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  1. Can you please post that email or PM? I usually don't get anywhere with the phone .
  2. Me too with the red light. Upper Ajijic centro. I resurrected an old Ilox thread while you were posting.
  3. Is anyone else's Ilox out again? This time the modem has a red LOS light flashing. I tried three times to contact support to no avail. Maybe lightning knocked something out? Glad I have the Telcel modem for sure.
  4. I called ILOX support and got an English speaker and he kept the line open for over 20 minutes but did nothing then a survey about the call came on. I hung up then got a young lady that didn't speak English but she confirmed my phone and contract numbers and said, as far as I could tell, that someone would call me. I held my breath as long as I could but no call yet.
  5. I thought that too Gringoh. I turn off the modem then back on every time it goes out, this time it worked. They all have problems but this is unusual compared to the last four months that I have had ILOX
  6. Telmex worked fine for me for one month then out an entire two months. The work orders got mixed up and they said they didn't know I was out. When I cancelled the contract and turned in the modem the customer at the next desk was told that her work order wasn't showing either. In the Mean time during that time of no service for two months a Telmex tech was here three times working on mine and others in my complex. He couldn't figure out how to get me a new wire through the tubes under the driveway. Mid January the ILOX tech showed up and it so happened that there was a hole cover sort of hidden that gave access to the rest of my tube. I have ILOX, Telcel modem, and my AT&T USA phone with 30 gigs hotspot data when needed. Unlimited data on regular internet. Anyway I hope ILOX gets their act together.
  7. My ILOX is out again here in upper Ajijic centro. I may call the tech number if it is out a couple more hours. please not another Telmex!!
  8. Still out here in upper centro Ajijic.
  9. Did anyone here get Ilox back? I am out here in upper centro Ajijic.
  10. I have a valid USA drivers license. Would I need to take a test either written and driving?
  11. So Is it the new normal to wear our masks under the nose now? While shopping at Walmart today we noticed most and yes I mean most of the employees working south of the cash registers wearing masks under their noses. Several shoppers doing the same. Two weeks ago the police came in after a gringo not wearing a mask at Walmart. Just a heads up in case you want to change your shopping plans.
  12. As to your original question, I don't know how that is handled in Mexico. The two major problems no three are: 1 The brakes wear and get out of adjustment. Most modern setups have what are called automatic slack adjusters. If they don't have those then the trucker should know how to make the adjustment. I do and have. 2 A major air leak. There are gauges on the dash for that. A pre- trip inspection will tell you if you have a major leak with a test. Basically a 10lb drop without the compressor running over a certain time period with the brakes applied while parked will let you know. A safety mechanism applies the brakes when there is no air or when the air goes below a certain pressure. A buzzer goes off to let you know its time to pull over or else! 3 Heat. It will decrease breaking effectiveness in all vehicles. If a trucker doesn't know how to brake in mountainous ares he will be in big trouble fast. Depending on the grade, if the grade of descent is over a certain amount a low speed and constant light pressure will keep the brakes cooler than letting the vehicle speed up and slowing it down repeatedly with high pressure applied to the brakes. A lower gear and a jake brake if equipped is is also in order. How do I know this? Well I started driving in Illinois where there are almost no real hills. Then I moved to California and missed that question on the test. Later driving down the "Grapevine" south of Bakersfield I was glad I had that understanding. 30 MPH speed limit down that grade with runaway truck sand traps. As far as how the brakes work with the foot pedal see the above post from Mainecoons. So if they would post the degree of grade on the Libro, require that the truckers know how to drive it, and know how to check brakes then we could breath a little easier with a big truck behind us. Sort of reminds me of "Dual" movie with Dennis Weaver. 🤓
  13. I was there at that time in the checkout line. I saw about six police of mixed gender walk in and out at different times. My wife with a different cart shopping for our neighbors was behind me and saw the "ugly" guy walk out and not too far were three police. Actually police not guards.
  14. Jehovah's Witnesses are allowed to drink alcohol. You may have them mixed up with Mormans or Southern Baptists?
  15. If you do qualify for the money under any situation you can call the IRS consumer hotline and give them your banking info to receive it quicker. Unless they already have it. Especially if one does not have a USA address. Or if it would be difficult to get it sent here from that address. Fortunately I already have my Federal return by direct deposit so I should be good to go.
  16. https://www.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6 This one shows 82
  17. I have one bank that will email the code to log in, the other bank sends a text without the option for anything else except I assume a phone call. I purchased a sim from AT&T usa and ported my Verizon number before I moved here. Works great and I have 15 gigs a month hot spot that I pay extra for which saved me muchas dinero at the resort in Manzanillo a couple of weeks ago.
  18. I was in Intercam today just to change some paperwork. It was unusually crowded. Some said it was because of the exchange rate. Now 1 U.S. dollar to 20.81peso CAD 1 to 15.81
  19. I really like my new Ilox too! It was a five hour install because of the maze of tubes in the complex and no one understood the layout until the tube installer/electrician arrived and showed us a hidden hole cover. We probably used about 100 meters of wire and with the longest run the new tubes were longer than the fish tape so some digging and cutting had to be done. Jose could not have been nicer and showed up the day scheduled for install. I only paid for 40MG. My computer is approx. 8 meters from the modem and I get 30MG wifi.
  20. Well I did get out of the contract. Yes I did have to pay an installation fee that was waved when I signed a one year contract. I said all the tech did was bring a new modem to replace the old one that an expat left behind is all he did for installation. She said no we have to charge you for running a wire from our server to your house. I said that wire has been there for years but it is worth it to pay the fee to be done with Telmex. All done with a smile of course. Ok the horse is officially dead, 🐫 Alright it is a camel.
  21. My Telmex has been out for six weeks. When I get back from Manzanillo I will take the modem in and see if I can get out of the contract. They fixed everyone else in the complex but mine two weeks ago. Just facts. I am no longer looking for a solution. I refuse to keep paying for a service that isn't provided.
  22. Carlos at Servicio Auto Electrico Hidalgo # 440-1 Riberas rebuilds alternators amoung other things.
  23. Good advice. And for any first timers always always disconnect the battery before changing an alternator or it will be toast.
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