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  1. Yes American by itself describes about half of the world. Mundo medio🌎
  2. WEll thanks Angus but that didn't work either. However after looking closer I saw a word unknown before associated with Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and lo and behold it worked! The word for American that is on the English and Spanish side of the SRE Booking is ........ESTADOUNIDENSE Finally I maybe contributed something useful😊
  3. At the risk of sounding dumb I present a question to this board, don't worry I have been called worse.... I have registered with the SRE booking to schedule an appointment at the Laredo consulate. I have tried other consulates to book to see if the problem is consulate specific, but same problem. I have tried unsuccessfully to do so in English and Espaniol. It has no listing for my American Americana, Norte Americam, Estados Unitos , United States Nationality. It lists United States or Estados Unitos in the other boxes where needed. When I click any other Nationality in the drop down box I can go to the next page and see the available dates for the remainder of August. I have been told that the October appointments will not open up until September 25 or 26. No problem A well known facilitator will do it for me but that person has helped me so much already so I just want to know how to do it just because. I can do everything else on the whole wide world of internet except this! Does anyone know why this is happening?
  4. You might want to avoid San Juan Cosala with all the organized crime there.
  5. This is all great info but why the South Dakota registration? Is it for lower insurance cost as in no USA auto insurance and only Mexican insurance? Or just no inspection sticker? I am currently trying to decide whether or not to bring a car into Mexico.
  6. I don't want to spend a lot of time discussing when I move there but I am doing good with what I have learned. I don't promote per say or get any commissions for sharing but if one is willing to learn and work at it this could be what you are looking for, or not. Hope to be there at least by Oct. 2019.
  7. All good suggestions thank you! I and my significant other will be applying for Temporal before we enter Mexico. I will be still making a good amount of income online along with Social Security. I would love to just get a Mexican car. So many decisions! Time for my three mile walk and have to head out again after that so my post is short. I will check in later.
  8. I plan on putting Illinois, USA in my rear view mirror this fall and moving somewhere lakeside with my wife. Has anyone had any trouble with Illinois coming after you for taxes when you no longer have anything to do with the state? I plan on getting a Texas address and maybe even buying and registering a car in Texas if that is necessary and a TX drivers license. I have no problem paying federal. Any suggestions along these lines would be appreciated.
  9. Yes I love the SSD 256 Gig with a 1 Tera spinner for storage all built into my laptop. I have the Ryzen 5 2500 U 4 core 8 thread. It would be nice to upgrade to a 7 nanometer AMD chip in the future but I probably won't need all that speed.
  10. I suspect many of the patches for windows and resulting slowdowns is because of the security flaws built into Intel chips. Been fallowing the issue for over two years, it's all over the net. I have a six month old dell without Intel inside with Win 10 and it is the best computer I have had.
  11. First off my apologies for all of the confusion! Yes I have spoken with him three times on the tele. I don't suspect any wrongdoing on Spenser's part at all. I believe he is just trying to determine what I should apply for, TR or PR and whether to apply for my spouse at the same time or as a dependent in Mexico once I have my residency. I assumed he was going to use the info I sent him the make the appointment at an appropriate consulate in the USA of which I would attend and get that part taken care of myself. I know I have to do that part. I just think that six weeks from the time I sent him the info is a stretch but maybe not. Trying to coordinate selling the house, jury duty for both of us me and spouse, and putting notice in on my last contractual business job has my head spinning as you can see. I will get it worked out as millions of expats have done before me.
  12. OK what the heck! The firm is Chapala Law-Spenser I will call his office Monday and start over then. Living in the USA for now. Thanks everyone for your help and sorry for hijacking this tread.
  13. Thank you for your input Sonia! I wasn't referring to Sonia in any of my comments for the record.
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