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  1. Sigh . Where's a moderator when you need one?
  2. I did not ask for your opinion or advise .I ask for facts . I could care less if anyone else follows my footsteps , my goal is to keep them from going thru what I am going thru if I can help it . What's your goal ? Stick to your knittin .
  3. I really tried to not respond to your post but I can't let it go . Do you actually read the post before giving your OPINIONS ? I will admit some of your responses seem to have merit but some not so much .You do seem to have an OPINION on nearly everything and there is nothing wrong with that except when people are asking for facts . I am fighting my own battles at my own expense and all I ask for was factual information to help me .Your OPINIONS are not helpful . If you want to start your own topic to give your OPINION on certain subjects that is your right but please keep them to yourself on mine , I'm trying to accomplish something that is important to me . You stated my problem was civil , not criminal . Wrong . You and others tell me to give up the fight and move on .Not your decision . If we all did that then bad doctors , lawyers and shop keepers would continue to take advantage of not only the expats but the Mexicans as well . If we don't stand up for what we believe in then we all lose. Novel concept .
  4. This is why I hesitate to ask for help on this board .I get a lot of answers from people with opinions , not fact . I will not name the lawyer , I know how things work in Mexico after 12 years. I have new lawyers and am working hard with to see what can be done . This can be a criminal offense if determined it was fraud/ theft by deception .I wanted info on ways to stop this lawyer from doing this to others , I will handle my problems legally I was trying to get info here that might help others .We have already uncovered several law suits that have been settled .By the way , 49k U.S. is a wound that can't be soothed by licking.
  5. You are right it is the ministerio , not municipio . Been so long I forgot . Do that a lot .
  6. Thank you. I know where it is , I'm just not sure of their responsibilities or legal standing . I used him many years ago when my house was robbed . I spent two hours , took an interpreter and gave them a lot of info , we were pretty sure who did it. .Nothing was ever investigated.Now I want to try and recover a lot of money a lawyer took from me and never did the job .There is no bar assn. here and other lawyers are reluctant to go after another lawyer even tho they are aware of this lawyers bad history . I am not one to take getting screw easily . Just trying to see what my options are .1. want to get my money back.2.cause this lawyer the same grief I have had .3.stop this from happening to others .Any help would be appreciated .As you can imagine this is sensitive area.
  7. I used the search option and got nothing useful . Can someone tell me what the MP duties are and if he has any legal powers.
  8. Anyone lakeside that has had problems with attorney ANDREA CANNON , please pm me .
  9. Does anyone know what happened to Francisco and his La Chiri barbershop in Ajijic across from the bus station ? Been going there for 10 years .
  10. I don't know where some of the info on Dr. Moya is coming from but from my own and several friends personal experiences it isn't accurate .He was recommended to me by a medical professional from the U.S. and proved to be everything I could hope for in a cardiologist .He found a problem I didn't even know I had and had me operated on in a few days to correct the problem . He told me exactly what it would cost , which compared to other doctors who have worked on me, seemed very reasonable .His rate for office consultations is the same or less than at least 4 cardiologists I have seen .For my surgery he had a young doctor on his staff take me to and from the hospital .Dr. Moya paid the hospital and I paid him later . If you don't think this is rare just check around . After my surgery Dr. Moya or one of his other doctors came to my house everyday for two weeks to check on my condition .There was no extra charge .My wife also had a serious illness that wasn't Dr. Moya's field but since I trusted him I ask for his opinion on who to see and he brought a specialist in from Guad to treat her . My advice is never take someone else's opinion when it comes to your health .See the doctor yourself , ask all the right questions and make your own decisions . There are way too many people posting info on legal or medical issues that are wrong , misinformed , or just don't know what they are talking about.
  11. Never thought I would have to ask this BUT after living in west Ajijic for 10+ years we recently moved to San Antonio and we cannot find a GOOD mexican food restaurant in the area .It can be a mom and pop hole in the wall , which we love , but not a taco stand so we can sit down and have a nice meal when wife doesn't want to cook .Rather not travel too far due to traffic so San Antonio , Riberas area would be great . I know they are out there just haven't stumbled on one yet . Gracias
  12. Cesar Martinez 331 451 6929 . Speaks english , does good work , shows up on time and charges a very fair price . I have used him for years . Has a truck and all the tools needed .
