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  1. Are these dog owners related to the same type as the owners in Chapala Haciendas?
  2. Then they'll fit right in with a lot of oldcomers as demonstrated rather consistently.
  3. I live in this Chapala and none of what you have said is true so is there another Chapala somewhere? And I can tell you with impunity that the indigenous majority of Mezcala would never allow development to explode nor even gain a toe hold.
  4. Only give your phone by PM. you don't want the telemarketers and rateros to see it
  5. How about,you need to be examined and you want to negotiate the price? Go to the tianguis and talk to the chicken butcher and see if he can do you for a NEGOTIATED price. you claim to have asked a PERFECTLY ASKED QUESTION so based on your standards I have given you a what I consider a PERFECTLY crafted answer. Competent Ophthalmologists don't hand out ballpark hotdogs.
  6. Dominos is as good or better than anything you get around here. If you think otherwise,you're fooling yourself.
  7. The whole family is the best. Her sister has taken over while she's on maternity. Wife and I have had them done with great success at the facility that her ophtha mother owns. Call her office for an appointment here in Chapala. The # is in numerous threads in the archives here.
  8. Gracias for the correction but I support the makers of PUROS in Tuxtla. Lit one just now.
  9. They are all over Chapala every day. Since they started Madero has far less double parking ,for example, than when it was the state transitos They removed chairs,boxes,etc. long ago. I actually live in Chapala and generally my eyes are open when I roam about.
  10. CRA for tax refund on medical expenses only require an ordinary receipt. As a Canadian you do still pay Canadian income tax. Has nothing to do with your Mexican insurance.
  11. There are many stories like this about that.
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