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  1. Would it not be better to just subscribe to something like SlingTV and Netflix to get what you want?
  2. Why not post here? I'd love to know what you are selling.
  3. Inquiring minds want to know... What does Luzma charge for her service? Thank you!
  4. pm doesn't help the rest of us. may be better to stream IPTV instead?
  5. Pretty sure he meant End of Life instead of End of Line.
  6. Are "Best Doctors" to be trusted when they charge doctors for plaques showing that they are a "member"?
  7. One of mine, US Xifaxan, doesn't show up on the list. How would I find out if this is available in Ajijic? Thank you!
  8. What is the latest update from Ilocc? I thought they were supposed to be installed in November?
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