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  1. Yes you´re right he´s not the owner is only the chef, he actually introduce us to the owner.
  2. Hi ! I just recently move here.. I am surprised of the chapala kitchen.. I have to say one of my favorite restaurant is La Vita Bella, I went already to El Jardín D´Shanti, Garufa (which I found the price quite high) and some small restaurants in the area... I´ve heard a lot of comments about Tango. I guess I will visit some of those you named.
  3. Hi Everyone ! Im newbie and Im searching for recommendations or your experiences doing hiking or outdoor activities, especially with security since I've heard about everything. Thank you!
  4. Well, I have to share my experience in this place, Becky, my sister, visited the restaurant last week and she told me that she loved the place and food. I went with some friends this Sunday and it really was a good experience, I loved the place, the food, everything. It is a nice place to go with friends and have a glass of wine, enjoy an afternoon... The owner told us the beautiful story of the restaurant... he did it in honor of his granddaughter, a 3-year-old baby named Shanti who died in 2017, that's why he did the shanti garden. A divine atmosphere and energy. I guess the Website is not 100% finished but I´ve had no problem with the menu : https://www.dshanti.com/menu
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