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  1. “calm and not too bright”... oh dear, sounds like a diss of the ladies. I was thinking of an indoor place, and reading various posts about hair salons, some being called noisy. ... etc.
  2. also, i should add, I appreciate a low-key simple atmosphere, something calm, focussed, not too noisy and too bright.
  3. Does anyone know of a good person who can build new dreadlocks? i have done it once before, on myself— it is incredibly tiring to do for yourself, you get tired arms. doing it on someone else is much faster. I have long hair, am a woman, a friend suggests a young Mexican woman would be hip to this, and know the technique. i am thinking someone young might be tuned in to youtube, have seen plenty ( as I have) and know how to begin the dreads... i know mexico is a bit counter-intuitive as the place to have them done. am here for some months. Want them done for my birthday.
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