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  1. Also, what is the approx time on the bus to Jocotepic from Ajijic and Chapala from Ajijic? Thank you so much!
  2. We decided to just spend most of our time in Ajijic, rather than GDL. We will be staying in a house near Tobolandia, with no car. Since we will have 2 kids with us (6 & 9) I am trying to figure out best way to get from our house to malecon, plaza, different restaurants, etc. We will try to walk as first form of transportation, but might want to take taxi/bus to or from our destination. Question is, are taxis easy to find down on that side of town? Looks like there might be taquerias and fondas within short walk. Mariscos el Carnal Suc looks good. We plan on just catching the bus to go back and forth to Chapala. Is that as easy as flagging down a bus on Hwy 23?
  3. Thank you for the info. I'm sure it depends on the day/taxi driver, but do you know an approx price for Taxi to GDL? We will be there during weekday not weekends.
  4. Hello, I will be staying in GDL with my family (2 adults 3 kids). I would like to spend a day in Lake Chapala, but we won't have a rental car. I can see that we would be able to take an Uber to Lake Chapala, but are there ever any Ubers to get back to GDL? I am wondering the same thing about Tequila as well, in case anyone has info on that. Thank you! Ashley
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