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  1. They are in the town of Chapala as am I ,who's casa is 50 feet west of them in the Chapala barrio, Lourdes.
  2. We have had nothing but good experiences at SAT hospital. Please don't even compare it to the former Maskaras clinic nor Ajijic clinic. Big difference between a REAL hospital and mere clinics. Judging from most of the posts on here, it has been made quite clear that SAT is good at what they do for a small hospital. and I for one am glad they are here. Good luck clinic users! pedro kertesz
  3. I have a US Amazon account and my shipping address is here. My latest purchase arrived yesterday even though the eta was next Tues. I pay with a Canadian cc. I don't care what I'm charged for shipping or I wouldn't be buying. I recently signed up for Prime movies/videos/TV shows, series only and I get the limited mexican version for $99 p/month. Not interested in paying the annual fee for full Prime service.
  4. I have had Vonage for 17 years and never get calls like that.
  5. In your wildest dreams upset me? Looks like you have imaginary others speaking to you as well-SNORK! EH! pedro kertesz
  6. As usual your confusion shows, glaringly--eh!
  7. I don't expect those south of the Canadian border to get it and your posts prove it -eh! It ain't a question like the infamous "huh?", used by many south of the Canadian border-eh!
  8. Eh is not a question. It's an expression that we use at the end of a sentence-EH! pedro kertesz, canucklehead-eh!
  9. We use Pepe in Riberas for the serious stough. We have a whack job perrita that has never left the house and needs frequent tooth work so he comes to the house,knocks her out and then takes her to his clinic. Also because of her, he comes to our house for all 3 dog's shots . When it's their time he does it most comfortably for them in our house and then takes the body away.
  10. I describe myself as a villainous rude growing lout. SNORK! pedro kertesz also a swashbuckling devil may care bliss bubble.
  11. I recall posting this in the joke thread. Laughed so hard that I tinkled in my codpiece when I first found it and started making up combos.
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