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  1. The vendors will sell you any size that you want and I would suspect that it's less than Kirkland and know it's less than Lurpac.
  2. The Mazamitla butters is available in several places around and in the Chapala Mercado so it's always fresh and needs no freezing,just fridge will do. We use it for everything. I salt my popcorn to taste and like to put lots of butter on it.Great on Melba Toast too as a snack.
  3. BP Greenwood, I suggest that you don't even know what I am cooking. sincerely happyjillin
  4. Wow what wild and irrelevant comparisons coming from an alleged professional chef. Most chefs I know use unsalted. I was raised in a European household and have had the pleasure of tasting unadulterated butter all my life. Cultured butter has a butter flavour and if it's salted it has a salt flavour. Having said that, when using this butter for cooking one adds spices including salt in the process. I am light frying then braising[water added] in pure butter.
  5. We have not had water since Sunday morning in Lourdes..
  6. If you like those,you like european style unsalted cultured butter which is like the butter made in Mazamitla and available from that truck, the Cremeria and Joaquin. That's all we buy now because I consider it superior to the commercial brands like Lurpac and you can get any size that you want.
  7. A few light aircraft have been flying over for several years now on weekends. Nothing new.
  8. All it takes is one bad apple in the barrel.
  9. The poster known as Islander has highjacked more than one thread like this recently. That would be ego, not egos. Some of the rest of us are merely correcting her information so that people don't get confused as to the ACTUAL location of the feria.
  10. Why have you made it your mission to hijack this thread with nonsense that could be confusing for some? The topic is the Artisan Feria which is located in Chapala at the Chapala Yacht Club. I only speak for me when I say that I am not offended as you suggest. Others may feel the same.You are inaccurate for some strange reason as to location and I and several others are accurate as to location of this feria,is all. Why don't you just cease and desist with your hijack. By the way you being a snowbird are excused for not knowing that there are artists and artisans all over the north shore area so those of us in the know do not associate Ajijic as the centre of the art/artisan universe around here.
  11. News flash back atcha,and the feria is located in CHAPALA, JALISCO not AJIJIC, JALISCO.
  12. How about this for a confrontation? Yesterday the police took away the whole family including their toddlers because they got into a physical confrontation with a Mexican family that also uses that tope down the hill from the Monte Carlo. By the way,I have seen the alleged family from Central America leave in a taxi at the end of their WORK day.
  13. Lets not confuse the location because in your opinion lots of volunteers are from Ajijic . So what,there are lots from every location here,not just Ajijic, including the founder Maryanne Carlson, who lives in Chapala. The location is the Chapala Yacht Club grounds which is located in Chapala.
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