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  1. Nobody on any of these boards has the skill or where with all to get under my skin. You may not be a light weight physically but you are a light weight intellectually . Xena indeed, it is to laugh your handle! happyjillin
  2. Have bought various meats from both for many years including hamburger. Walmart sells great whole chicken and wings,tongue,lamb duck etc. Sometimes it wasn't right just like at Safeway and other large stores in Canada so I'm not going to cut off my nose to spite my face. Generally buy hamburger at the Chapala Mercado from one of the butchers because I don't bbq burgers rare which requires a lot of extra fat for juiciness. Also have trained the butchers there for perfect ribs and pork shoulder steaks. Oh and I will get a goat part once in a while
  3. Some have said that you were an expert in linguistics and even an editor of some sort of in house rag. Is that the usual border promotion some of you feel the need for to impress because that isn't what you said💤
  4. The vast majority of most small towns like this who frequent local boards are members of groups who pat each other on the back for accomplishing nothing of note. Xena aka lady otter latte and surly are not incognito? That's a good one an oversized caldron calling a kettle black. As near as I can tell the "well known Chapala personality"does really well in real time with real people of substance.
  5. This was a saying composed by a well known Chapala personality many years ago describing certain denizens of local web boards and I add it to RVGRINGO's astute observation: "naivete is a chronic disease and by its very nature, the afflicted never know they have it.-SNORK!!!"
  6. Maybe you and some of your friends on here like Gringall and Johanson can even get a group rate. Sincerely happyjillin
  7. You need to make an appointment with a psychiatrist.
  8. Brickette,do you use your first language French all the time so that you are correct all the time? I don't use my first language, German, that often except recently to communicate with my relatives in Germany after my mother died on March 28 at the age of 98. They didn't hassel me about my grammar. Stick it!
  9. You are assuming that I don't know how large the world is. I know it's bigger than Colorado where you live. My post was meant to have context that Johanson could understand but even that's a maybe. Verstehst sie? I suggest that you find something more worthwhile to crab about.
  10. Assumptions? That would be the same as assuming that someone named Senora Johanson is your wife even though there are probably hundreds of Johansons in Washington State like there are hundreds of Haros in Jalisco. I have a Haro friend who is neither a dentist nor doctor.
  11. Explain how you were screwed to give some credence to your statement.
  12. For many years we cashed cheques[including 3rd party] at Intercam without having an account, only registering with the usual id's on an annual basis. Now we have an account with them and the service is superb. Whenever we feel the need,we deposit a cheque from our Canadian bank which appears in our Intercam account instantly even though it takes 5 business days to clear.
  13. In a period of a few months recently, I have had CAT,MRI AND PET all through Chopo in Guadaljara. All were on time and I was even given a discount for the first 2. but not the PET which cost big.
  14. Yes, I'm a fan of Hunter S. Thompson.
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