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  1. Alan, as a Residente Temporal I've got a headache from trying to sort all this out.  Here's what I'm getting:

    1) By Mexican law, we should always fill out an FMM on departure and return the stub on reentry.

    2) In the border zone, cross-border traffic is so common that this requirement seems to be generally ignored in México coming and going.

    3) If we want to be compulsively compliant, we should probably skip the CBX, take a cab to the INMSAT on Av. Fraccionamiento or the nearby INM Tijuana Garita Internacional, do it formally, walk across the border and then get an Uber to where we want to go.'

    4) If we decide that it's really much ado about nothing, take the CBX and just flash our passports and RT Visa cards.

    5) (On the way back, simply reverse steps.)

    Bottom line is that for us it's probably cheaper to take a cab, walk across and catch the Uber.

    While I'm at it - Do you know the hours at the INM Garita?  We'll arrive at the border about 12:30 - 1 pm on 12/26 and will return about 2 pm on 12/30.

    Have I got it right?

  2. Here's a question - We are Residentes Temporales and have tickets to Tijuana. We will be taking the cross-border express. Is there an aduana in the airport so that we can fill out our FMMs to leave Mexico? I called CBX and they were clueless, insisting repeatedly that we fill out the FMM when we ENTER Mexico (which is incorrect for Temporary Residents). Help! Thoughts?
  3. After 6 weeks in Ajijic, I have been helping out with Poco a Poco. I am a Pediatrician and need an otoscope. Does anyone know anyone who could either loan or donate one for the cause? Thanks!
  4. CG - I understood. Yup, I daisychain with ethernet up north as well. Thanks for the info. T
  5. OK, answers for all three: 1) Model # is VRV8019AW22. It is White and it appears to be working fine. Based on the descriptions on this board, I'll buy a backup. The only residual questions are: a) Any way to discover the mfg. date of the modem? b) Any preferences for the backup model number? c) If I swap the new one in, is it essentially plug and play or is there a procedure to get it up and running? 2) At home, I have a Comcast Modem but because of the number of devices we had running wirelessly I got my own WiFi router to daisychain to the Comcast Router (whose WiFi I don't use). I'll likely do the same thing here. 3) Rick, I do understand the the modems are both ethernet and wi-fi. Sorry for the poor explanation. 4) Ferret, great idea to retain the old one. Thanks for the heads-up. One NEW question: I have an HP P2055dn b&w laserjet that's a workhorse. At home, I used it via a usb hub connected to my router as a network printer. Can I use the USB port on the Telmex router to connect my printer to the wifi network? T
  6. Quick question - Recent arrival to Ajijic and have this old Telmex Arcadyan DSL modem... We already have an account with Telmex, but I know little about their system. After (not if) I purchase my own WiFi Modem/Router, will it automatically interface with the Telmex server when I plug in the ethernet cable? OR: Will I need to keep the old one and downstream a second WiFi router? Thnx.
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