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  1. I need a small storage space to store some items. The storage place near walmart only has large spaces so will not do. If you know of another storage place or have room in your garage or house that would be great. Thanks Lore
  2. I tried contacting you via your email. No response...
  3. Hello, I wanted something very light and a bit lower price. I want it to monitor my security camera system.
  4. Wanting to purchase a used computer monitor.
  5. Want to buy wood working power tools, radial saw, drills. table saw.
  6. Want to purchase wood working tools. Circular saw, hand tools, power tools. If you have any wood working tools please contact me. Thanks Lorenzo
  7. Want to purchase fishing gear to use around lake Chapala. Please contact me if you have tackle, rods, reals, etc... Thanks Lorenzo
  8. Please post photos. Thanks Lorenzo
  9. I am interested in buying a tool shed for outside. If you have one I can disassemble it. Metal or plastic is fine. Thanks Lore
  10. Hello, I am interested in buying a used digital camera. Please respond if you have one for sale. Thanks
  11. Hello does anyone know where I can rent or borrow a chain saw. Thanks Lorenzo
  12. I am a semi-retired webmaster and videographer that just moved to Jocotepec. I would be glad to help. Please check my websites and let me know if you want to meet. www.proweb.biz www.provid.biz I look forward to hearing from you Lorenzo
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