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  1. So what are upload and dnload speeds att. Are they enough for virtual conferences..ie,,webex, zoom, etc? or even PPT or Prezi meetings?
  2. I buy eggs up here in San Diego now from a woman who raises her hens in a pasture and all the additional feed is organic. The eggs are never uniform in size or color and now and then, you are washing poop and feathers, but having had an aunt in Kansas who had a farm, that does not phase me. Whenever I visited, they woke me at 4:30 am to feed and water the animals along with collecting eggs in many nests throughout the farm for our breakfast.....good times, good memories.
  3. #slainte39 LOL....you are right...I guess it's a matter of semantics....
  4. So, one cannot find a good selection of organic fruits and vegetables? Also, are they using water from the lake to water their veges/fruits?
  5. Whats the availability of organically grown fruits and vegetables?
  6. Sorry, I don't get what your question is......

  7. #cstone TY, Hotel Casa Blanca looks great and the prices are not bad for the location and amenities...
  8. Whats a decent time to fly out of TJ? What flight should I be considering?
  9. #bmh not a party animal myself, but does not bother me......
  10. #mudgirl Living in San Diego near the coast and growing up in NYC on the ocean, one misses thunder boomers and downpours...nothing like a solid drenching...lol...same in South Florida when I lived there and the Bahamas...when it rained, it poured....
  11. I'll most likely look for a smaller place like an air b&b...thanks again....yes, rain is good and does clear the air. Love the rain esp at night...white noise to sleep by...very meditative...
  12. Thank you...stupid question, but one never knows....
  13. I guess I also need a converter plug for my devices...correct?
  14. #rafterbr Thank You...sounds good...whats the weather like over the next 4 weeks typically...
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