carries other quality brands too. He is not allowed to open his store in Chapala yet and thinks that might not happen until the end of the year. Phone him with your questions and/or orders. He understands English fairly well
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