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  1. Beware!!! Used my debit card for a Walmart delivery and my card was hacked. Eight charges that went through and dozens more that failed. WALMART was the ONLY place the card had been used!!
  2. Voice Over Internet Protocol. One uses broadband internet connection for the call instead of analog (regular phone lines).
  3. Flying into Ciudad Juarez airport (CJS) on the way to Marfa, Texas. Need to get to El Paso airport (ELP) to meet a fellow traveler. Seems impossible to rent a car in Mexico and drive it into the USA so have reserved a car at ELP. Can anyone recommend the best method to get from airport to airport? Anyone used Andaleride?
  4. Eliminated me at "No t-shirts, no flip flops"!
  5. I buy it from the carnicero in the Chapala Mercado just inside the West entrance.
  6. The little shop on the North side of the Chapala Mercado on Calle Lopez Cotilla can sometimes do same or while you wait. Worse case is next day when they don't have the screen in stock.
  7. Can someone provide the business name and address for the watch repair shop that is reportedly near the Chapala Mercado?
  8. Been there, done that, it shows no associated RFC, but when I apply it shows that I have one.
  9. Semi-related question: How does one find out what their RFC number is? Didn't think I had one but SAT website says there is an RFC assigned to my CURP.
  10. He speaks passable English. My wife's piano is due a tuning. I can check and see if he has any Chapala visits.
  11. Roy 331 804 5731 From Guadalajara but visits Chapala. Cheaper if he can schedule multiple jobs
  12. Do you know what your panel output was for this time period?
  13. Same here, website sucks, but good counter and gate service and cheap flights. All in all, way better than Spirit.
  14. Most suppliers will not fill beyond 80% because propane expands as it heats up. The tanks have a pressure relief valve (or should) and they vent to atmosphere when the gas reaches a set pressure point rather than explode.
  15. Finally found the Johns Hopkins News-Letter that I was referring to: A closer look at U.S. deaths due to COVID-19 - The Johns Hopkins News-Letter (archive.org)
  16. Excess Deaths Associated with COVID-19 (cdc.gov)
  17. From Johns Hopkins University report based upon CDC data: If 400,000 people in the USA die in the next six weeks the 2020 death toll will almost equal 2019 and recent years.
  18. I wouldn't have to worry about the cartels. The pedaling would kill me.
  19. If you send him an email he'll respond with his inventory catalog that has pictures and prices.
  20. Pianos Providencia on Garibaldi, has 30-40 in his showroom, mostly uprights but a few grands.
  21. Never see a sitting or otherwise idle ant!
  22. I find any attempt to get service repaired an utter waste of my time. Have had internet for one week out of the last twelve. Numerous contacts via phone email and WhatsApp and ten reports filed by TelMex. Have cancelled the auto pay and will see if they bother to pick up the new modem that they provided in June.
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