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  1. Good grief! The guy lives in Guadalajara where there are a zillion more places to buy what he needs so why are you people bothering to suggest to him anything at "lakeside"?
  2. You'll know when you turn the tap on and let it run for a bit.
  3. She did me to my satisfaction re: cataracts, and I still use trifocals because I like them and they are glass safety lenses for moto riding[which I hopefully will be able to do again] and my shop work.
  4. Don't worry about it. You can buy for a reasonable price and sell it for less than you paid and have had the use of it. I bought this colonial revival credenza used for $2500p on a buy sell facebook page and then did the paint and no, it's not for sale.
  5. In for a penny,in for a pound not by me but by a bunch of crotchety old people with wasteful time on their hands.
  6. And forget the Alamo and Bowie et al and take back Texas for Mexico peacefully by shear massive population demographic percentage. Let everyone in Texas eat real tacos in the soon to be the biggest state in Mexico.-SNORK! pedro kertesz
  7. If you want to discuss well known facts the US and Canada are on equal footing with Mexico when it comes to meat packing. And a friend recently told me about a huge nasty pork problem in Germany. So where are your FACTS oh anonymouse one?-SNORK! pedro kertesz
  8. Humans are omnivores naturally.
  9. Suggesting Mexico is the centre of the universe for RARE burger problems is ludicrous. Most intelligent people gave up RARE burgers years ago after deaths at some burger chains in the US and even as we speak there are constant recalls on burger meat by packers in US and Canada . In Canada we stopped eating RARE in the early 80's when the nasty beaver fever was attributed to RARE burger. a burger patty has multi facets unlike a chunk of meat with a visible surface which is cooked enough to kill nasties and is impossible to do the same with the innards of a burger patty when it's done RARE. Th
  10. OH,it's so much healthier than real meat I say sarcastically.
  11. Patience is one of my virtues which has served me well.
  12. Nope. I am not interested in the freebie gummint programmes. I will pay when I can get Pfizer.
  13. And what do you actually know about Pfizer,I say rhetorically?-SNORK!
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