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  1. Finally back in Upper La Floresta.
  2. Parked the car at 11:00 and was back in it and first shot vaccinated by 12:45. Well organized.
  3. For what it's worth...the Global Times is funded by the government of China.
  4. This is very sad news about a good man. He and Luis have been driving our family since 2006. Our thoughts are with his family.
  5. As has been stated above most flights to Europe from GDL go through Mexico City or one flight change somewhere in the U.S.
  6. You can find one at Walmart along with new blades if you need one right away.
  7. My point was if they can read the enlarged copy of the ballot with the original next to it they should be able to fill out the original. Good luck again.
  8. Republican or Democrat? Just kidding. I had to call AZ on a ballot matter today and the were very helpful. In lieu of that why not enlarge the ballot so your neighbor can read it and let him or her transfer their vote to the original? Good luck.
  9. Lake Med Supply usually has them. They're a couple blocks past Colon on the lake side of the Carr. in the same strip mall as the wine store.
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