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  1. Hi. Im not in the chapala area but in the yucatan area. I came into Mexico by air from the US. So the process is still go to the inm office closest to me then to get a new FMM? Do you know if they will extend the date for those whose fmm expired already? I read in original post Immigration has agreed to allow people whose tourist cards have expired during the period from January 20, 2020 to April 30, 2020 Is there a reason they are giving people such short notice though? Would you think they would extend this to May? I just read about this recently.
  2. Not in the chapala area but in the yucatan area. But we only have till the end of the month to renew our tourist cards if it expires this month or already did? Do you know if they will extend the time to do this? I just am reading this now. So after end of April, we cannot go to the closing imm office to get a new tourst card if our tourist card expired or expire by this month? That is very short notice they are giving though I see this was posted just two weeks ago.
  3. Hey... i had no idea that this is possible. I always thought ebay sellers only ship to the US and maybe canada. Some of the links do say they are not shipping outside the US but i will ask those sellers. Im going to assume almost all the sellers won't ship it internationally and if they do... the shipping time they show is anywhere from few weeks to months.
  4. I can't message that seller because the item is removed. I don't know what is his username. I did message the other seller who sells it. He didn't reply back. Whenever i ask a seller question on mercadolibre, i almost always get a response within a day. Also that seller... if you look at their feedback... is not very good so thats what i didn't want to try to order from them.
  5. Really? I thought it was like okay you buy this product from a seller and that seller chooses dhl or fedex or the estafeta to send. I have ordered from mercadolibre years ago and it was always DHL shipping so I thought that was the standard. Well i know the DHL at where im located is open... so thats why im confused why it doesn't allow it to be chosen.
  6. Also if you type acnomel on mercadolibre, it does show up but there is only one seller and im positive this person is not selling or shipping anything if you look at their feedback. About a week ago or more, there was one person who had excellent feedback that sell it but no longer sells it which is why i created this thread in the first place.
  7. Clearisil is not the same as this product. That clearasil i had bad experience with because it uses benzoyl peroxide. This product doesn't have any BP. Another thing I want to ask that is sort of related to this. I just purchased a product on mercadolibre... haven't done it in a while... its not this one but something else. If you want to pick it up at DHL, you have to click on withdraw at parcel branch as oppose to home right? The thing is on that page, it shows my home as my name with the DHL post office address and my mexican cell number. I bought from mercadolibre a few times throughout the years but this was a while back... and i always picked it up at dhl. I want to do the same this time. But the seller tells me im suppose to click on withdraw at parcel branch. I did that and then clicked on the DHL post office here. Before i click on the confirm order, it shows my name with the DHL office then i clicked confirm. But when i go to my purchases page on my mercado libre account where it says pay xxx amount at oxxo with the code... why does it right under the oxxo payment xxx amount... it shows below it... Fedex and then the fedex address? I want to make sure it gets sent to the DHL office here and not Fedex. But is that Fedex... i assume that is what the seller is using as the carrier? Thus fedex would send it to DHL post office? I was going to pay it at oxxo earlier but then saw fedex on that purchase page. Can anyone who bought with mercado libre tell me this is fine? Like it will get shipped to DHL post office as oppose to fedex? I ask this because the fedex here is not that good compared to DHL post office.
  8. Name of product is acnomel. https://www.amazon.com/-/es/Crema-matizada-Adult-Acnomel-paquete/dp/B004ZLO9VG/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_es_US=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=acnomel&qid=1586839110&sr=8-1
  9. How do sellers then get import permit? So how much would it cost them to send that product from the US to here then is a bigger question since they sell it like three and a half times the regular price.
  10. Where do i ask them this? I can't speak spanish. Do i speak to a dhl rep on the phone on this but can i speak english? How much does import permit cost? Its frustrating because this is a simple otc cream that can be bought at amazon.com or say your local walgreens etc. The thing is that seller who sold this a while back on amazon mexico/mercado libre im positive his location was laredo even though he said the item was based in Texas. This is going by my memory of when i asked him where is the package coming from. But of course that seller sells a lot so he knows the ins and outs. But i wanted to know could a regular person send a cream like that similar to how he does it. I mean he charged like three and a half times the amount when i bought it i believe a while back. Of course now, its not available.
