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  1. My last shot was lumbar about 3 years ago by Gonzalez. The office visit was $800p and the shot was 800 as well.
  2. Never had occasion to use any weapon here for protection against Mexican humans. I did hire a body guard for about 4 days when a crazed and violent gringo was in town and he had threatened to kill me. My wife carried pepper spray when she used to walk our dogs to spray loose nasty dogs like pit bulls that were poised to attack her and our little guys. No more dog walking so no more need for pepper spray. Paranoia is not in our vocabulary,street smarts is.
  3. happyjillin

    Oh joy!

    The Chinese take out is open again on Madero just south of Morelos. Chapala. You can order spicy or regular and we're going to do just that this Friday. Whoopee!!!!
  4. That's the only way to cook any part of lamb,pink in the middle so the juices are there when you cut it. Good advice. Nothing like bbq'd leg of lamb Moroccan style as described in the Frugal Gourmet's cook book for a group.
  5. I just bought a vacuum sealer and rolls of 11" and 8" bags on Amazon. Now I just have to figure out to how use it correctly.
  6. Corned beef must be reserved 10 days in advance and will cost $565p/kilo. The pork hocks need to be reserved 8 days in advance and price is $200p each.
  7. MUCHOS GRACIAS! Took your advise and it came out excellent using left over pork hock from the Smokehouse and split green peas from the Cremeria.
  8. You can get yearling leg at Soriana and Walmart in their freezer section. It's not like what I call real lamb which is much younger and definitely tender. Yearling you take your chances.
  9. You would be surprised. there are several Mexican leagues of ice and roller hockey,kids programmes and national teams, men and women. Composite sticks are what most players use now.
  10. Yes the opening of the tennis courts only is still up in the air.
  11. Wow! $136 CDN for an aluminum shaft Niki which nobody wants anymore if you can even find one unused. You can get a composite cheaper than that in Canada. Being ancient,all 3 of my sticks are laminated wood and cost me about 20 bucks each at the end of the season for the next year
  12. Mercadolibre has hockey sticks available?
  13. The one that's approved by the government here, I suspect, is the one on Amazon for $599 plus shipping which is about $1500p and does not include duty and brokerage fees. In addition a lot of medical devices are rejected by Aduano. I paid $2500 to a medical supply house here and I have no ideal who Bellon Insurance paid $2700p to. In any event, your thoughts are in the right place.
  14. Yvonne went by the Chapala INM office this am and it's open from 10-1. there was quiet a crowd there. adios pedro kertesz
  15. I have one of my hockey sticks beside the door.
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