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  1. The cherries available right here are outstanding, No need to go to Costco for them.
  2. The grapes available at the Chapala Mercado and surrounding fruit and vegetable stores are never sour.
  3. Only those that delude themselves with little or no knowledge,so only a few not many give this any thought.
  4. They tell me that nobody from Minnesota showed up. The tables were recovered a week ago in green apparently.
  5. Having trouble and fear addressing a crowd? I was just 23 and joined an Ophthalmic Pharma House. In my previous company I had dealt with Optometrists so the president wanted me to give a seminar to the Montreal Optometrist Association on the use of our topical anesthetics and diagnostics of which the use of had recently been legally granted to Optometrists. I sort of freaked and told him I didn't think I was ready professionally for such a task . He thought otherwise and could tell I was freaking nervous. He said: "just look out at that room and picture them all sitting on the toilet with their pants around their ankles". It worked and i have never forgotten it,been on live TV, radio, speeches,debates and litigation in courts against lawyers. I cannot be intimidated live or otherwise.
  6. But not in Mexico so why mention those distant shorelines. See what I mean about knowledge camilleinparadise.
  7. Most members of this board have very little knowledge of meat from animals, fish and fowl including some who have blogs about food. Just a smidgen more than dazed waiters perhaps but they will tell you anyway. Buenos suerte.
  8. happyjillin


    I believe what Yo1 meant was that both countries NOB are nanny states creating certain types of persons which the Scotsman threw a bit of a dig at. This could also apply to a great many Euro countries. No comparison to Mexico although it is slowly becoming so.
  9. Not worth the bother are they! Dominos is just fine and they deliver on time.
  10. You'll have your peace and quiet early in the morning and after it starts to get dark in the evening and by the way they don't make any noise while they're parked.
  11. Gracias. I have made an appointment for a quote. Took a while but finally got an English speaker there.
  12. Yes,pool hall in Chapala 2 doors east of Bar Tomas above the bakery. Door to left in the entrance. Every level,male, females, couples welcome no money hustle. Tuesday and Thursday after 1 pm. Good house cues,cervaza and tequila. Smoking and cursing allowed and expected. After all it's a pool hall.
  13. Westjet for sure. Check with Mary at the travel agency across from Santander in Chapala. We have her look after all our travel needs.
  14. To bad about Bancomer. I can write a cheque from my Scotia Canada as big as I want to my account at Intercam. I negotiate the exchange rate each time i do it with my account exec who gets the approval from the manager while I'm on the phone with her.
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