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  1. Hahahaha, you're right there, not to mention the snakes and goannas! I won't even start on the sharks. I've been spoiled in Montana, never wear shoes at home inside or out, happily put hands and feet pretty much anywhere without even thinking of nasties. Have to be careful in the bush though, bears, lions, etc.
  2. Several reasons, we moved to Montana from Australia six years ago because it was too hot in Aus. and the skiing, which we love, is really expensive with very variable conditions and a short season. Also, at the time my husband's mum, who was in Florida, was in ill health and by herself. We adore Montana but are freaked out about the current situation in the USA, too much uncertainty about too many things. I've never been very political but it is impossible to avoid here. We also have always wanted to experience a different culture and learn a new language. Having been self employed most o
  3. Thanks for your answers everyone, it's only a couple of weeks now till we get there. I'm glad we are coming at the hottest time, I want to see the worst if we are considering moving there permanently next year. I am originally from Perth, Australia where it can be 100F and 90% humidity for months on end, then it starts warming up 🤣 so I'm sure I will be fine. I've just been spoiled for the past six years with the lovely cold, dry Montana climate. It will be interesting to experience bugs and other critters again too. We had everything imaginable in Aus. but Montana is delightfully bug free.
  4. Just booking now for two weeks in June. I don't like the heat so I want to come at the hottest time of the year to see how well I tolerate it. I'll be back several times over the next 8 months and each time we'll try a different area.
  5. Thanks for that Xena. We'll be coming late April early May so we should get a taste of how hot it is.
  6. Thanks Lakeside 7but I'm not leaving Mexico, we are thinking of moving there for 6-8 months of the year from Montana initially. Maybe full time eventually. We are also looking at Boquete in Panama, we don't like extreme heat and humidity so are only looking at places with reasonable elevation. My dental work is extensive so I'm sure we will be there several times over summer so I can see it at its hottest there.
  7. Thank you so much everyone for your fabulously informative replies. I'm so glad I asked locals! We're not the faint of heart type, have moved often and always research, visit and rent first before major moves. I like to know the good, the bad, and the ugly! TBH I suspect it would be safer than most American schools at the moment. We moved to Montana from Australia five years ago after reading about the good skiing in Bozeman in a magazine. While the USA is in a very sorry state at the moment we love Montana despite the fact that nearly everyone carries a gun and there is a major meth prob
  8. Hi We are thinking of semi retiring to the Chapala area next year and I am planning on going to Ajijic next month for some extensive dental work and a visit to check out the area. There have been some alarming reports recently by a reporter called Bill Dhal about the ugly side of things, plus a blog post about the recent increase in crime, including kidnappings and carjackings. I know every area has both good and bad and I am not the faint of heart type but I would love to hear from some locals about what it is really like there at the moment. Is this guy correct in saying
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