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  1. I have some on back,back driver side windows from previous owners and front passenger side, which suggests any window will do as long as it's visible
  2. Same as last year. There were no stickers for the early birds[January] and they had to go back later to get it. Every year is a new sticker,no if's and's or but's about it.
  3. It generally goes up every year by a pittance of a % and the charge is so low that I never even give the increase a thought. People from elsewhere that I tell what we pay here in Mexico are totally shocked and envious.
  4. Isn't it wonderful that you have the need to make light of what effects we who are extremely mobility disabled. You, no doubt, can revel in your ability to climb stairs which some of us are not able to do anymore.
  5. They are imported from the US. My outdoor version cost me about $10,000cdn so ya don't want anyone other than company[distributor] techs messing with them.
  6. Servicing. Yes I have one purchased from the only supplier here. Quality Care has one too. MOVILIDAD,Guadalajara. Gobluejohn asked on ALV about servicing and is getting bad advice. Do not let any electrician or local servicer[sic] of garage doors near it. My contact for servicing is JUAN CARLOS REYES,cell #'s: 331-864-5131 and 333-812-3900. His English is fair and I had trouble trying to get English speakers at that company before they put me onto him. pedro kertesz
  7. I doubt anyone here sells shea butter or the nut it's made from especially not at the first shop in the plaza to the right in Chapala. I was curious so I googled it and yes it's made from an African nut and there is a source for the raw butter on Mercado Libre.
  8. Ask them if they will accept a cheque from your Canadian bank account. That's what I do from my Scotia to my Intercam and it costs me no fees except whatever exchange rate I have negotiated with my Intercam acct. exec., which is always better than the rate posted on the board in their lobby.
  9. Ours is in the laundry and storage bodega and easy to read and fill..
  10. A HUGE APOLOGY for my time frame post WHICH WAS MOSTLY WRONG. I should have gone back to my e-mails from my son and doctor before my $%&/()IC post. Best Lab owner went to the apt. around 8pm.Dec. 22 and the results for the negative PCR's were given to my son 8AM the 23rd and he arrived at our casa in late morning and dil later because she had to work on her computer. My son had the short 4 hr. test on his bicycle trip. That and the only other correct thing in my post is that Best will do Covid tests even in your home. He also comes to my home for any sort of lab testing requi
  11. Apparently I, for one, can handle it better than you because I ain't frustrated by it.
  12. I don't care. I just ask them to fill it and the gauge shows 80% when they're done. Why sweat the little things?
  13. It was my suggestion because it may be the last time not that it is any of your business what my son does,in any event. And with his knowledge and concern for his father he is far from being a high risk person.
  14. Look, my son with a medical background and who was tested in London as well, before they left, got it from Best arranged by my GP here because they all know that I would be dead in 24 hours or less if I got Covid. It's the nasty up the nose swab and my son paid Best so I don't know what they charge. Neither had Covid symptoms before testing and I am still alive after their almost 2 week visit. Phone Best for the price.
  15. And in Mass. And you ain't gonna get live Atlantic lobster here nor dead ones either. The tails we get here are from a different species entirely that has no claws and they only have to travel from our coast where they are flash frozen.
  16. 4 hour from Best and it's right here. My son and dil from London got tested in an airbb they were renting and he went to them so that they were safe to come stay with us. My son went for a bike ride one day and felt weird in throat so on way back tested at Best again to make sure he was still safe.
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