  11. Hey. If that do that with usps, how much would it cost to send it to me? I like to add im in the quintana roo/cancun area and not the lakeside section as you guys. Don't they always open all packages when going through customs? I heard that a while back. Its the only cream that works.
  12. Well the item is basically a ten dollar cream that you can buy easily at amazon.com or walgreens back in the US easily. It doesn't require a prescription etc. Thus anyone can buy it. So how did the seller in the Us then sold it to me a while back then? I recalled i paid around thirty five dollars or so to have it shipped here and he told me he will handle all the import/customs fees issues and then i received it. But now, I cannot get it anymore as that item is not on amazon mexico nor mercado libre anymore. My issue is i cannot buy this product on amazon mexico or mercado libre now... so i want to know is there a way to have it sent from the US here. Would a face cream that is nothing more than something you get at walgreens or amazon.com classify as medical? Because its not some special cream etc. How do those mercado libre vendors do those buying trips to the US and bring it back? Do they buy a ton from the US and then drive it back in here etc? Yea... Laredo is name of the place I recalled the seller listed the item as... but said it came from Texas. I recalled that was the name of the location.
  13. Because of the coronavirus, I decided to stay in Mexico in the time being as opposed to going back to the US. But I also ran out of certain products that I would easily get in the US via amazon.com. I know there is amazon mexico and mercadolibre, but the issue is some item that I want to get... its not available on amazon mexico. A while back i was able to purchase it through amazon mexico and the seller told me the item was actually coming from the US... but they would handle all the import taxes and everything in order for the product to reach me. I received the product probably a bit under two weeks I believe. I was surprised because I thought the product would get stopped at customs and won't go through but that seller told me don't worry because they do this shipping all the time. This was a while back though so my memory might be off. I also bought the same product from mercado libre as well I believe but not sure. So basically once or two occasions I ordered it and it got to me via DHL. This is just a face cream that cost no more than ten dollars on amazon.com but they sell it for at least three times the amount minimum on amazon mexico/mercadolibre but I just pay it. You don't need prescription for it. Its a basic face cream. My issue now is they don't have this product on amazon mexico. And on mercado libre, there was a seller that was selling it about a week ago... but now he took down the listing. So I cannot even get this product. What I want to know is... how are these sellers based in the US able to send these products here? I tried adding these items to amazon.com and then put my Mexico address on it but I get an error message that says can't ship due to import rules etc. I believe you can't send vitamins for example from US to Mexico right and liquids? But how was that seller able to send it to me? He told me I recall it was shipped from Texas, then gets to Mexico and he had the import papers or some words to that effect which allowed it to work. What I want to know is... is it possible for me to have a friend in the US purchase this product for me in the US via amazon.com... its a ten dollar small face cream only... i prefer to get two or even three of them... then have him send it to me here in Mexico. Now is that possible or not? Does he have to fill out some documents or something and how much tax/shipping would it cost to ship it to me. I assume anyone could send a product like that right or you need to be some special seller or something like that to allow it? Other thing im curious is this. If the cream only cost ten dollars via amazon.com... say i bought it off of the guy for thirty five dollars for example, how much money did the seller had to pay for import/taxes etc to get it to me? And if it works, how much would it cost for me to receive it? I would obviously order the items from my amazon.com account and send it to my friend's house address. Then ask him to drop the package off at DHL and send it to say the DHL office here. But how much would that cost total if he could do it? Also is it basically same price if he ships one or two or three of them? The cream is basically one third the size of a full size toothpaste. Anyone have experience with this? I know the easiest way is if someone from the US is coming to Mexico and bring it for me but obviously with the virus situation now, very few people are traveling. Thanks.
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