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  1. Carlos at Servicio Auto Electrico Hidalgo # 440-1 Riberas rebuilds alternators amoung other things.
  2. Good advice. And for any first timers always always disconnect the battery before changing an alternator or it will be toast.
  3. Thanks I will try that. Is that Alejandro? If so I have dealt with him for minor maintenance. I needed to get rid of all my tools to fly in under the luggage weight restrictions.
  4. Gracias Rick, They replaced the wires coming in from the street about 200 feet worth yesterday. The 10 condo unit was all down. Mine worked a couple of hours after the new wires were installed then went down again. Everything is underground and in this case it is DSL so phone wires. The complex owner manager is in contact with the techs at Telmex so I think it will be resolved soon.
  5. His son also a mechanic tried auto zone. I don't know if he tried Orma. I looked online at Autozone but they are different.
  6. My last post on this thread about Telmex. It is down again but since it is such a common and persistent problem it is a waste of time to discuss it. Thank you for your comments.
  7. I have a Mexican friend that needs an alternator rebuilt for a 1996 4.3 engine GMC Sonoma. He tried to get a new one from here to Guadalajara. It appears it is an old imported from the USA or Canada vehicle because the new ones for that year have different connectors and no fan type thing inside front like the ones I looked at in the USA parts store websites and the one on his vehicle. He is a mechanic but now blind for the last six years. His daughter drives him around. He asked me to import one for him but I would rather try and get him going with local options first. Anyone?
  8. Alright it is only fair to report that after three weeks I now have Telmex again hurray! That makes three Internets including my hotspot. Now waiting on #4 from iLox...................................but at least I can work and YouTube while waiting.
  9. Today marks 21 days with Telmex down. Telmex requested that the property manager install about 200 ft of tubing which has been done. I guess before they were running it on a wall. Ok Telmex the ball is in your court! Glad I got the Telcel modem when I did and help two others set theirs up.
  10. For those of you waiting to hear if the stickers are in Chapala before you go or have already paid the stickers are in. If you have already paid and have your receipt or paper with all the info on it just go to the right and speak to the officer or show that to him and you will be asked to stand in front of one of the two offices on the west side or go right in if no one is in there. Even though the line was out to the sidewalk today we were able to bypass that and were out in five minutes. You show your paper and the nice lady looked up our info on the computer and printed the blank form with sticker and card right up for us.
  11. Points well taken for sure. While you tube is important to us my work online is essential. To be up to date on Telmex our complex handyman said today that Telmex was here and tried to pull wires through a long length of driveway through the tubes and it got stuck so maybe another week. Maybe I should get a couple hundred feet of phone wire for a temporary patch?
  12. Going on 12 days without Telmex now. Three of us in the small complex without. The tech was here last Friday and told the maintenance guy he had to run new wires along a wall. Ok so why not do it then? Purchased a Telcel modem at a well recommended store downtown Ajijic. Works almost all of the time after I paid a bill from May 2019??? Supposed to be a new modem. Paid about 2500 peso for the modem and 399 deposit and 399 for rent but was told those were the first and last month on a year contract. Ok so how does that get applied? OK maybe I am the dumb one here but the Telcel people are as smart as Einstein when you are signing up but dumb as a donkey when you question them about anything. I must have internet so I won't rock the boat for now. That was Telcel store number 3 that I went to. Since I am only Temporal i believe that comes into play. Just a heads up.
  13. Still no Telmex on Lazaro Cardenes. Six days down so far. I know no one but a tech can fix it and yes a work order has been placed with Mexico City and the Ajijic office. Will I get a reduction in my next bill? He He. Others in the complex have the same issue but not all. I will eventually have four Internets counting my cell hot spot, then after a year the weakest will be cut loose.
  14. Still no Telmex...but my new Telcel modem is kick'in it! 10-12 up and down
  15. Thanks everyone for all the help. Before I read the latest comments I went down the hill to Telmex and the pleasant young lady said the tech would call today. Ok I'm not holding my breath. The local ATT office does not offer the internet modem any longer so I went next door to ANA at Telcel and signed up for a modem. She said she has customers on my street that have it and it works good. I go back at 2PM to pick it up. When I am done I will have four Internets counting my 15 GIG monthly USA ATT hot spot. Do you think that is enough? :) I m still working online and really really need internet!
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