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  1. I have a dog that is nearly deaf. Sudden loud noises such as thunder and cohetes frightened her. I found that benedryl (25mg.) helped settle her down. As Intercasa suggested your dogs will get used to the sudden explosions.
  2. I too would like a female roommate. Please, don' tell my wife.
  3. Before I put out money for hearing aids, I have to ask myself how much of what I hear do I want to hear? Cost to benefit ratio.
  4. Heem

    Scallions restaurant

    Tom, I sent you a PM regarding another subject.
  5. Zeb, congratulations! I wish you much happiness.
  6. Mitch, if you want Ajijic the Hotel Nueva Posada is nice. Close to everything. Michael the owner is a great guy and his mother Judy is a delight. I met someone new each day I was there. If you don't mind being away from Ajijic the Villa Paraiso air BnB in Riberas is a good choice. Kitchenette, swimming pool, studio apartments. As for there being too many people, that's the case everywhere. It does not diminish the beauty of Lakeside. Most of the people you meet here are very nice folks that you will enjoy spending time with.
  7. One of the many things I love about this area. A sense of cooperation and getting along. One of the first things I noticed was that the different aborrotes seemed to specialize in things different from their neighbors down the street aside from the coolers of beverages and snacks.
  8. Charlie, glad you are safely relocated. I hope your treatment goes well.
  9. Looks great. Who is your contractor?
  10. Which mail service (Handy mail, I-shop, etc.) is currently the best and most reliable? Gracias
  11. If you do not get a direct reply you might ask someone that works at one of the local gyms for a recommendation.
  12. One of the great things about this board. I am always learning new things from so many of you.
  13. West end of Chapala. Mountain side.
  14. Heem

    Pet Free Premise

    CG, you are correct. My statement about laws was not real intelligent.
  15. Heem

    Pet Free Premise

    Gringal I agree. I would never bring my dogs inside.
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