  13. Sorry operator error . Could someone please tell me the acceptable number of cars that can pass thru a traffic light after it turns red . Is it 3 or 4 I can never remember ? Almost pulled out after number 3 and lady was zooming thru and looked at me like I had done wrong .
  14. Don't know but big 2 story house . He has large extension ladder , not sure of size .
  15. He was maintenance man for company but was laid off due to covid .
  16. If you need a good , honest handy man I suggest Cesar Martinez .I have used him and recommended him many times over the years .He speaks good english , is on time does good work and cleans up when done . He is also very affordable compared to others .Electrical , plumbing , paint , roof waterproofing , tiling , construction and more . Contact him at 331 451 6929 for free estimates . Lives in Chapala has own truck and tools . Can also purchase needed items for less than I can .
  17. If you need a real estate agent that knows his business here lakeside , is honest , tireless and dedicated to his customers then in my opinion you should look no farther than TOM BARSANTI at Eager Realty . I have known Tom for 10 years and just used him on one of the most difficult sales you could imagine . He went way past what was required of him . He met with other agents , lawyers , notarios etc . trying to solve the many problems caused by the Mexican legal system , ineffective lawyers and others . He is ALWAYS available day or nite . He will tell you what you need to know if you are buying or selling , not just what you want to hear . I'm sure there are other very good agents but I would chose him every time . His wife Deborah also does a great job of photographing the home with professional equipment and knowledge of the process. She won't put her work out there until she is sure she has done her best job in presenting you property . Thanks Tom , you were a bright spot in a very tough situation . His contact number is 331 265 1062 .
  18. After a near death experience with another hospital and cardiologist in 2018 I was very careful when I again needed a cardiologist to treat severe blockage in two of the main arteries in my heart . I spoke to several friends that have used a cardiologist and many recommended Dr. Moya at Lakeside Cardiology Clinic . I can say without hesitation that I was extremely careful as I went forward with Dr. Moya . I ask question after question and told him about my previous experience . He was very concerned about the previous experience and how it reflected on quality , competent and caring doctors . He told me exactly what would happen , how I would feel and exactly what it would cost . I cannot say enough about how he treated me . He went above and beyond what was expected and continues to be involved with my aftercare three weeks later . He took me to Sanatorio hospital in Guad and the service and treatment were excellent . They seemed to be going well past the precautions that are needed due to the Covid . One of his associates , Dr. Antonio was also a great help . I have made two new friends . They treated my wife with great respect and kept her involved and informed during and after the process . There seems to always be someone that is not happy with their doctor , hospital or treatment for whatever reason but for me and my wife we couldn't be happier with Dr. Moya . As with everything thing important in life , especially your health , tread cautiously . Good luck .
  19. Sorry , it was last Wednesday . Great videos on Lake Chapala Crime Watch .
  20. I'm sure different people view Ana differently .I have used her for years , always very helpful but her personality is a little "dry "at times but I don't go there for the fellowship . She does get stretched at times trying to answer the phone , help a customer , while a third is trying to ask a "quick" question .She does know her business . By the way she robbed AGAIN last Saturday at gunpoint .
  21. Senoir D

    Min Wah

    Let me give the haters something to get fired up about this morning . We have a lot of good food lakeside , some definitely poor food and even a little really good food .I don't understand why some people have to be so vicious when reviewing a dining experience . Min Wah is a perfect example .I have lived here for nearly 10 years and have eaten at Min Wah many many times during that period and got ONE less than enjoyable meal .Am I the luckiest guy lakeside , did I win the food lottery , I think not . My point is some people use the term inedible , terrible , worst I ever ate etc .Really . The only inedible meal I've had here was a pizza that the meat had gone bad .If you eat somewhere and don't like it why not just say so instead of trying to ruin a business . A simple , I didn't care for it should do and let people try it and decide for themselves . If your post turns people away instead of just giving information you are effecting the lives of the owners and employees and their family . If you don't like a place just don't go , why try to poison others ? There is a well known , long established steak house here that many diners love . My wife and I can't seem to get a decent steak there so we just don't go . I don't try to deter anyone else just because I don't care for it . OK fire away if you feel the need . You know who you are and I'm sure you'll try to justify your nasty reviews before getting off on something completely off topic and attacking your fellow posters .
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