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  1. I had to google Yorkshire Pudding, YUMMY, why wait for Prime Rib??
  2. I have checked10 retail outlets and can not find an ant bait. I have used Cynoff, Raid, and Trompa. No results longer than 3 days. I even ground up trompa and mixed it with yummi bases. They wouldn't touch the Trompa. If possible, please the name, and location to obtain. Thanks. I will add some search terms so other folks can find this information. Cynoff, Raid, Trompa, Terro, Ant Bait, Ant poison, kill ants
  3. Thanks All. Multiple searches on google, no info on shaw, and nothing on their guide. I will visit a bar as suggested.
  4. This car was on the S&S lot a couple of days ago. It looks and smells new. About $15.000 usa.
  5. Been here 30 days. Still learning. Is there a reliable location to watch Saturdays Alabama versus LSU football game. Thanks, Dale
  6. Please call me, I am in San Antonio Mx. Dale USA phone ........2 zero 8 -908-nine nine 80 Thanks
  7. The last post I could find was 3 years old. Are Keurig coffee cups available at Lakeside. If not where do you get them. Thanks
  8. SunFan, do you and your neighbors routinely drink water from the tap unfiltered?
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