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  1. After reading the post ( thank you Bisbee Gal ) I looked my very recent purchase of Blumen sanitizer from Walmart. They had a really big display. Now in the garbage. Bisbee Gals' link to the FDA list had no less than 24 Bluemen sanitizers listed!
  2. Maybe Banamax customer service cought up with them.
  3. In conversation with S& S Auto in January they quoted $900. pesos to drive your new car purchased from them to Guad for service. I have a new Toyota Rav4 Hybrid on order from Dalton Toyota since Feb. this year. I want the Limited grade but it seems ordering a specific grade of a very hot seller ( Rav4 Hybrid ) is almost not possible. Has anyone else had trouble trying to get the exact model and grade desired?
  4. Thanks so much for your help. I will take the wife to co-pilot.
  5. I am told there is a store in Jocotepec that sells Echo leaf blowers, etc. Does anyone know about this store and where it's located? Thanks
  6. This is the new hospital in San Antonio?
  7. Glad that Volaris is still financially stable. We used to often fly them from Guadalajara to Chicago and LA, but have not for several years because of their now terrible web page for booking flights What was once a simple online flight booking procedure now just stinks. Have not flown them in about 3 years!
  8. Ajijic streets and sidewalks continue to be in a dismal state of disrepair
  9. I could not count the times i have seen a overloaded dump truck, 6 wheeler or semi with bald tires and broken tail lights etc. Many of these trucks could never pass a safety inspection in the states.
  10. A bit off topic but I have used Chopo several times and found their test results to be the easiest to read compared to other labs and always found them to be professional..
  11. Mostlylost, I believe you are correct I have seen that statue many times, must be more than one.
  12. I am aware of the paint pads pictured here but this was different it was a bigger pad with the handle right on the back of the pad.
  13. We have lived her for nine years and just recently saw a worker, not a painter using a square type pad to apply paint. I had heard about this tool years ago but didn't know it was still used. After the project was completed I would just say it would never be used on my casa, very poor coverage.
  14. Please tell me more about Dish. Thanks
  15. My wife saw two gringo women enter oxxo without a mask and the staff would not serve them.
  16. We live in Vista Alegre and Simapa runs water to our community every other night starting at 7pm to our alhibe's. We recently developed a leak that is getting worse and shows itself at the base of our 9 ft. retaining wall down by the street but behind the curb and on our property. The water seems to be coming from behind the retaining wall on our property but we show no moisture or water in our back yard that is above 9 ft. above the street. We had a contractor dig behind the curb about one meter deep but found no pipe etc. We have just had our irrigation system checked for leaks with two
  17. The website looks great any comments about the store and synthetic Rattan would be appreciated. Thanks
  18. Rudy Rodolfo is what I would call a general contractor hear lakeside. In business for about 25 years. Rudy builds new houses, remodels, pools, complete kitchens, complete roof redue removing cement and roof tiles, tile work and much more. Rudy's crew has been with him for many years. Rudy is honest and has done extensive work at our casa along with several of our neighbors. Rudy will not give you the cheapest price but we would highly recommend him. cell # 333-4966-3187
  19. About 2 inches in Vista Alegre and my neighbors confirm.
  20. Arcos Angels, Zed is correct about asking you what specific work you need done. And I would not relay on the contractor's own references.
  21. Blue Rose Bistro Elegante Mom's Deli Adelita's These are open, not sure about the hours.
  22. The wife need to see a Podiatrist she is suffering from sharp pain on the ball of the foot behind the big toe. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  23. I bought a six pack of beer at Walmart yesterday, so yes the clerk was uninformed.
  24. Thanks for all your help. Would anyone want a pet squirrel?
  25. Thanks for your help. Not having a pet I don't know where the animal shelter is or what Ladron is.
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