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  1. Yup,only once and never again. I get incredible baby back ribs from Los 3 Butchery and do on my weber. A little garlic powder and touch of grated seasoned pepper,then to finish a VERY light glaze of hoisin sauce. best ribs I have found here in 14 1/2 years. Also do them with just Hy's Season Salt,Lawry's Season Pepper and garlic powder or Woody's Cookin' Sauce applied lightly.
  2. I posted before that you can get both tests from Best Lab in Riberas. My son had both from them and they will attend you in your home to test you.
  3. Everyone is personally responsible for themselves and others with appropriate behaviour.
  4. I have some on back,back driver side windows from previous owners and front passenger side, which suggests any window will do as long as it's visible
  5. Same as last year. There were no stickers for the early birds[January] and they had to go back later to get it. Every year is a new sticker,no if's and's or but's about it.
  6. Curious as to why you find the need to log out.
  7. I quoted your exact words.-eh! pedro kertesz
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