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  1. Sellng my great 2 door Ford Explorer. Sport, tan color, new big tires, excellent mechanical condition, exterior in decent shape, except for the ups and downs of living in a place where having a pristine looking car is not important. 116,000 KM, not miles. Asking 72,000 Pesos felixbb@yahoo.com
  2. Felixbb

    Want to Buy SUV

    I have a 2 door ford explorer, 2003 Tan color interior and exterior, 116,000 KM not Miles, Jalisco plates. New Tires Im asking 72,000 pesos. felixbb@yahoo.com
  3. oh, sorry, it must have gone to my SPAM, let me check.
  4. I have an old flatron l177wsb 19 inches, looks ok if you gonna use it for a security camera, asking 400 pesos. felixbb@yahoo.com
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