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  1. I thought P.T. Barnum was long gone. These people were working for a while for my bank at LCS, which bank I am extremely happy with in all respects, .
  2. The legal season for these is short. I believe that they inhabit streams all along the Pacific coast. Had some in a Zihuatanejo restaurant. Very tasty.
  3. Most likely. Guess who makes the cabbage rolls.
  4. I strongly suspect that the alleged "authentic" Cuban sandwich here was not made from this. Video courtesy of angus in a previous post in this thread.
  5. Boy you sure are a lame payaso,again posting something totally irrelevant to this discussion in your haste to throw something negative against the wall, randy don chillin. Once again reality seems to escape you. We are in Mexico not Germany. By the way I didn't have to google the German situation because a real live German told me.-SNORK! pedro kertesz
  6. Yes and it doesn't take a huge effort to post fotos and contact info.
  7. Been going to Maria Lourdes for many years and so does my son when he comes for a visit.
  8. Even though they're closer than Los 3 Butchery I ain't going back. I went inside and talked to the manager. The meat is off to the side in a separate cooler and some of it had thawed.
  9. Your theme song? But as usual no relation to the OP.
  10. For sure! I have had it delivered Friday 3 times in a row now and if I like what's available I will make it my regular Friday dinner.
  11. Now your pretending to be a doctor and still not getting much straight. I don't eat raw poultry nor is bacon raw. What an interesting imagination you have. I challenge you to help a small local business instead of screwing around about nothing in a thread with YOUR nonsense that is not beneficial to this particular business[LOS 3 BUTCHER]. I do have a good laugh about your many mistakes randy chillin-jajajaja!
  12. You can believe in imaginary places, but I believe in the here and now and yes there are gated communities here but I have never heard of one called heaven nor one with an elevator . As to just a couple of,out of many things, I enjoy eating,so what. Unlike you,I have never disparaged your cuisine no matter how unpalatable a lot of it seems. The lightly smoked bacon here is the closest thing to the roher schinken I had the pleasure of being introduce to by my cousins in Kaufbeuren,Bavaria. You obviously have not tried the geraucherte entenbrust which is not stringy in the least and I never said
  13. Now all of a sudden you're posting a Japanese dish which is clearly unlike the German version which is available here. To my knowledge the Japanese isn't available here,in any event.So your point is what? As well as telling people that it's available right here for their enjoyment or not,I am trying to help a nice young couple with a family to support with their very good new business. And what is yours and randy chillin's motivation-eh!
  14. Randy chillin is an expert on everything. Haven't you noticed Ian? By the way your gift of Prague salt was much appreciated and helped get the Smokehouse into making excellent corned beef. I have had it from them 3 times now.
  15. There ya go,a new arrival who knows better than us long term residents once again. I am totally done with you and your attitude. You pose all the same questions on ALV and seem to respond better there so stay there.
  16. I haven't been since my disability but wife went just before the shtf to get some batteries from the vendor who sells all sorts of electronics and cd's
  17. Since covid 19 both have shrunk. Under normal circumstances the Chapala tianguis is 4-5 times larger. No, Chapala tianguis is probably the biggest on the north shore. I took these fotos[a very small sampling] during better times. Yes I understand that you're newbies and I also see by your many question posts where a lot of us long timers here are trying to help you and as well as arguing and not accepting our experience you seem to want to put your own spin on things by assuming to what you wish to hear instead of what is. Like: "Maybe this was a competing event?"
  18. The Chapala tianguis is 4-5 times larger than the one in Ajijic which has some but much fewer vendors all from Chapala. So that you keep from confusing yourself,it's tianguis in Spanish and market is mercado and there is a big difference.
  19. PGB make a dynamite cabbage roll which they market through Cremeria in Chapala. Not available all the time.
  20. Same people and they will try to get you what you request, imported or not. Very customer oriented. You can thank me for them making Bavarian soft pretzels available.
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