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  1. Dear Neighbors, My wife wishes to make kefir. To do so, she requires kefir grains. Does anyone have some they would share?
  2. In business we had a saying: "We offer the highest quality, immediate delivery, and lowest price: pick two." We have been to a few dentists here. My wife had an infection stemming from a root canal improperly performed (not in Mexico). A triple root canal was only completed on one of the three roots. Every dentist could see it, but only one had the skill to drill through the crown, properly complete the root canal process, and cure the infection. That was Dr. Haro's root canal specialist, Dr. Diaz. He smoothly performed the micro-surgery and saved the tooth. The total cost for the initial examination, X-rays, surgery, and follow-up to close the tooth was MX$7,000 pesos; i.e. about $350. I don't know how "pricey" that appears, but when one's option is suffering an infection and losing the tooth, it appears quite affordable. If price is one's only criterion, quality may come in last.
  3. A few months ago I noticed a reply in which someone offered a cargo trailer and/or a cargo van to deliver household goods from Texas. I tried to do my homework, but without success. I did several searches and could not locate that earlier post/reply. Does anyone here offer such a service now? I have a single load coming here from Houston suitable for a tandem axle trailer or large cube van. Thanks in advance.
  4. I use a CPAP and it from time-to-time needs replacement parts. Can anyone kindly recommend a store in lakeside or Guadalajara that carries CPAPs or parts? Thanks in advance for your help.
  5. BMH. If you can, please give our contact info from the original post to the ladies who speak Russian. Thanks.
  6. Sputnik. No, we do not have a dog. No, my wife is not in her 30s. Our telephone number was given in the original post above. Please give our phone number to your Russian friend. Thanks.
  7. Happychillin. Are you saying you know a Ukrainian living lakeside for my wife to meet? Yes, she also speaks some Ukrainian. Please send the contact information for your Ukrainian friend and my wife will call her. Try a PM or an email. Thanks.
  8. My wife's native language is Russian. She also speaks English, and a little Spanish. She would like to meet people in the lakeside area who speak Russian, and with whom she can meet for an occasional coffee, breakfast, or lunch. Please contact us by PM; email to PaxOrbis@icloud.co;, or call (332) 954-2945. Thanks.
  9. Dear Apachewoman. Thank you for your interest. We have a car, so location is flexible: we will consider anywhere from Vista del Lago to Roca Azul. We do not need to be right on the carretera. A view would be nice, and we prefer a comfortable size. We will consider any rental rate appropriate for the property and a 2-3 year lease ... but not short-term seasonal rates. We want a 2-bedroom with den/office, or larger. We want a home with 2 baths plus a social bath, or larger. We prefer furnished; and we prefer off-street parking. Please PM, email, or call with any property you may have available. Thanks.
  10. We have permanently moved to lakeside, and we are seeking to rent a 2+ bedroom, 2+ bath, house or condo for a term of two to three years. Any help will be appreciated. Please contact us by Private Message; email at PaxOrbis@icloud.com; or cell phone at (332) 954-1896. Thanks in advance.
  11. We are newly-arrived Permanent Residents, now living lakeside year 'round. We are seeking a 2+ bedroom, 2+ bath home for a 2-to-3 year lease, appropriately priced. We are researching ChapalaMLS and AccessChapala, but we are especially inquiring to discover any properties coming available but not yet listed. Please contact us by private message, or by email to PaxOrbis@icloud.com. Thanks in advance for your help.
  12. We have used St. Brendan's Isle Mail Service (SBI) for twelve years while cruising and living abroad, and with great satisfaction. SBI scans the outside of each envelope and posts it on your account. You log on to your account via internet, review the envelopes, and instruct SBI whether to: (i) scan the contents; (ii) hold the envelope; (iii) ship the envelope; or (iv) shred it. Most things (e.g. IRS forms) we scan, save to our computer, print at home, then shred. Some things (e.g. privacy policy statement from the bank) we just read and shred. Some things (e.g. driving licenses and credit cards) we hold, periodically group together, and ship en masse via FedEx, UPS, or DHL. Magazines and advertising materials go straight to "shred". You can always reach someone by phone to help with any problems. We sometimes have them deposit checks via mail. U.S. phone: +1 (904) 284-1200 -- Website: "sbi@sbimailservice.com". Good luck.
  13. We have used, and continue to use, "St. Brendan's Isle Mail Service" in Florida for over twelve years. The service was originally established for cruising sailors and provides an address that can receive U.S. Mail as well as private carriers such as FedEx, DHL, UPS, etc. The service scans the front of envelopes which the customer reviews online. The customer then directs SBI to scan, hold, forward, or shred the individual mail items. For most mail, one only needs the electronic copy obtained from scanning. For driving license, cards, permits, etc. one may have them forwarded. We don't usually get checks, but when we do, we have SBI deposit them .+1 (904) 284-1200: sbi@sbimailservice.com
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