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  1. Would you accept men's and women's clothing as well as a few odds and ends on consignment?
  2. Does anyone know the current hours of Isilab/Chopo in Ajijic and Best Lab since the Covid?
  3. The are actually called powder post beetles. I told my husband about this post, showed him the picture and after 40+ years of being in the furniture business he knew exactly what it is. Remove the chair from the area as the beetles will infest your sofa and if they are not already in the wood.
  4. Seriously?? With everything else going on in the area at the moment such as unemployment, hunger, etc. you want the government to force businesses to plant trees?
  5. Some posters on this board never cease to amaze me, and 99% of the time it's the same handful of people. This started as a posting about a man not wearing a face mask in WM to chastising someone for the type of mask they personally wear. Really??
  6. This was sent out by the Mexican Government yesterday. Sent to me from my Mexican friends in Guadalajara. It is very informative. I have translated from Spanish to English. They are reminded NOT to take Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil and aspirin for flu or fever symptoms. In Italy and France they have discovered that people who have died from Covid-19 have taken ibuprofen and causes the virus to be potentiated 5 or more times. Please avoid self-medication, disclose this and take care of us. Gentlemen, anyone who has symptoms take only and exclusively * PARACETAMOL * (except, of course, medical prescription) and drink plenty of water and very often (if possible sips every 15 minutes) We also have natural antivirals such as Garlic, Ginger, Propolis, and almost all Aromatic plants (Mint, Melissa (Torongil), Rosemary ...) Cinnamon, Curcuma, Fruits with Vitamin C ... in Infusion preferably ... * DO NOT * take the following medications * if we have Symptoms *: In general, none * ANTI-INFLAMMATORY * Nor any * ANALGESIC * containing Tramadol ... And I'll say ... What are they? Here is a list if you have questions ... 1) Ibuprofen (includes Espidifen, Neobrufen, Algiasdin, Saetil, (Dalsy, Algidrin and Junifen in children)) 2) Naproxen (includes Antalgin, Naprosin, Lundiran, Momen) 3) Dexketoprofen (includes Enantyum, Adolquir, Ketesse, Quiralam, and Zaldiar) In general, the * ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES * will produce respiratory problems and added to those of the Coronavirus, a very serious picture can be produced ... Neither * Opiate Analgesics * as: 1) Tramadol (includes Adolonta, Capdol, Captor, Clanderon, Dolpar, Enaplus, Geotradol, Paxiflas, Pazital, Tioner, Tracimol, Tradonal, Zaldiar and Zitram) * PLEASE ROLL !! * * BE SOLIDARITY !! * * THIS INFORMATION COULD HELP SAVE LIVES !! * * INCLUDING YOURS, THAT OF SOME FAMILY MEMBER ANY NEIGHBOR OR FRIEND !! * * SHARE IT, Atte ML *
  7. Go to the following link. It will tell you everything you need to know. https://mx.usembassy.gov/embassy-consulates/guadalajara/lake-chapalaajijic-services/
  8. Roberto at Satellie Electronics, phone email:robertronics77@gmail.com. He is in San Antonio on the carreterra. Speaks English and comes to your home.
  9. Even though you are using a US cell phone, you are roaming within the Mexican cell system. Go to this link and it will explain everything you need to know. Hope this helps.
  10. Dialing a US 800 Number from Mexico. To dial a US 800 number from Mexico, you will need to format the number differently. Replace the 800 prefix of the phone number with 001. After you have dialed 001, dial 880. Now, dial the rest of the phone number. But note Mexico is not part of the US-Canadian 800 system. Telmex charges you for access to the US-Canadian system. You pay an access toll to Telmex from your location too the border. From the border onward, it is toll-free. Therefore you will be charged for any toll free number from Mexico to Canada. Better to use a direct phone number to whatever business you are trying to contact.
  11. No one has yet to answer the poster's question, just in turn making derogatory remarks. The poster did not list the numbers tried. The only number I can find is 376 765 6233.
  12. The health food store by Telmex has MSM in tablet form and powder.
  13. Carr. Oriente #54, Local 2-C, Plaza Bugambilias, Ajijic, Jal. cp. 45920, (Plaza Bugambilias) around the corner from "Supermercado El torito", on the Tianguis Street; Revolucion. 376 766 5850
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