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  1. If you have pets and would like to take a trip for a week or so I will be coming into town around early may 2019 and can house sit, walk your doggie, feed and love your kittie. Looking for a house close into town in chapala or ajijic. I plan to come out about 9 days or so, so if you'd like to take a trip out of town maybe we can coordinate something. Later when I settle my affairs I'm open to long term house sitting in the fall 2019. And longer term I'm looking for a nice house to rent my first year in, probably in a few months time as I wrap up my affairs in the USA. I'm seeking about $800 usd a month for a nice place with modern kitchen, fully furnished, and a bath./jacuzzi. I'm not a shower person! Walkable to restaurants would be nice. I hate square box condos I'm looking for something with some charm but not broken down. I a 52 yr old ivy educated professional woman quiet and responsible (i have taken care of my own house). and its just for me. for renting, I'd like a doggie or kittie eventually.
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