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  1. So, something I was wondering... Any folks around Lakeside play D&D or other RPGs?
  2. Yes, that is what it looked like, so it seems a balancing act, bringing some but not too much. storage unit easy enough to find (here it seems they are all over the place.)
  3. I'd like to have the opportunity to visit first, but my position (for the company I work for) is getting moved to Mexico as we speak. So, I have to decide to take it or not. I'll start in mexico City, but once there, will be checking out Lakeside. (All this is probably due to happen in the next 6-12 months (still working on timeframe with my management).
  4. Definitely something I was wondering about, had heard conflicting answers on it, but would like to bring at least some pieces. Helps that my company will pay for the move!
  5. Yeah, working on that. I can understand a little, but starting an online language course to pick up more. Plus the other member of the household is Mexican.
  6. Hi all, New here, will be looking at moving to the area in less than a year, but may be in mexico sooner. Just have some basic questions to start... How easy is it to find a house to rent which accepts dogs (2 small). ? i see that Internet looks like it is getting better, does it seem likely that in a year it will be fine for being able to work from home? (Mostly working online, lots of Audio Conferencing, some video conferencing, mostly in AM times) What kinds of things should I make sure to bring with me from US, and what is easier to get once there in Mexico? are there many animal shelters in the area? What one piece of advice would you give to someone as they prepare to move to Mexico / Chapala ? Thanks Dennis
  7. HI all, Just a question from someone looking at Lakeside.... From the time you reach out to set up service, how long does it usually take to actually get it set up ?
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