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  1. jonnyintrouble

    The Tiny-Johnny Forum?

    Oh please. Meds it's always the meds. Not creative eh? And it looks like an English teacher of 40 years hasn't the language skills to get through to you. No problem, most of the World is peopled with illiterates. You have plenty of company. You're not going to go postal and shoot someone are ya? Quick, get to the TV, Trump is about to start his speech.
  2. jonnyintrouble

    The Tiny-Johnny Forum?

    Good morning Ms. Huckleberry, boy do you look nice in that flower dress, really puts a gleeful shine that compliments your eye color to a tee. My name is Eddie Eager, my friends call me Fast Eddie hehehe. Say, do you have time this morning to discuss your CFE monthly usage? If so I have a plan tailored just for you. I can save you thousands of Pesos per year with an inexpensive installation of solar panels. The cost to your family is less than a pack of cigarettes a day, eh! Cheap as chips as we say in Saskatchewan. hehehe May I enter? Thank you very much .. Wow wee gee wiz, what a lovely home! Golly darn who the HE double hocky sticks are those two dolls, your children? Hi kids! Bet you would like a lollipop, right? Here, take this shinny new one-peso loony and run to the corner store fast like a bunny and buy yourselves two lollipops, your mom and I are calculating how much money she'll save with an installation of brand new Chinese solar cells, eh. Yep, you've found yourself a niche.
  3. jonnyintrouble

    The Tiny-Johnny Forum?

    But your postings are a national treasure, clear, precise and fit for a WAPO Sunday op ed. Take your pistol and lick it, redneck. EEEEHHHHAAAAWWWW
  4. jonnyintrouble

    Clean potable water delivery

    You know that service is called, La Pipa, right? Ask any local Mexican. And ask if, el agua del pozo es potable? The well here where I live is mountain runoff. I drink it, untreated. The tank drivers pay between 50 and 150 to fill the tanker, depending on their volume, of course .. to give you an idea of the markup.
  5. jonnyintrouble


    Moving lil vid ain't it.
  6. jonnyintrouble

    The Tiny-Johnny Forum?

    Same same. Common, be creative. Looks to me like I kicked your A$$. https://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/profile/50753-modeeper/reputation/ Is that why I'm unfit?
  7. jonnyintrouble

    The Tiny-Johnny Forum?

    Computer Gay: Oh please unignore me for just a few seconds. I'm promoting your for sale computer on another thread.
  8. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.elcinco.mx%2Fviral%2Frevive-cachorrita-maniobra-reanimacion%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR1Kp73uBMuPsysRKz2edAbsqYG2OOAsiwM-7-iTi9FKezGHSP-gJC5Fo7g&h=AT38InlqaeVpIOYMpDIUFtZ4Hf3RLkCXf2uKnBN7-xygQPL2Ud7lmh-uvhlPD89qTFaX6bvmXkDK7jV1fQVaKC3nvhe03FMAhoDeQUgtnpytaeY7AUJE-9vy2A9lcpVXTk5PDbGxgDCr3roYcNwsafbTEMsTQh9l9aBmC4zMOLtXCvG8coGcUwpXeFYAI2IEGOq3p8GzwsjKDG8LI_KDCD-XYlHTQbVMtlBgNzGbsVjRAj6ppHQKyGm-wfQQbxFJjw1MlWYO380vTjezENVcW9TwzWIbkYM_UzP90tBVa6VwVY4KwwmllUpII_nn6RF6w9wQ5wopQ81kN8qZK2GTDny27ccCDYlxopGN9iALsjSl4UJE-3bPpxVTw-CecGivugtw6gCW3u5RwPMGQi49hayK9reIVPUCfuG-DVo9uz90IoMR21Nr7SPvbF2Wo-dVmdcNWk9hrVn_Ts6uAeJ3ihzWeLFu0-qMXBv5KngE55i7766W6nelCN0GjHRajjNJFhRLJkwllb8wOpJyR66suZZhNiaVQ9Dk0wBM5zOmFzNy1pFzIh8jcVJLELc0vuD8d1a2EEvcktxSVBFxPMYrNErQRo_FRRhjFrlfpx05Kzl5mfjaYgzI-cuQgQ
  9. jonnyintrouble

    Best Month to Visit the "Real" Chapala

    Lame. Is that all you got?
  10. jonnyintrouble

    The Tiny-Johnny Forum?

    Thanks, I haven't had so much fun since Tiny got his tit caught in the ringer. It's all in fun. If we were all in a bar chatting I'm sure we'd get along just fine .. the music would be so loud we wouldn't be able to hear what was said.
  11. jonnyintrouble

    The Tiny-Johnny Forum?

    Since I have your attention, I'm interested in that "Rocket Speed" computer you have for sale here. I can't believe it sports a dual core processor! Now that's high tech! And DDR2 RAM. Wow! I bet that baby can fly! And a 1-Tera hard drive. Damn, those bad boys would cost you at least 20 bucks used at Guadalajara's Electronic Center. And Windows7! What version is that .. 2003 or 2004? I'm saving up. I'll get back to ya ASAP!
  12. jonnyintrouble

    The Tiny-Johnny Forum?

    God how I wish I were bored but bored in GDL. I'm in ranchland. The gas crunch hasn't effected us, we drive horses. Lucky to have Internet.
  13. jonnyintrouble

    The Tiny-Johnny Forum?

    Yeah, it's my thread isn't it. I mean Tiny hasn't shown up. And you only presented two options. Logical fallacy #7. You had problems with English in the third grade didn't ya? That's okay, no shame in that .. the World needs low life salesmen too.