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  1. Logic really says that they don't want to get ripped of is all.
  2. I don't detect any limitations in his OP and since there are so many OXXO's around,it's an easy option for them or anyone else for that matter. Our closest OXXO is only about 50 yards away.
  3. I renew my package every 30 days at OXXO with $200 cash.
  4. Exactly! I am allergic to molds,have an ongoing black mold problem in one bathroom[15 years] and because I don't spend much time there,don't even sneeze.
  5. But AMLO is el presidente and of questionable intelligence when it comes to anything to do with Covid.
  6. Rules? What rules?-SNORK! pedro kertesz
  7. Indeed! I got my hearing aid when I was 50 and the guy told me that he was going to make a fortune on 30 year olds because of the big loud units in their cars. My problem was my right ear because I shot my shotgun left handed and I think going to disco bars in the 70's had something to do with it too.
  8. Intercam is ace! Yup, cheque from my Scotia Canadian account that quick. Debit card for hospitals and sometimes cheques to my docs and cash from the tellers for anything else AND interest on my chequeing account balance which is unheard of in Canadian banking.
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