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  1. I am far from being silent in all respects.
  2. happyjillin


    The author of that nonsense video clearly knows nothing about pharma drug trials . i know this because I was in pharma management and also consulted with various pharma corps.
  3. It is clear to me that the OP is an artist creating originals and is not interested in mass produce engineered commercial things and your link is for beginners which apparently the OP IS not. No your wood burning kit does not count nor what you may have done with it as I also did as a cub scout. I suggest that you attempt to make posts about something that you have knowledge of and this thread is clearly beyond your ken. Maybe I should have said pyrographic original art instead of just pyrography Don't insult the OP by suggesting that they need to learn from your beginner site. From a sample of their work that they posted they ain't no beginner and they don't need to step up as you put it.
  4. The fruit crepe seems to be the only reasonably priced thing.
  5. The OP specifically said that they do not want plywood and if you knew anything about pyrography you would know why. Solid wood is what they need.
  6. They guy on Morelos in Chapala is not just a key maker. He is a maestro locksmith..He fabricated a door lock for me on my antique car.. They have an of street shop for the specialty work.
  7. At the end of the 19th century and until about 1920, pyrography was a popular craft hobby. This circa 1910 kit was what was commonly used.
  8. "HE" does both. He has come to my house 3 times per week for many years,since he started.
  9. Good choice of woods for what you are doing. Well aged poplar is good too. but i am not familiar with where you can get any of these. I am hopefully starting a project shortly involving fine carving and wll try the place across from Soriana for 1 and 2 inch cedros. Carving Mexican pino is something I don't want to do again after many blades and now not much strength. I bought a piece of used mahogany for the backsplash carving on this piece and that was much easier that the rest.
  10. happyjillin


    We get it from friends and relatives who come to visit from Canada. Get the MSG free. I never run out because I use it on lots of things. Now if I could just get 6 Woody's Cookin' Sauce and 1 TBQ Sauce I'd be a happy guy.
  11. The name of the apartments is not "cow apartments" as it was pointed out, that the cow was merely a landmark at one time to find the lane where the apartments were is all.
  12. happyjillin


    So I made my duck soup yesterday and we had it for dinner and there was enough for 3 more meals to put in the freezer. Fotos show the whole parts in the dutch oven.,then piled on cutting board and waste bones etc. in lid and the rest is the good parts cut to size to go back in broth and noodles added in bowls later. EDIT:Basic spices are sage,garlic powder,Hys salt ,Lawrys pepper. Then I look at what other spices we have to add to those. My soups are never the same.
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