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  1. Do you know what your panel output was for this time period?
  2. Same here, website sucks, but good counter and gate service and cheap flights. All in all, way better than Spirit.
  3. Most suppliers will not fill beyond 80% because propane expands as it heats up. The tanks have a pressure relief valve (or should) and they vent to atmosphere when the gas reaches a set pressure point rather than explode.
  4. Finally found the Johns Hopkins News-Letter that I was referring to: A closer look at U.S. deaths due to COVID-19 - The Johns Hopkins News-Letter (archive.org)
  5. Excess Deaths Associated with COVID-19 (cdc.gov)
  6. From Johns Hopkins University report based upon CDC data: If 400,000 people in the USA die in the next six weeks the 2020 death toll will almost equal 2019 and recent years.
  7. I wouldn't have to worry about the cartels. The pedaling would kill me.
  8. If you send him an email he'll respond with his inventory catalog that has pictures and prices.
  9. Pianos Providencia on Garibaldi, has 30-40 in his showroom, mostly uprights but a few grands.
  10. Never see a sitting or otherwise idle ant!
  11. I find any attempt to get service repaired an utter waste of my time. Have had internet for one week out of the last twelve. Numerous contacts via phone email and WhatsApp and ten reports filed by TelMex. Have cancelled the auto pay and will see if they bother to pick up the new modem that they provided in June.
  12. Sure, but doubt if there's anyone here from Lampasas County.
  13. Original post is incorrect in that Texas requires a mailed ballot. It varies county to county. My county allows an email ballot as long as it is preapproved. If you're registered in Texas you need to check with your county election official. Much easier than USPS. Postscript: Just received my ballot via email, but it can't be returned via email. USPS prepaid mailer included. Not what my county said in previous emails, but I found a mule.
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