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  1. There is a fabric store, upholstery, two doors west of Poncho's new location in Riberas. Their selection is stellar, on a par with the US. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful. Their work is considered exceptional. I'll let you know more when I get my sofa and chair back. Go and check out this store.
  2. Thanks for you insensitive response. My friend has severe dementia and no family here. If you can't be part of the solution, don't be part of the problem.
  3. I pay 100 per hour, and she's worth every peso. She does laundry, cleans baseboards, cleans the frig and a million other things which I don't want to do myself. My maid in the states was 90 for 4 hours. Remember, you are paying someone to do something you do not want to do. Plus, many of these women are supporting families. Yes, it is cheaper to live here, but the maids also need to live. You probably spend more on beer when meeting friends. Be generous in this great country we have chosen to reside.
  4. I have heard or read about an organization which helps place pets after their owner has died. Can anyone give me any information about this.
  5. I turned 65 after we had moved to Ajijic. I called the US and got a person on the phone in the SS adm. who seemed to know their stuff. They deducted part B from my ss for 3 months, but refunded it later. A piece of cake for me.
  6. I read or heard about an organization that finds homes for pets left by the death of their pet parent. Can anyone share the name and any contact information. Thanks in advance.
  7. I too, have used Gualberto Real. They are excellent, arrive on time and are honest. Used him last week for the fan in my frig. Call the,, you won't be disappointed.
  8. I have been here over 10 years. So, I should just let their cheating go. I never yell or raise my voice, but I'm not going to be screwed with. Locals put up with theft and poor service, they expect it. For that reason, locals never get problems resolved and …… the beat goes on.
  9. I have been shortchanged many times at WM. I stand in line and count my change to the chagrin of the cashier and people behind me. Too bad. When I'm shorted, I tell the cashier that she is a bandido. Then, I go to the customer non service. The last time the customer service said, "well, you did get your right change, so..." They see nothing bad about it.
  10. Hey folks, we now have a CHOICE of hospitals here. You can exercise that choice and go elsewhere. In my opinion, this hospital is long overdue and I applaud the doctors who conceived and built it. This is a very good thing.
  11. I have used Dr. Carlos Garcia, now at the new Hospital San Antonio. He's an internist and has the best specialists referrals, most of which travel to Lakeside once a week. I am on his program, one flat yearly fee for as many visits as possible, plus annual physical, complete with EKG. I've been more than satisfied in the last ten years.
  12. RIlady

    Spagos closed

    I guess the owners felt that they could lie and steal a name, like no one would notice. Their food is terrible, not even up to Salvadore's, and that's saying something. The waiters are uninvolved and do not know the menu. When I asked if something had onions, the waiter's response was, "I don't know." As the raven said, "never more."
  13. By changing the lunch hours, they are limiting their audience. Their portions have become small and increased the price. Do they think we will not notice. Even the dancing and drinking crowd has noticed. The dance floor is the size of a postage stamp. Will never go back.
  14. I have had the privilege of being cared for by both Drs. Gonzales. Such talent and caring in one family. Dr. Gonzales replaced my husband's hip with amazing results. No pain and no physical therapy. He provided us a choice of hospitals or clinics for financial concerns. I have had numerous injections for pain, in my back. I recently had a major nerve burned. In the operating were 5 other ortho guys who wanted to watch Dr. Ross use this new piece of equipment. My neighbors have had hips and knees replaced and accolades for both are over the top. Plus, you could not find nicer, more competent doctors.
  15. I was at the new San Antonio hospital on Tuesday. What a joy to have a top notch hospital here. Some of the equipment is not there, but will be soon. I resent those who throw stones at something wonderful. This is a multi million peso investment by loyal, wonderful doctors. Instead of passing on inaccurate information, why not talk to someone who knows what's going on. Or, do you just love spreading disinformation. The good thing is that you do not have to use it and I pray that you don't.
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