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  1. We have used Quick Blinds several times with excellent results.
  2. Zeb what type and size poster do you have? Bill
  3. We have been driving our US plated car here locally for far too long since becoming Permanente a L o n g time ago. In February we ordered a new car (Mexican) and it should be in around December. Our plan is to get a Retorno Seguro to legally drive the old car to the Texas border and hopefully sell it in Laredo, TX. Of course on crossing the US border our car once again becomes illegal with Illinois expired US plates. Can we buy South Dakota plates and use them for this portion of our hopefully short time NOB. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. This new ( to Ajijic ) bank has 34 branches in Mexico and has been in business for over 17 years. Carlos Slim is affiliated.
  5. Michael Merryman at Ajijic Electronics can supply you with a Shaw remote and any other TV tech issues. Office # 376-766-1117 What stations you get depends on your package.
  6. I used David Barnett , wife, Gayla takes appointments gaylalakesidebowen@yahoo.com # 376-766-1901
  7. I had very good success with local Bowen therapy for an arm/ shoulder injury. My neighbor had positive results from a back problem he had.
  8. After reading the post ( thank you Bisbee Gal ) I looked my very recent purchase of Blumen sanitizer from Walmart. They had a really big display. Now in the garbage. Bisbee Gals' link to the FDA list had no less than 24 Bluemen sanitizers listed!
  9. Maybe Banamax customer service cought up with them.
  10. In conversation with S& S Auto in January they quoted $900. pesos to drive your new car purchased from them to Guad for service. I have a new Toyota Rav4 Hybrid on order from Dalton Toyota since Feb. this year. I want the Limited grade but it seems ordering a specific grade of a very hot seller ( Rav4 Hybrid ) is almost not possible. Has anyone else had trouble trying to get the exact model and grade desired?
  11. Thanks so much for your help. I will take the wife to co-pilot.
  12. I am told there is a store in Jocotepec that sells Echo leaf blowers, etc. Does anyone know about this store and where it's located? Thanks
  13. This is the new hospital in San Antonio?
  14. Glad that Volaris is still financially stable. We used to often fly them from Guadalajara to Chicago and LA, but have not for several years because of their now terrible web page for booking flights What was once a simple online flight booking procedure now just stinks. Have not flown them in about 3 years!
  15. Ajijic streets and sidewalks continue to be in a dismal state of disrepair
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