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  1. I spent a great deal of time with los 3 butchery on various meat cuts and have recommended them on here and facebook. They are at the mercy of their butcher suppliers who don't seem to care and 3 just goes with the flow, not caring either. My last order for butt was shoulder steaks and the baby back ribs were spare ribs. Their lamb is well over the ideal of 5 months. Their alleged Sonora ribeye is no better than Soriana Select now. I have had those ribs you talk of and they are excellent but I removed most of the sauce and put it in a jar for other uses. My go too for meat is Hannah now. She is a qualified butcher and knows what various cuts are and sells you what you ask for. By the way 3 butchery promised proper replacement and it never happened.
  2. I may have miscalculated a drop only and od'ed perhaps. In any event, back to Tylenol.
  3. One thing that I espouse from my medial experience is that never assume that everyone is the same. I remind my doctors that when I croak I will be written up in The Lancet and The New England Journal of Medicine as a gross anomaly.-SNORK!
  4. Perhaps it was because I have had 3 strokes and 2 mini strokes ,I got stoned. As well as feeling slightly disoriented I had a very mild version of my stroke symptoms on my right side and lacked the strength to get out of my chair for a coupla hours.
  5. Thanks for your concern but NSAIDS ain't good for me and I only use Voltaren topically when a specific site gives me more pain than usual. And I only ever use branded products,no generics or similars EVER.
  6. Back to Tylenol!!!!! Tried oil twice and got unpleasantly stoned both times.
  7. potatos are plenty available here,so what relevance does pototy shortage anywhere else have an effect on us here? pototy dumplings tonight with carnitas y german hunter sauce.
  8. It ain't no miracle-skill is what it is for a very simple ,easy thing.
  9. What blues albums and the etc. do you have-por favor? I have a 3 speed turntable and listen to my 78's,45's and albums.
  10. Diego doesn't need a new moto. His is just fine! jaja!
  11. Pancho's beats the garage hands down and he doesn't need to take a course in customer relations 101-SNORK!
  12. Not my experience. Get potatoes at Chapala around the market,Soriana and Wally No problema except on rare occasion. Mashed,fries round or regular,pan fry,potato salad, dumplings,pancakes Czech style. No gracias to paying extra por nada! The mashed is perfection and so are the fries in these fotos, I brag!
  13. Nope, whenever I was single I treated myself very well on the cooking front.If you don't like yourself enough you won't be prone to like others much either. There are certain dishes that mi esposa doesn't like that I do for myself only still, unless my son is here,like breaded chicken hearts. I am worth the effort!
  14. Has anyone tried the gummies? My constant companion Arthur Itis needs to be dealt with. Sorry to revert back to my OP-eh!
  15. Commercial Champignon[Agaricus bisporas] 'rooms are the common white or brown[same size] that is the most common for sale here or anywhere for that matter.I tried some of the others at wally and soriana and vendors at a couple markets-not worth it,the champignon has more flavour. They don't need cleaning,ferret.and they easily slice real thin with a sharp knife no chopping involved even if you do small bits. Kids just brought us some Knorr wild mushroom soap mix to which I will add some champignons. I want to get some wild in season like I posted in another thread.
  16. They have many choices and delivery is fairly quick.The one I got is in C and F. I am fussy about the equipment/tools that I use and try to buy the best and nothing but the best.
  17. Why your banker when it's so easy to do it yourself and some of us negotiate with our account exec here for the best rate.
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