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  1. The Chapala Gov. needs to feel the heat from the community and step up and enforce the injunction.
  2. I take all Guadalajara and Lakeside weather with a grain of salt!
  3. Ajijic Water Gardens, Luis Ruvalcada Preciado speaks perfect English can provide and install your sod as well as any major landscape project. They are very capable. Cell 3 331-241-9773
  4. Looking for a good exterminator. We haven't had this done in years and thinking we should be proactive before they invade. Any references would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. You could contact Abogado / Attorney at Law Azucena Bateman Campos. She is located at 16 de Septiembre # 11 Ajijic. 376-766-1654 Azucena speaks English and has done car imports and has broker contacts in Texas and has worked with many expats on legal issues and has a good reputation. I had worked with Azucena on importing my 2009 Honda Accord and was quoted $2,400 US well over a year ago. I chose not to import and will be buying a new car in Mexico later this year. I also have a 2003 BMW RT1150 ( with expired US plates ) that I will be riding to Texas in May to sell. Best of luck
  6. I have a friend who is need of a new auto tire jack, his is broken. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Yes, we live in Vista Alegre on the Libramiento and we got this notice
  8. Well, If sizeable part of the carretera work is completed before they run out of funds it's a start.
  9. Love the humor in the first post!!!!!!!
  10. Yes, Teleservicios Calvario is excellent. Just llok for the cell tower on South side as Oatsie has mentioned.
  11. Today SuperLake has Woolite.
  12. Thanks Ferret, I just checked SuperLake, no luck. Bill
  13. Anyone found Woolite locally? I have looked at Walmart and Poncho's with no luck. Thanks
  14. Mitch

    La PeceƱa

    They have recently doubled in size, we love it!
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