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  1. Do we have similar web board for Guadalajara ?I could see this forum is more for Chapa/AJijic.Please answer
  2. I mean similar to Meetup.As we are single family feeling tiresome to travel alone.Where we could find alike partners to have the trip more memorable
  3. Thank you.Also do we have any sites to find travel companions?
  4. Could help me to locate in maps?(old” downtown GDL bus depot)
  5. Thanks for your responses. Seems it is better to plan Ajijic this time . What would be the transport options from GDL? I heard there are some bus services.Also worth to stay one night or day trip is passable? Your comments please.
  6. I am with my family and based out in Guadalajara. I am planning to have a short comfortable trip this weekend(especially for my daughter).We have been to Chapala few months back and the place was pretty awesome.is Chapala & Ajijic are same?Please share your thoughts for the weekend trip.should it be Chapala/ajijic then accommodation options.We are planning to stay one day over there.or any other places nearby.Thanks for your time
  7. I could notice medicines are a bit expensive in Branded stores .Do we have any generic or substitute places to get the medicine in lesser price? Also is it worth to opt IMSS services? I am on Work permit here.Am I eligible opt the IMSS service.If yes Could advise me the process. Thanks a lot! Have a good time!
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