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  1. "JoyinMexico". Must be a name, not a state of mind.
  2. Car city quoted 705 pesos for oil and filter change. This seems a little high. I have a V8 Ford Explorer. TIA
  3. Riberas: Zona Fitness Ajijic: Family Fitness West Ajijic: Sky Fitness All located on the carretera.
  4. Chopo Labs will test tap water. Just east of Panchos in Riberas.
  5. El Menudo, I'm sorry for you. I love just about everything here. One change I would like to see is recycling available along the whole north side of the lake. I see a lot of positive changes occurring. There are fewer street dogs thanks to spay and neuter programs. I am seeing less trash just thrown around. The Mexican people and the natural beauty of the area never cease to amaze me. And to answer the OP's question. There are not only good places to receive health care but the Medical Professionals I have encountered are loving, kind people. I have not seen any of the arrogance I so often encountered NOB. Just don't let too many people know how wonderful this place is.
  6. I Would not refer to the tomato picker as lowly. They provided food for my table today. I greatly appreciate them.
  7. Gringo Hombre, try the office supply store mountain side in SA, A little east of Coke.
  8. You will be surprised by the kindness and the quality of the healthcare providers in Lakeside. Every provider that I have met has given their personal cell number so that in case of emergency you may call them. Unheard of North of the Border.
  9. Hola Charlene, Linea car rental just west of Dona's Donuts is a good place to rent from. They will pick you up from your hotel. Their phone # is 376 766 2555 English is spoken. I would take a taxi from the airport if it is your first time here. Enjoy your stay.
  10. Ron, If I know someone looking for care for a family member, I will be sure to let them know you appear to lack compassion. A trait that would appear to be essential in a care giver.
  11. I will be sure my wife gets this. I could use a few days off and a little extra money.
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