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  1. Our gardener just took it up the Libramiento on his motorcycle a few clicks and released it. Tom and Honeybee I like your humor. Thanks all.
  2. I was attempting to catch and relocate a very troublesome squirrel but last night we trapped a skunk! I have heard that the Bomberos will pick up and relocate critters. Any phone numbers or suggestions would be very welcome. Thanks
  3. The product that Inhapala1 is looking for is Sta-Bil , most often used in small engines, lawn mowers, weed trimmers, and cars, motorcycles, etc when a car, etc is stored for longer periods of time because with Ethanol blends in gas it causes old gas to form varnish deposits that are very harmful to cars and small engines. Looking at Rislone offerings they don't offer this type of product.
  4. Azucena Bateman Campos is a local attorney at law and well respected. Azucena also does this kind of work. She quoted us around $3,100. US, as I recall on a 2009 Honda Accord. This was about 3 years ago. She has broker contacts at the border. 376-766-1654. You must drive the car to the broker at the border.
  5. I second July and Wayne Hensley. Professional and very experienced having done lakeside sales for many years.
  6. We want to bring some adult beverages to a couple of friends when we drive up next week. Will we have any problems at the border? Thanks
  7. A picture of your skylight would help us understand the problem and possible fix.
  8. I can not speak to Jalisco fraccionamiento law but I do have the "Jalisco Condo Law in English", second edition that shows both the Condo law in Spanish and English side by side. I also have The "Jalisco Condo Manual". I have lived in a condo here in Lake Chapala for over eight years and I can tell you talking to a realtor and most lawyers here will get you many opinions, almost all wrong, but not the Jalisco Condo law. Any condo or fracc by-law can't exceed or counter the Jalisco Condo law. This fact is ignored on a regular basis locally!
  9. One of the differences between a condo and a fracc is the streets in a fracc are owned by the city ( but the city does not maintain them ) Condo streets are owned by the condo. Legally a fracc can't gate their entrance.
  10. SunFan, Does this association also include local Condo's? Mitch
  11. Recently found a new micro brewery in W. Ajijic and they serve food. Cerveceria Maltas 8. They have been open for about 2 months. It's difficult to find so I will do my best with directions. Coming from the east go just past the big 4 story retirement project La Pueblita ( mtn. side ) which is west of La Reserva. When you go west of La Pueblita a bit, look for the very first road going South. This will put you on the lateral road. Turn back east to the first street where you turn right or south. (This street has no name ) In a very short distance Cerveceria 8 Maltas will be on your right. You will see a drive way leading back to the rest., don't take it, no parking. You must park on the street. Closed on Mon. Tue. and Wed. cell 332-173-2331
  12. A bicyclist was hit and knocked down without injury at the intersection Thursday morning, this would explain the traffic cop and the traffic light being turned on.
  13. Wife had the series of three hyaluronic acid injections by Dr. Gonzalez in her knee about six weeks ago and the cost was about $11,000. p she had the same procedure done three years ago with great success. Dr. Gonzalez was surprised it helped for that long.
  14. Thanks for your responses. Wife feels much better now after your comments.
  15. Has anyone watched a semituck trying to exit Walmart at the West light and turning east? It's a slow motion train wreck!
  16. If El Jardine and other rest. bars, etc on the plaza are not allowed to use the space that they did occupy prior to construction the plaza will not be a place people would want to gather. The Ajijic plaza has always been a real focal point in Ajijic. The rest, bars, venders were always part of the plaza area draw. The old cast iron benches were great and maint. free, not to mention recycling them would be FREE! Don't get me started on Puebla Magico. Lakeside streets in constant state of disrepair, years long garbage pick-up problems, broken sidewalks and property owners allowed to let their street side building fronts go to hell. If some of Chapala's current rules are not working CHANGE THEM! Develop a plan, with resident input and implement It.
  17. We are going on a road trip in mid July and are hoping to cross at Nogales on our way to Tucson and Calif. Our proposed route takes us past Mazatlan, Culiacan, Los Mochis, Ciudad Obregon, Hermosillo. Recommended sleep stops along the way would be appreciated and any and all comments are more than welcome. Thanks, Bill
  18. ea93105, this re circulation pump sounds like a great idea. Did you have the pump retrofitted to your existing house or built during new construction. Any additional info about this pump and install process would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  19. We plan a road trip to California to sell car to family and get vaccinated then fly back lakeside. Any problems with this plan? Thanks
  20. I have used Ajijic Body shop ( west of Waffel House ) three times, the last time being very recent and always very pleased with their work.
  21. I second the vivero behind the Ajijic clinic. Another vivero to shop at would be further west , mtn. side near dental express. Always make sure the clear plastic is removed from any pot you may buy so you can spot any hidden cracks. This happened to us with a pot we bought in Tonala . In general some local vivero's have been stocking more and larger pots in recent years. Almost forgot the vivero behind Superlake will at times carry some larger pots.
  22. Jaime Hernandez is said to have a shop in Chapala near the train station. Anyone have a phone # and directions to his shop? Thanks
  23. Has Chapala issued additional Covid restrictions in addition to Jalisco's restrictions ? Does anyone have a copy of this document? Thanks
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