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    Art,Music,travel,antiques,singing, playing guitar,dancing,Crafts,event planning, cooking,teaching,taking Care of the elder. Nature walks and to be alive.
  1. Lourdes Esquivel

    Bazar coming soon !

    A bazar Will ve open soon on 110 Hidalgo in Ajijic, by the 7eleven you can sale anything you want there.we are now in Texas ,getting furniture and things to take ovethere,if Is anything that you guys are Looking for,send me a message de Will Bring it for you Thanks
  2. Lourdes Esquivel

    dog needs a home forever

    His heart is yours,dar that you can't take him with you
  3. Lourdes Esquivel

    House/pet sitters that are here year round

    At your service!
  4. Thank you for let me in this group,


  5. Lourdes Esquivel

    Need: US Plated Car and/or Trailer

    My friend have this for sale super clean and with generator,no stains or nothing. He is asking $15,000. lulyesquilo@yahoo.com