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  1. Thank you Ferret, I can see how the links would be helpful. She is a local Mexican. I just thought maybe a foreign resident has found a way to get it non locally. The local drug stores are out and they should have a cross reference for the drug.
  2. Below is a translation I received from a friend. If anyone knows how she can get it please post here, Thank you! "methotrexate, it is a drug for rheumatoid arthritis, I have not been able to get it and I know that she was able to get it, I don't know, or some pharmacy would like to hear from her to see if He could inform me because I already finished mine and it is important to get it because it is a shot that I have to always have I always appreciate if someone gives me a reason for it or said someone knows about methotrexate because I cannot find it in pharmacies it is out of stock"
  3. After seeing your post Angus I checked again and mine is being deposited on the same date. Same account as the last two though.
  4. PM sent sunnyvmx. If you do come to see it and like it I will put you in touch with Viri the owner.
  5. Ok the owner did respond about the fountain and below is exactly what she responded: "this is new , but could be a round 50% less"
  6. The above pics are next to the condo . I with send the owner an email now.
  7. There is one setting outside my condo that was taken out of the atrium before we moved in and was supposed to be installed in the yard but I think now it will be removed. I don't know it's ultimate fate but if you like I will email the owner and ask if it for sale or perhaps free?
  8. There is a lot to be desired in the above graph. The death rate could be different in Chapala versus the state of Jalisco. For the recovered number I am just assuming that if the sick individual didn't die then they recovered. The most recent cases are assuming the overall trajectory of the stats. Overall for Covid I don't believe we will ever have accurate statistics just generalities but I guess that is better than nothing.
  9. Just click on the above graph to enlarge. I hope you don't mind. I like making graphs.
  10. They actually live in Chapala now and I think they are taking a break until April.
  11. Wait I thought grammar was for babies??
  12. I have been inside the Liquor store by Superlake twice about two months apart. Each time a slender tallish teenager boy worker makes a point to start coughing without a mask . I guess there shouldn't be a third time.
  13. My Ilox went out 5:10 PM today. No phone numbers for tech work even the local number. Anyone know what that means?
  14. The Ilox office is on Revolution a couple of doors south of the scallion restaurant on the Carretera. Ajijic
  15. How was I supposed to know who it was....before I blasted him with a double barrel? Its the Twilight Zone!
  16. We have lived here for only 10 months. As far as hiking here is what we have found: Our first trip up the hill we took the road that goes north past Dona's Donuts past the school then right a few hundred feet and on the left is the trail before going into a housing frac or whatever one might call it. That will go on and on but soon is where the waterfall is but it was dry at the time. It has some dangerous spots, unless you are a hiker climber, up the waterfall and beyond. We took a 2 hour hike one way and thought we were going to the temple that is visible in the dry season but never found it. Recently we did find the trail to the temple at the very top end of Galeana street turn left onto the trail and keep going up to 5518 ft and there is the temple. There are several misleading paths one of which leads back into Ajijic further west of Galeana. We live several blocks east of Galeana and it is a 2 hour round trip for us. It is a much easier trail than the first one with very nice views of the lake along the way and at the destination. It might be best to have someone show you unless you don't mind getting off tract a time or two. We have only met a total of 4 or 5 people on the two hikes up there.
  17. You might just stop in the AJIJIC office. One a Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago I asked for a speed upgrade. Laura took my card and charged about $4.00 for a prorate for this month then my next bill the higher charge was there. The upgrade was immediate. She didn't speak any English though but I know just enough to get by. I don't know if she can help you with your slower than promised speed though. I did call the Michoacon tech support and I think they resolved my no internet issue after I gave them details of who I was. I think at that time they had a technical issue on their side.
  18. Got the green light so my Ilox is up and running! Upper Centro Ajijic.
  19. Thanks John! After two 15 minute wait time on the phone it cut off. But good to know it isn't just me.
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