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  1. Just jokin mate. Once this German girl did something she called ralphing, delightfully painful. It's easy to tell a real masseuse from the handlers .. over-developed arm and shoulder muscles.
  2. We were so poor at supper time mama'd sit us down at the dinner table and read the recipe to us.
  3. I had to walk 4 miles in the mud and snow to get to school.
  4. I read the entire thread. The only comment that raised a hair was that the the kids are being directed by adults. Yes, the scientist who publish the climate finding are adults. If the kids (I prefer children, kids are goats) are reacting to that does it mean they're being manipulated by adults? Looks like it wants to be politics. But it's about power and wealth. Or maybe God vs. Satan. Take an atheist vs. a devoted whatever as an example. One has a base in empiricism the other in faith. Confessing at a confessional is a lot different than confessing what you refused to believe all these years jumped up and bit you on the butt real hard. Evolution is this reporter's religion, I believe every word of it. Empirics rule. You dig a hole, the deeper it gets the older it gets, Cro-Magnon are on top of Neanders, fish are on top of crustaceans. They'd have us believe Antarctic penguins trekked to the Middle East and boarded Noah's little boat. And we can splash water on someone's forehead and cure his blindness. A greened Earth would put millions out of work, it'd cost the corporate sperm their dirty fortunes. They are the manipulators. The kids have grabbed onto science. The lil bastards didn't buy into JC's pontoon sandals and Adam's talking snake. Shame on them!
  5. Would this be a bad time to post up some photos of my new Swiss Army knife?
  6. If I were to get a massage it wouldn't be from a person named Bob, or Charley, or Mac, or Bubba. From a guy who lived in Thailand .. Thai massage is kind of a joke. There's one reason I know of why a young Thai girl works in a massage parlor. It's not like they attend some century's-old Kama Sudra college high in the mountains where you arrive by elephant, climb a rope ladder to enter a dimly lit bat-infested cave and learn from Buddhist masters and study by candle light and burning incense and worship monkeys in you down time, bathe in avocado/coco water and meditate for 6 months while fasting. The mamasan teaches them, and there isn't all that much to teach; what to do and what to charge. Same in China from what I know. The Japanese I'd guess run a little classier operation.
  7. So this has something to do with what its going to cost in Jalisco? US richies pay more, and? But if one day those US fines increase by 40X? So then on a Tuesday you owe, say, 500$. But tomorrow on Wednesday if you somehow failed to pay on Tuesday you now owe 20,000. Hello! Anybody home? Do you see the governor's power play? Is he penis flexing or what? Sickening. Anyone remember about 20 years ago when the new governor's wife decided GDL didn't need mini skirts in public and imposed a fine if their length was under the assigned limit? Did the Moors really rule over Spain for 850 years? Sharia law anyone?
  8. Those Thai massage girls are lazy. They only do a small portion of your body.
  9. Fo Sho! Corruption starts in the primary school. It's pretty well underway in the secondary, full blown in high school and at university the girls stand behind you dragging their boobs across your back while you grade their exams. Corruption isn't a bad thing, it's more like a social skill. Honesty is a sign of weakness. That's a dilemma for me. I surely don't want nor expect them to do it my way, nor am I about to step into the dark side.
  10. My FB page has lots of Spanish. I don't see those inverted symbols, ever. Lots of slang though. The local Tapatio is in constant change. All languages probably are. But they move fast, a lot of borrowing from English. Buliar is now the verb to bully. They say cute as well.
  11. prIvately? Yes Sir! The Earth is flat. If you don't think so send me a private message, or better yet, just to be really private, meet me in the closet at half past 5.
  12. Good idea. There'd be no smokin, drinkin and back sassin.
  13. San Juan de Dios. The shops are generally concentrated in one section, S/E corner of Revolution. That's the big wide ave one way headed West (towards Vallarta). If you take el tren ligero (subway) get off at the SJdeD station. Walk one block counter traffic on your left. The entrance to the upstairs parking garage is right there next to many of the shops. If you see a good-looking well stacked Oaxacan girl there named Brigida tell her Jonny says he's sorry he dogged you. Tip her a few bucks for me and I'll pay you back next time I'm in Chapala.
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