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  1. I belong to no pack but I do enjoy playing with someone like you ,like a cat plays with a ball of yarn, and yes I have training and so does my daughter and son. I still have a Vademecum[sic] and Merck manual in my library. I don't comment on things I know nothing about
  2. In second round[8 teams left]. Who's watching?
  3. libetarian = teabagger. and what on your curriculum vitae[I know you'll have to look up the meaning of that] suggests that you are capable of understanding anything medical or anything scientific.
  4. Lo siento,I couldn't help myself and have joined the jousting with the newest wanker.-SNORK! At least the dipstick is keeping his blathering just here.
  5. Excellent border promotion! Your vast computer experience as a private in the US military no doubt made you into such a genius. Are you related to the guy from Canada who claimed all sorts of wonderful things he did in FILM AND VIDEO,or are you the same person -SNORK!
  6. Do you have reading problem? 150 local Mexicans got 2 year work visas in that plant and I spent money and mucho time doing it including developing the strategy. dumber and dumber the more you write
  7. You have shown that you tend to miss a lot. Cows and sheep are not skinned alive and VEGANS avoid leather or ANY ANIMAL MATTER. Vegetarians don't eat animal matter but may wear leather products.
  8. People who get the work done make the news not write it although I have done both. You have shown that you are not even capable of holding my JS [A sports euphemism]
  9. everyone knows who pedro kertesz is on this forum and Gasp! lots of persons in the real world. I even have been acknowledged in the mass and local media in all 3 NA countries. So what! Keep farting in wind-SNORK!
  10. my real name pedro kertesz and my real face. blah blah blah anonymouse mal payaso.
  11. You haven't read much on this forum have you and quite frankly you appear to know squat about politics other than the USA and not much of that either. I am a Canadian ex independent muni politician and provincial back room boy of some standing of the former Conservative party of Alberta. One of my political heroes was the first large C Conservative in a democracy in the 18th century who you probably don't know anything about. You meet the stereotype of persons with teabags on their head with a generous nut sprinkling thrown in. Yes, unfortunately there are canucks like you too but not as many.
  12. Some of you insist on becoming just like them by continuing to joust with them.
  13. Has happened here. The only reality is the ongoing thread by mostlylost. Why not just let these pinche payasos carry on patting each other on the back with their ridiculous rhetoric. I suggest not to bother debating with them.-SNORK!! pedro kertesz
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