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  1. Floradude, You are right about people need more public info on upcoming shots. We had no idea shots were being given at the Ajijic plaza. Let's hope another round of shots is coming soon.
  2. Thanks conejorapido, got hold of him with the number you posted.
  3. I have been calling Jackie from H2o on his cell and it sounds like it's no longer in service. Anyone have any contact info, etc. I need new filters and UV light Thanks
  4. I don't think you will find stock color as you describe. The color code should be written on your can after they custom mix. happyjillin is right about the Comex store on Madero.
  5. The unvaccinated are not more likely to contract Covid, they are more likely to become more seriously ill. Also when the unvaccinated get Covid they do not shed the virus any more than a vaccinated individual.
  6. Today at Intercam we rolled over a 3 mo. investment to 18 mo. Cede paying 6% ( before taxes ) This will pay interest monthly to our checking acct.
  7. We have been with Intercam for several years and really value the good service. We recently asked our acct. manager to raise our atm withdrawl amount from 5K to 8K. What we did not know is 8K is available to everyone at the ATM now at Intercam.
  8. Here are the contacts I have 376-766-5563 justynji@hotmail.com My guess is they have an outbreak of Covid. This is a very busy office with lots of patients 5 days/week. I just finished therapy about two weeks ago with her group and I'm very impressed.
  9. We ate here last night around 5:30. No other customers during our stay. The grounds and building are amazing. We both ordered hamburgers and wine. The burgers looked and tasted like they came from Walmart. This was not good beef. House red. 90 p. house white, 80 p. Our bill was 513 P.
  10. Thursday night we dined here and the food and service were excellent! They are located at the corner of Macos Castellano and Zaragoza. Look for the white building with bright green awnings. Atmosphere is very nice. You can enter on both streets but for those having trouble with stairs you can enter on Zaragoza. Closed on Monday. I believe they open at 1pm. They also have a pizza oven like Laurie's old place, Charlotte's on the Libramiento.
  11. We walked the lateral west of the Wednesday market yesterday and did not find the clinic.
  12. So. it's just west of Scallion's ? Thanks
  13. They also have an entrance on Zaragoza with no steps.
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