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  1. If you do qualify for the money under any situation you can call the IRS consumer hotline and give them your banking info to receive it quicker. Unless they already have it. Especially if one does not have a USA address. Or if it would be difficult to get it sent here from that address. Fortunately I already have my Federal return by direct deposit so I should be good to go.
  2. https://www.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/bda7594740fd40299423467b48e9ecf6 This one shows 82
  3. I have one bank that will email the code to log in, the other bank sends a text without the option for anything else except I assume a phone call. I purchased a sim from AT&T usa and ported my Verizon number before I moved here. Works great and I have 15 gigs a month hot spot that I pay extra for which saved me muchas dinero at the resort in Manzanillo a couple of weeks ago.
  4. I was in Intercam today just to change some paperwork. It was unusually crowded. Some said it was because of the exchange rate. Now 1 U.S. dollar to 20.81peso CAD 1 to 15.81
  5. I really like my new Ilox too! It was a five hour install because of the maze of tubes in the complex and no one understood the layout until the tube installer/electrician arrived and showed us a hidden hole cover. We probably used about 100 meters of wire and with the longest run the new tubes were longer than the fish tape so some digging and cutting had to be done. Jose could not have been nicer and showed up the day scheduled for install. I only paid for 40MG. My computer is approx. 8 meters from the modem and I get 30MG wifi.
  6. Well I did get out of the contract. Yes I did have to pay an installation fee that was waved when I signed a one year contract. I said all the tech did was bring a new modem to replace the old one that an expat left behind is all he did for installation. She said no we have to charge you for running a wire from our server to your house. I said that wire has been there for years but it is worth it to pay the fee to be done with Telmex. All done with a smile of course. Ok the horse is officially dead, 🐫 Alright it is a camel.
  7. My Telmex has been out for six weeks. When I get back from Manzanillo I will take the modem in and see if I can get out of the contract. They fixed everyone else in the complex but mine two weeks ago. Just facts. I am no longer looking for a solution. I refuse to keep paying for a service that isn't provided.
  8. Carlos at Servicio Auto Electrico Hidalgo # 440-1 Riberas rebuilds alternators amoung other things.
  9. Good advice. And for any first timers always always disconnect the battery before changing an alternator or it will be toast.
  10. Thanks I will try that. Is that Alejandro? If so I have dealt with him for minor maintenance. I needed to get rid of all my tools to fly in under the luggage weight restrictions.
  11. Gracias Rick, They replaced the wires coming in from the street about 200 feet worth yesterday. The 10 condo unit was all down. Mine worked a couple of hours after the new wires were installed then went down again. Everything is underground and in this case it is DSL so phone wires. The complex owner manager is in contact with the techs at Telmex so I think it will be resolved soon.
  12. His son also a mechanic tried auto zone. I don't know if he tried Orma. I looked online at Autozone but they are different.
  13. My last post on this thread about Telmex. It is down again but since it is such a common and persistent problem it is a waste of time to discuss it. Thank you for your comments.
  14. I have a Mexican friend that needs an alternator rebuilt for a 1996 4.3 engine GMC Sonoma. He tried to get a new one from here to Guadalajara. It appears it is an old imported from the USA or Canada vehicle because the new ones for that year have different connectors and no fan type thing inside front like the ones I looked at in the USA parts store websites and the one on his vehicle. He is a mechanic but now blind for the last six years. His daughter drives him around. He asked me to import one for him but I would rather try and get him going with local options first. Anyone?
  15. Alright it is only fair to report that after three weeks I now have Telmex again hurray! That makes three Internets including my hotspot. Now waiting on #4 from iLox...................................but at least I can work and YouTube while waiting.
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