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  1. Camille was a gifted actress with whom I had the pleasure of joining in a stage production fifty five years ago. She was a free spirit and a marvelous person. I lost track of her when I went to Caifornia to enter college. I next crossed paths with her whilst she was the "Salad Lady" in the Heights. She hadn't changed an iota. The world is lesser in her passing.
  2. Diatomaceous earth, which is available in Chapala and probably in Ajijic, sprinkled liberally around the base, is a good deterrent.
  3. A hen keeps eggs under her at about 99 to 100 degrees, after two days the embryo has begun to form, in twenty one days the chick hatches. I guess you could still gather and eat the egg on or after the second day, but I'll take a pass. If the temperature of the egg drops below 99 then incubation stops. Unrefrigerated eggs will stay fresh up to five weeks, in the fridge up to six months.
  4. Take it from an old farm boy, if the egg floats throw it out, if it sinks, cook and eat it.
  5. Complete an FMM anytime you exit Mexico, no matter the mode of transport, make sure top and bottom signify residente temporal and proper boxes are checked, keep the top portion and present it when you return to Mexico.
  6. Or loan a stranger that knocks on your door a ladder!
  7. The ones that grow back in Texas on cow patties in cow pastures can have no effect, get you high, make you sick or kill you. Never liked those odds.
  8. Have been conversing with American Consulting regarding mini split installation and Mirage is his preferred brand. I'm sure he services them or can recommend someone.
  9. Yes, do not waste your money buying insurance online via Allianz.
  10. Cheap seats in the aft section are very cramped. You pay for legroom.No free food or drinks CUN to GDL which is the only route I've flown. I think a checked bag cost almost as much as the ticket. I prefer Interjet.
  11. Perhaps so, but they haven't advised me that they did.
  12. Don't ask me what transpired, but CFE bill for a home that was purchased earlier this month is now in my name. No CURP, temporary residency card not yet issued, no visits to CFE, all accomplished by my realtor.
  13. I believe Canadians can also utilize it.
  14. You will go through US Customs at IAH. I carry a Global Entry card that allows me to bypass lines, but have not seen delays or long lines at IAH, so a two hour layover is probably not a problem. If you get into a time crunch you can ask for expedited service that will put you at the head of a line.
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