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  1. Yes i live in lower Chula Vista and my telcel has been out all day.
  2. This is the film some of my friends are in that was filmed most of the yeat in bits and pieces. Bon
  3. yes with the cap 360 visa or mastercard whichever you have sets the rates. their rates are spot on to the actual mexican peso rate. it is a very good card to have. i dont think you get a charge from cap one for using the atm but dont quote me on that. you would get the fee that the atm machine charges here and yes cibanco is probably the lowest fee. it used to be 17 pesos last year. not sure if it has gone up at all but if it did it is probably minimal.
  4. no you did not drive him away. he is very interested in your comments. now i thought it was funny that the topic turned to licorice. i would kill for some good black licorice
  5. Just wanted to leave a note that the OP of this content has not left this topic. He was getting help from a moderator to change his password and know he is locked out completely. He will be back and appreciates so much all of your comments. We just need to get it fixed so he can get back on and communicate with you all. Thank you for your patience.
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