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  1. Here is the post of which you speak senor upfront and there is no mention of any store now is there. Maybe YOU should be starting a mask thread with a minimum number of words per post which seems to be to your liking.
  2. Why don't you apply for the job of reporting every incident of covid19 imaginable[pun intended] that you feel is under reported the expert that you are-eh!
  3. my informative OP which brought a bunch of nasty trolls out from under their rocks.-SNORK! and a giant guffaw!
  4. Good grief the plane hadn't even left the ground when she died which suggests that she had had covid-19 for some time so it has nothing to do with the airline What facts? It seems more odd that you suggest somehow that the airline was at fault and there was a coverup. Please find something else to do. In addition what does this have to do with us Canadians flying here? Arizona to Texas has nothing to do with Canada to here.
  5. Joaquin and his cousin wear masks. what was you purpose in posting this basura on what should be a feel good/eat good thread. I guess you had a bad breakfast while I had some yogurt over blueberries and strawberries. All three being bought from small vendors in and around the mercado. I will direct a stale overused cliche to you[Have a nice day]
  6. Joaquin who runs the small cremeria type shop in the southwest corner of the Chapala Mercado now sells this by the liter. As it turns out his tia in Mazamitla who makes that wonderful butter and various cheeses also makes this. It is outstanding and totally natural unlike the commercial products-YUM!
  7. Trevor Armstrong has a facebook page where you can PM him. He did some work on my 1903 Washburn parlour guitar and before I sold it, on my Fender Tele.
  8. Is there a good seamstress in Chapala and if so where-por favor?
  9. I recanted and ordered yesterday. He remembered the incident and apologized. We had 2 spring rolls,chicken satay, shrimp cakes and shrimp pad thai. He provided extra sauces because I like hot spicy and my wife doesn't. Cost $360 plus $40 tip. Worth doing again.
  10. I don't do PM's with people that I don't know. In any event why didn't you ask the question on here where it belongs? How I do the ribs. Hy's seasoned salt,Lawry's season pepper and garlic powder and BBQ'd on my Weber over a large pile of mesquite carbon for high temp..
  11. My wife went to her for alterations[pants and dresses] a few times. Finally gave up and will not go again.
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