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  1. La Cocina is about food. You have posted in the wrong forum. Look before you leap.
  2. I keep that in my wallet,that's why it's wallet size.😴
  3. How can face to face be frustrating?
  4. That is not how a prime rib roast is done. What she is attempting is very similar to a salt crust and yes I have watched that being done and had it many times in Montana. The crust must go on first to keep the juices in by searing it that way. I am very familiar with horseradish which grew wild on our property in Alberta. Damn hard to get rid of even when our Ukrainian friends came to dig up the roots, as it came back every year. Wasabi horseradish ain't necessary when the other is at Superlake.
  5. They aren't constant nor rebuttals but just plain observations. Not my problem if your observations are not the same.
  6. Just for fun, I googled this prime rib roast style and every recipe, I looked at called for PREPARED horse radish not fresh. So if that's available at superlake with no other ingredients added, go get it.When I cook I never bother about the price of the ingredients,just get them and away I go.
  7. This post is more to the point than your other one lumping everyone into one basket.
  8. What's stopping you from just going there?
  9. There are plenty mom and pops everywhere doing what you lament so there is no reason to do so.-eh! We have about 5 within stones throw and [gasp!] they compete with each other as they always have. The OXXOs serve an entirely different purpose.
  10. Not really for both and especially not for your second premise. Tourists will love it,especially the location.
  11. You went well beyond safe with the antibiotics which wreaked havoc on your system in many ways. Find another doctor. Your necessary bacteria are a mess and may be your problem.
  12. That ended a long time ago and quite frankly,Ajijic had/has a snowballs chance in haitch of being designated magico
  13. If it's near Tangos, it's near the malecon and even the plaza. They will have plenty of customers especially on weekends. Another good marketing effort on their part.
  14. The pvc as I pictured is what I am using on my oxygen machines. They have different functions in surgery.
  15. I would give you the laugh thingy but apparently I have used my limit for the day unlike all those that gave you the sad thingy for a fine post.
  16. His mention of[actually] surgical tubing can't be more clear as to what he wants.
  17. There is a big difference between surgical tubing and pvc tubing .Visually they may look the same but functionally, no. Surgical is flexible and can be used in slingshots among other things. A medical supply place would be the best source,not a hardware store.
  18. Ajijic Electronics fixed my 70's cassette player and Michael will come to your house to pick it up.
  19. Hopefully no bar or restaurant will put that junk on and bore the rest of their patrons. You call yourself Joyinmexico, so how about living up to your handle-eh!
  20. What size is that and have you found a source for the wood that you were asking for?
  21. The new sidewalk on Hidalgo has reached my house. I watched them do it.Because they did it by eyeball,I was concerned that maybe it may slope into my garage entrance so after it dried I put my level on it and those guys were bang on. WOW!
  22. I am far from being silent in all respects.
  23. happyjillin


    The author of that nonsense video clearly knows nothing about pharma drug trials . i know this because I was in pharma management and also consulted with various pharma corps.
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