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  1. The Abba tribute dinner at Bobby's La Terraza Gourmet was such a success  last week and so many of you didn't get to enjoy it because tickets were SOLD OUT for both nights.  So we have decided to bring it back!  Abby and Rocio will again sing their hearts out with our favorite ABBA songs, including those we love from the Mama Mia movies
    Bobby will prepare a four course gourmet Greek Style dinner which is included in the ticket price of $275 pesos (not including your beverages or waiter gratuity)

    Tickets are available at Bobby's La Terraza Gourmet during regular business hours (Wed  thru Sun  1pm - 8pm)

    TEL 376 108-2309


    abbaposter v2.1.jpg

  2. Well it seems EVERYONE wants Cumbia!!!!! Response to our Saturday Cumbia had died down last month so I thought maybe it was time to think of something new to excite and entertain but Last Saturday the phone was ringing off the hook and us not having Cumbia was a disappointment to many. SOOOOOOOO continuing as "your HOST with the MOST" 1f642.png🙂 I have called the Morelos Brothers and booked them this Saturday. CUMBIA IS BACK with the band starting to play at 630. Please reserve early for your table and put on your dancing shoes!


  3. Thank you all for the HUGE support Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We broke our own record for the number of people served!  Looking forward to a repeat NYE and New Years Day!  Almost full for NYE but still a couple of spaces.  Love how we saw the same guests from Christmas Eve come back Christmas Day. Makes me know we are "doing it right" as one guest said

    New Years Day Dinner v2.jpg

    New Years Day Brunch v2.jpg

    NYE Menu v2.jpg

  4. There are all kinds of way to Celebrate New Years Eve. My customers tell me they like a little elegance and style instead of noise and hoopla. So I have obliged with a quiet elegant dinner on New Years Eve with time to get home before the craziness, get into your jammies and watch the ball drop on the tellie. I also have a stylish New Years Day Champagne Brunch AND a traditional New Years Dinner Feast. Choose the one you prefer or come to all. La Terraza...your place to welcome the New Year!

    NYE Menu v2.jpg

    New Years Day Brunch v2.jpg

    New Years Day Dinner v2.jpg

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  5. Hi Gringal 🙂  The  Christmas Tree Salad is mixed greens presented to look like a Chistmas tree, with fruits and nuts as the decorations and dressed with a honey balsamic dressing. (see picture) . The holiday Napolean is based on a classic napoleon (also called a Mille Feuille) which is layers of puff pastry and a rich vanilla cream. I am still playing with a holiday twist but here is a picture on my regular Napolean



  6. Hi All.  Like Computer Guy says I have LOTS of new ideas. It is all about keeping things fresh and interesting. It is kind of like a menu. Things people LOVE you promote, things that are not getting a great response you replace. Honestly I may not have given Date Night a fair chance since we had some very cold Fridays and St Andres Fiesta (which keep a lot of people home). I just have a LOT going on in Dec. I might revisit it in January or do a version for Valentines Day. I am keeping it in my back pocket for now. Check out ALL the special events on our website http://laterrazaajijic.com/christmas-new-years-holidays/ for a complete calendar and menus and make your reservations early! I have been busy writing menus and planing fun things for the month.  We are starting with our Jingle and Mingle Holiday Luncheon on Friday Dec 21st, then an elegant soft piano dinner on Monday Dec 24, Christmas Morning Brunch on the 25th, Traditional Turkey and the trimming and Ham all day the 25th, more dancing and dining with the Morelos Brothers and Shrimp Fiesta on the 29th, Champagne Sunday Brunch on the 30th,another elegant soft piano music dinner on New Years Eve, Start the New Year Right with a Brunch New Years Day as well as a Turkey and Ham Holiday Celebration all day Jan 1st. CHECK it Out 

    Christmas slider 5.jpg

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