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  1. I answered to the citizens of Millet period. The only party politics in Canada are at the provincial and federal level.
  2. I was a municipal politician in Alberta and was nobody's puppet.
  3. No he's just codo .He spends a lot at Quality care though. Hope some are smart enough to consult with Gonzales or his son Ross at SAT for something this serious. Wonder if Gary shelled out for an MRI which is really important. I fired two orthos and GP for the crap they wanted to do to me that was pure BS.
  4. The view from my window in Lourdes has told me that the SAME holes have had to be repaired at least 5 times each since the wonderful new surface was applied in this road project designed and managed by highschool students.The asphalt Is a whopping 2 inches thick.
  5. Exactely except we use reusable filter that came with the machine and get our beans from the Coffee Tree in Chapala.
  6. I took the advice of a Mexican friend years ago-"don't listen". We even have an evento place 20 feet away. It really works and I have only used ear plugs when operating my jointer .
  7. I would only accept the opinions[maybe more than one] from an Orthopedic surgeon @ SAT AFTER I got an MRI for them to look at and take their reco for which hospital THEY would do the procedure in. All that Orth consult and MRI can be on here. pedro kertesz
  8. My experience is right on the carretera24/7 for 15+ years, and yours andypanda? pedro kertesz
  9. Not very many private sector dump truck drivers do their thing at night. You must be think of when the major alleged improvements were going on and sometimes crews worked at night because there was less other traffic. No more all nighters here and I suspect that applies to the full length.
  10. We have lived on Hidalgo in barrio Lourdes,Chapala for 15+ years and no jake brakes[mainly dump trucks] being used before 7am and after 7 pm here it seems. Ordinary traffic noise after about 8-9pm is hardly noticeable and virtually gone after about 11pm.
  11. The old ladies are back at Soriana.
  12. So you are BeanRoy on here too? Any other handles you've registered and post under that the mods should know about? pedro kertesz
  13. Wife bought all they had yesterday at the animal shelter in Riberas. Panchos have them once in a while. Costco sells them and mi esposa says they ain't easy to find.
  14. Buy rechargeable batteries.
  15. Is the best place to look for a lady like this that is not a puppy and is ok with other dogs-por favor?
  16. You should put up a sign like that where you live. For starters,I have no rental.
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