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  1. I have used them for 10 years. They also clean up after. They understand the concept of customer service and really know their stuff. Can't recommend them highly enough.
  2. I would recommend Dr. Ernesto Gibau Romo, who is associated with Hospital San Antonio. My husband has advanced Parkinson's and saw another doctor at lakeside. Dr. Romo was so kind and never spoke down to my husband, he came from behind the desk and talked with my husband. He looked at the numerous test results that I brought and determined not to do anymore tests. He changed some meds and walked us to the car. On another visit, he hugged him when we came in and adjusted meds. He has made a positive impact in my husband's life. He is concerned with the quality of my husband's life and not longevity so much. His contact info is 3813 3040 044 333 440 1178 or call SA Hospital
  3. Ricardo looked after my husband and that of 3 of my friends prior to their husbands death. He is bilingual, compassionate and has done caregiving for years. You could not make a better choice for your loved one. You can reach Ricardo at 331 746 2959.
  4. Dr. Gonzales is simply the best. My friends who have had any sort of replacement surgery had a shorter recovery period than expected. My husband fell and broke his hip on a Saturday night, came home Monday afternoon and was on a walker for only 2 days and did not need physical therapy.
  5. My husbljlkjlkMyMy husband has severe Parkinson's. We went to Quality Care and the doctor was good, but took months to get another appt. Since then I moved all his care to San Antonio Hospital who has Dr. Ernesto Girbau Romo who is a neurologist. He comes once a week. He's Bilingual, very professional and caring. The other doctor mentioned deep brain stimulation. Dr. Romo said no as my husband's Parkinson's is so advanced. He talks to my husband and not down to him. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
  6. Secty. Mnuchin said yesterday in one of the briefings that you DO NOT have to file a 2019 return, if you are on SSN. Listen to the daily news conferences, not a biased recap of what was said.
  7. My husband takes the same med. I get it with no problems at Maskaris. Lulu has an amazing inventory of most used drugs. Good luck.
  8. Are utilities "forgiving" the due date on when bills are due? My Simapa bill was due this past Friday and I do not want to have my water cut off. I have looked for guidance from governmental websites, to no avail. Does anyone know the answer to my question?
  9. The topic was a listing of restaurants that deliver. Yet, some go off topic to advance their own views on everything. Take your ADHD meds and chill out.
  10. The Lake Chapala Nursing Home in Riberas is not letting visitors and vendors in to protect its residents. I applaud this action. Am not sure how long it will be in effect, but I am happy.
  11. No matter where you go, interpretation of a CT scan is based upon the dr. and his experience and knowledge. I find it interesting that so many non docs have such vast information on this topic.
  12. Get a second opinion. My husband had prostate surgery with a dr. at Quality care. Later found out that he DID NOT remove the prostate, only a tumor on it. When the symptoms reoccurred, he suggested surgery again. We have decided to do nothing after a consultation with another dr. My father was a doctor and he always said that there were two type of doctors, cutters and healers.
  13. In answer to your question … Yes. Go to Dr. Claudia and be done with it. You will be pleasantly surprised and come away with great vision.
  14. Vista Alegre problems as well. My phone and internet have been down since Friday when the Fiber Optic guys came to install. One step forward, ten steps back. When they left, I had no phone and no internet, which I did not discover until 10 pm Friday night. On Monday I went to TelMex and they sent a team of 3 Tuesday at 3pm. At 8 thirty they left and I had phone and internet. Not sure about fiber optics. They had to tear up my yard, drill a hole in the front of the house to run new cable. What a mess. But, at least I have a phone and internet..
  15. Today is Veterans Day in the US. We all owe a debit of gratitude to all American and Canadians for their service and dedication to keeping us safe. Their sacrifice has allowed us to retire in paradise. God Bless all who have served.
  16. I have rented from Lakeside Medical on the Caretera, lake side, near a liquor store. The machine was great and the staff provided instructions.
  17. Another vote for Dr. Daniel. He's a true professional.
  18. Check LaCristina pharmacy or Maskaris Pharmacy. They will order meds for you.
  19. There is a fabric store, upholstery, two doors west of Poncho's new location in Riberas. Their selection is stellar, on a par with the US. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful. Their work is considered exceptional. I'll let you know more when I get my sofa and chair back. Go and check out this store.
  20. Thanks for you insensitive response. My friend has severe dementia and no family here. If you can't be part of the solution, don't be part of the problem.
  21. I pay 100 per hour, and she's worth every peso. She does laundry, cleans baseboards, cleans the frig and a million other things which I don't want to do myself. My maid in the states was 90 for 4 hours. Remember, you are paying someone to do something you do not want to do. Plus, many of these women are supporting families. Yes, it is cheaper to live here, but the maids also need to live. You probably spend more on beer when meeting friends. Be generous in this great country we have chosen to reside.
  22. I have heard or read about an organization which helps place pets after their owner has died. Can anyone give me any information about this.
  23. I turned 65 after we had moved to Ajijic. I called the US and got a person on the phone in the SS adm. who seemed to know their stuff. They deducted part B from my ss for 3 months, but refunded it later. A piece of cake for me.
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