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  1. Typical weak analysis.Andypanda/mike riley/computer guy.
  2. You really thrive on google,Gary so I'm going to let you post all about how to prepare and cook a skunk. There are even videos,a thing that you like to post a lot.
  3. Wife was in Walmart the other day and low and behold was served by a cashier in a wheelchair. Such inhumanity. pedro kertesz
  4. May the stink be with you.-SNORK! pedro kertesz
  5. Nothing cruel about an act of kindness. Harmless if you enjoy smelling like one when sprayed-eh! pedro kertesz
  6. I've had CAT,MRI and X-ray done at SAT. My latest was an MRI of my entire spine for $5020p. It's great not having to go to Guadalajara any more for these. There are several threads on here answering your question.
  7. As well as touting the "be kind" PC carp are you also a SJW? Gag me with a spoon! pedro f%#$$&*g kertesz
  8. I had to get to SAT twice by ambulance,was there in 5 minutes, and their emerge staff was just fine with my life on the line. The emerg doc worked well by phone with my Cardio. I have complete confidence in their training and abilities.
  9. GG has lost some of their suppliers as well as turning off former customers at their Chapala store. I feel for the founder of the business but his partner who created the relations problems would be hard for him to remove. I'm getting these Bavarian soft pretzels delivered to me en Sabados by a former supplier.
  10. The young's never made me one that I can recall, but my vecino Omar did. I bought this one made by Weber at Soriana. Andypanda aka computer guy aka mike riley for some reason doesn't like me posting fotos of how things are used or done. Showing how to use ocote for bbq has nothing to do with my private life. Go find something useful to do if what I post is not to your liking,your royal highness.
  11. Should everyone post only things of interest to you, your royal highness-SNORK! pedro kertesz
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