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  1. I know you were. I was just trying to get back on topic like you. There are 4 butchers in and around the Chapala mercado and many more around town. This one is at the north west outside corner of the mercado and I bought the leg and loin of this goat carcass and one can generally see a half hog carcass hanging out front. Great way to select your meat.
  2. So was I, in answer to bmh. re; local suppliers of all sorts of food and I also mentioned that the smaller stores are served by them. And someone about to move here posted wondering about locally produced.
  3. Pork,beef, goat, sheep yearlings, chicken, fish,some veg,some fruit other than berries, dairy that's just some that would be produced in this area is what else. You know that when you see the carcasses arriving in the back of a pick up truck or hearing the squealing at the abattoir beside Soriana and shop locally at a lot of the vendors in Chapala,especially in the mercado and the butchers.
  4. They don't come in and yes about 5 minutes is what was my experience.
  5. I actually saw this system on a very large house up the mountain side west of Ajijic. They had one of those indoor/outdoor pools with an indoor waterfall. Being a pastor can be lucrative apparently.
  6. We write a cheque from our Scotiabank branch in Canada and it's in our Intercam account instantly the day that we do it. In other words we have access to our new funds instantly. Usually we don't have the funds in our Intercam to cover the cheque. That's why we do another biggy to top up the account and make it useful for a long time until the next time. We are doing a major reno on our house here so we decided after the first amount we wrote that it would be wise to do another right away, both way bigger than our balance was. No problema. We've been with them about 4 years and we couldn't ask for better service.
  7. No problema. We get all we want,done the way we want at the Mercado. Most cattle ranchers I know raise and finish steers for consumption, so what's this talk about butchering old cows and bulls anyway.
  8. We are doing a major reno now and were given what we consider a reasonable quote from a contractor that we know quite well. They told me that they have all kinds of competition happening lately, which translates to "now is when construction is going on in this area" and I don't think that it's just tapatios doing it. So do it now.
  9. I' m merely talking about the value of my Canbuck currency and nothing more. Take a hike. I have helped a lot more people here and in Canada than you ever will David. Especially here.
  10. Very nice in a colonial revival style but I would loose the glass.
  11. Why do some people have no reality of where they live and dream of something that ain't gonna happen?🥱
  12. We all need them including "you" because there are many whackjob drivers around and that is what the OP has suggested,is all.
  13. Those were rumble strips not topes but yes they are a good idea in those 3 locations.
  14. I would suggest that 99.9+ of households make pierogies by hand and the vast majority of good ethnic restaurants do so as well.
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