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  1. I did watch them before we moved here and we came anyway 🤣 If Lori does the editing that might explain the "Made" for Maid. English is not her mother tongue since she is from some Asian country.
  2. The Ilox office is on Revolution a couple of doors south of the scallion restaurant on the Carretera. Ajijic
  3. Add my vote for.... Azucena Bateman
  4. How was I supposed to know who it was....before I blasted him with a double barrel? Its the Twilight Zone!
  5. We have lived here for only 10 months. As far as hiking here is what we have found: Our first trip up the hill we took the road that goes north past Dona's Donuts past the school then right a few hundred feet and on the left is the trail before going into a housing frac or whatever one might call it. That will go on and on but soon is where the waterfall is but it was dry at the time. It has some dangerous spots, unless you are a hiker climber, up the waterfall and beyond. We took a 2 hour hike one way and thought we were going to the temple that is visible in the dry season but never found it. Recently we did find the trail to the temple at the very top end of Galeana street turn left onto the trail and keep going up to 5518 ft and there is the temple. There are several misleading paths one of which leads back into Ajijic further west of Galeana. We live several blocks east of Galeana and it is a 2 hour round trip for us. It is a much easier trail than the first one with very nice views of the lake along the way and at the destination. It might be best to have someone show you unless you don't mind getting off tract a time or two. We have only met a total of 4 or 5 people on the two hikes up there.
  6. You might just stop in the AJIJIC office. One a Saturday morning a couple of weeks ago I asked for a speed upgrade. Laura took my card and charged about $4.00 for a prorate for this month then my next bill the higher charge was there. The upgrade was immediate. She didn't speak any English though but I know just enough to get by. I don't know if she can help you with your slower than promised speed though. I did call the Michoacon tech support and I think they resolved my no internet issue after I gave them details of who I was. I think at that time they had a technical issue on their side.
  7. Got the green light so my Ilox is up and running! Upper Centro Ajijic.
  8. Thanks John! After two 15 minute wait time on the phone it cut off. But good to know it isn't just me.
  9. Can you please post that email or PM? I usually don't get anywhere with the phone .
  10. Me too with the red light. Upper Ajijic centro. I resurrected an old Ilox thread while you were posting.
  11. Is anyone else's Ilox out again? This time the modem has a red LOS light flashing. I tried three times to contact support to no avail. Maybe lightning knocked something out? Glad I have the Telcel modem for sure.
  12. I called ILOX support and got an English speaker and he kept the line open for over 20 minutes but did nothing then a survey about the call came on. I hung up then got a young lady that didn't speak English but she confirmed my phone and contract numbers and said, as far as I could tell, that someone would call me. I held my breath as long as I could but no call yet.
  13. I thought that too Gringoh. I turn off the modem then back on every time it goes out, this time it worked. They all have problems but this is unusual compared to the last four months that I have had ILOX
  14. Telmex worked fine for me for one month then out an entire two months. The work orders got mixed up and they said they didn't know I was out. When I cancelled the contract and turned in the modem the customer at the next desk was told that her work order wasn't showing either. In the Mean time during that time of no service for two months a Telmex tech was here three times working on mine and others in my complex. He couldn't figure out how to get me a new wire through the tubes under the driveway. Mid January the ILOX tech showed up and it so happened that there was a hole cover sort of hidden that gave access to the rest of my tube. I have ILOX, Telcel modem, and my AT&T USA phone with 30 gigs hotspot data when needed. Unlimited data on regular internet. Anyway I hope ILOX gets their act together.
  15. My ILOX is out again here in upper Ajijic centro. I may call the tech number if it is out a couple more hours. please not another Telmex!!
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