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  1. Cesar Martinez 331 451 6929 . Speaks english , does good work , shows up on time and charges a very fair price . I have used him for years . Has a truck and all the tools needed .
  2. Sorry operator error . Could someone please tell me the acceptable number of cars that can pass thru a traffic light after it turns red . Is it 3 or 4 I can never remember ? Almost pulled out after number 3 and lady was zooming thru and looked at me like I had done wrong .
  3. Don't know but big 2 story house . He has large extension ladder , not sure of size .
  4. He was maintenance man for company but was laid off due to covid .
  5. If you need a good , honest handy man I suggest Cesar Martinez .I have used him and recommended him many times over the years .He speaks good english , is on time does good work and cleans up when done . He is also very affordable compared to others .Electrical , plumbing , paint , roof waterproofing , tiling , construction and more . Contact him at 331 451 6929 for free estimates . Lives in Chapala has own truck and tools . Can also purchase needed items for less than I can .
  6. If you need a real estate agent that knows his business here lakeside , is honest , tireless and dedicated to his customers then in my opinion you should look no farther than TOM BARSANTI at Eager Realty . I have known Tom for 10 years and just used him on one of the most difficult sales you could imagine . He went way past what was required of him . He met with other agents , lawyers , notarios etc . trying to solve the many problems caused by the Mexican legal system , ineffective lawyers and others . He is ALWAYS available day or nite . He will tell you what you need to know if you are buyi
  7. After a near death experience with another hospital and cardiologist in 2018 I was very careful when I again needed a cardiologist to treat severe blockage in two of the main arteries in my heart . I spoke to several friends that have used a cardiologist and many recommended Dr. Moya at Lakeside Cardiology Clinic . I can say without hesitation that I was extremely careful as I went forward with Dr. Moya . I ask question after question and told him about my previous experience . He was very concerned about the previous experience and how it reflected on quality , competent and caring doctors .
  8. Sorry , it was last Wednesday . Great videos on Lake Chapala Crime Watch .
  9. I'm sure different people view Ana differently .I have used her for years , always very helpful but her personality is a little "dry "at times but I don't go there for the fellowship . She does get stretched at times trying to answer the phone , help a customer , while a third is trying to ask a "quick" question .She does know her business . By the way she robbed AGAIN last Saturday at gunpoint .
  10. Senoir D

    Min Wah

    Let me give the haters something to get fired up about this morning . We have a lot of good food lakeside , some definitely poor food and even a little really good food .I don't understand why some people have to be so vicious when reviewing a dining experience . Min Wah is a perfect example .I have lived here for nearly 10 years and have eaten at Min Wah many many times during that period and got ONE less than enjoyable meal .Am I the luckiest guy lakeside , did I win the food lottery , I think not . My point is some people use the term inedible , terrible , worst I ever ate etc .Really . The
  11. Yesterday my car a/c went out so I went to EuroFreeze next to Gossips to get it repaired . As I got out of my car I tripped over a broken curb and fell HARD . Before I hit the concrete , Manuel and one of his helpers were there to help me up . Lots of blood , cuts and bruises but nothing broken . Sore as hell today . As soon as I was up and while I was trying to stop the bleeding which is no easy task since I am on blood thinners , Manuel went to the Farmacia next door and came back with bandages and other stuff to treat my wounds . He never hesitated to do this and would not take a single pes
  12. I can tell you from personal experience that 1.get a second opinion , they love to put stents in down here that may or may not be needed . 2.find another hospital or as Spencer says bring lots of money and have your lawyer on speed dial .PM me for more info if you want.
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