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  1. Most airlines have a ban on flying pets in cargo until after May 24th due to heat restrictions. WestJet is your best carrier for pets into Canada however you would have to fly from PV direct to Vancouver after May 24th. Most airlines will not allow dogs on board over 21 pounds or 22 inches long unless they are a service dog. If you can get the dog a service certificate and a vest that says emotional support dog the airlines will allow it on board with some restrictions ie the animal needs to be very well trained and you must prebook this with the airline when you book your ticket.. If you need to fly now you can get yourself to the US San Antonio US airlines will fly the dogs from there however there is a connection in Houston then direct to Van. They have airconditioned cargo. Also be aware you must pre-book as most airlines will only take max 3 crates on a flight if in cargo . I am sure you already know this but ensure al of your paper work for pup is stamped by a vet within 7 days of flying, shots etc or they will not accept pooch into the country.
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