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    In the medical profession since Jan. 1968, offering licensed massage therapy since Nov. '87, Levels 1&2 Quantum-Touch (energy-based healing modality) since 2002 and Levels 1&2 Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy since 2008. Because BOTH QT and BT are energy-based, they can be done effectively from a distance, worldwide.

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  1. I got some information from a very nice, personable Canadian man at the LCS information tent about a month ago. Thanks to the LCS bulletin board, I found a place to rent in San Antonio and will be driving down from Florida the first week in May. Google maps shows 2 different routes from Interstate 10 in Texas: The "split" seems to occur around Victoria, TX: US-59S continues into Laredo, OR US-77S enters Mexico in (or near Brownsville. How can I find out WHICH route is preferred from someone who has taken either (or both) of them, and any suggestions regarding a safe place to stay overnight (if needed) once I cross into Mexico. Thank you, and be in peace.
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