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  1. I had used another company several times before with no satisfaction. I then tried Fumiga as mentioned above and they did an amazing job the first time. They are coming out again in a month and then a third month. I was ready to take a flame thrower to the little ba*tards.
  2. I also successfully used the WhatsApp procedure after failing in using the link to the website. Very easy, very fast.
  3. Sorry for being such a dunce but I am unexpectedly going to get my Mexican DL. I have an original CFE one page bill - my address but landlord's name. Is this going to work or do I need to go get something from the municipality (a piece of paper good for 30 days I think).
  4. Went in to check on the status of my installation - they had said 13 weeks about 5 weeks ago but a girl can hope right? The female in the Ajijic says the rumor about the additional modems coming in is erroneous. She says it could be up to a year. Who's right? Who knows? I just will keep on being politely persistent.
  5. Cedros, Berkey has been in business for a long time. It has independent test results listed on their website (go to this link that takes you to the actual manufacturer, not a reseller). https://theberkey.com/ They are not flashy and last forever - they just do the job. I am not here to change your mind or anyone else's. A poster asked for experiences with them. I personally was not comfortable assuming that all bottled water is as pure as claimed and don't have the means to continually test the different brands. I didn't want the inherent waste that comes with the RO systems although that would be my second choice. To each his own.
  6. I bought mine before moving down here with the thought that if the Apocalypse happens 🙂 I could at least get lake water and purify it and it is large enough for me to help out my neighbors too. I have a friend that just moved down who did the same thing. I looked into Reverse osmosis units and they can waste a lot of water in the process which is another reason I went with the Berkey. Love the taste. The testing is listed on their website. You are certainly welcome to come get a sample of my water and have it tested if you want to make sure it is doing what it says it does. Just let me know.
  7. If you decide from Amazon. I highly recommend the pans made by this company. USA Pan Company. Nothing I have used before compares to the quality.
  8. How about doing what I did - US Global Mail - it works well for me. If you decide that is what you want to do, use the link below and we both get a free month. https://www.usglobalmail.com/personal/mail-package-forwarding/?referrer_id=40899 Good Luck!
  9. Ibbocat - I sent you a private message


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