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  1. "Our agent is Jesus Tejeda. His office is in Guadalajara but he has many clients lakeside and is very responsive" Thanks REC. I have another agent to check out😊
  2. No it is all income based. For example I pay $9 a month for two with $11000 deductible. Obama care pays about $2000 monthly to the insurance company LOL!
  3. No pre-existing conditions here or my wife. Agency names very helpful but I don't expect anyone to do my research. Maybe we can get by with IMMS if it is still available for residents when we get there. Thank you for your help!
  4. Good points pappy. I am about three years out from medicare. We have high deductible Obamacare at present. I will do like you said.
  5. Sorry I can't help but since we will be coming to the area later this summer if everything works out I am looking for the same info please.
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