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  1. I hold a PM Green card and have religiously followed the PM exit and return instructions, including keeping a stack of pre-filled out INM forms, both top and bottom halves in my backpack. Prior to departure or re-entry, I fill in the date and method of travel info. I have twice exited and returned through the Laredo border crossing by car. When departing MX and returning to MX, I have driven to the INM office at the border for proper processing of the INM form. This past week I exited and re-entered MX by walking across the International Bridge at the Juarez/El Paso crossing. Both when departing MX and returning to MX, I followed my previous INM form procedures. The INM agents at the Juarez border office managed my exit and entry process entirely different. I presented my US passport and MX Green card, along with a properly filled out INM form, except the upper half return date was left blank. The agent refused to accept my pre-filled out form and required me to fill out a new form, which contained EXACTLY the same info as the rejected INM form. Upon processing the newly filled out INM form and stamping my passport, the agent refused to return the larger portion of the form stating that I would need to simply fill out a new INM form, both top and bottom upon returning to MX. The agent kept both forms. Upon returning to MX and visiting the INM office at the border in Juarez, I experienced the same situation. I presented a properly pre-filled out INM form and the agent advised that I still needed to fill out a new blank form. A similar processing situation ensued as occurred during my exit MX experience. There were 2 agents conversing while processing the 2nd form. My impression was the agent operating the computer seemed to not understand proper INM procedures for processing exit and re-entry of MX Green card holders. In summary, the INM agents at the Juarez office collected and retained 2 completed and intact, identical INM forms, both during my MX exit and again during my MX reentry. No comprende!! Has anyone else experienced this bizarre deviation of published INM procedures for handing the exit and reentry of MX green card holders? I did briefly argue with the agents that they needed to return the large, upper portion of the INM form back to me for both exit and reentry to no avail. Thanks for your assistance. Regards, Ed Terry
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