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  1. Maybe I missed it, but I don't see the word "original" in any of the above language posted by AlanMexicali. My notario, Ramos, told me that the copy he notarized and affixed a seal to carries the same weight as the original.
  2. For 50 pesos, a notario will give you a notarized copy with a seal on it. I never carry my original, just the notarized copy. If cashing a check at Intercam, they ask to see it and the notarized copy is fine. If I use my Intercam debit card to pay my TelMex bill (when it was open), they ask to see my permanente i.d. and the notarized copy is always sufficient. The original never leaves my house unless I'm leaving the country and need the original when crossing borders. The local police have nothing to do with INM and have no authority to ask for proof of residence.
  3. I received my North Carolina ballot yesterday, along with explicit directions re faxing and mailing. I'll fax, and NC has a way for me to confirm that it was received. Super easy.
  4. I was there on Friday to make an appointment for a friend, but the woman I spoke to said that appointments are no longer necessary because they're not that busy now.
  5. Here's another vote for Azucena.
  6. Yes, Azucena is the best for immigration matters. I highly recommend her.
  7. I walked in without an appointment and 10 minutes later walked out with my plates. Easy.
  8. I'd talk to local attorney Azucena Bateman of ABC Legal. She's the real immigration expert, responds quickly to phone calls and e-mails and her fees are very reasonable. There are many Mexican attorneys in town who are capable and could help, but Azucena has never disappointed me.
  9. I've been here for 25 years and have never taken a driving test. I only took a written test once, but a monkey could have passed it. When I applied for my first MXN driver's license, I had a valid current license from the States, so that may make a difference in whether you must take a driving test.
  10. I agree with Joan Sikes on this. I've been to both Dr. Gabriel and Dr. Gonzales and think that Dr. Gabriel at Quality Care is the best, hands down.
  11. I've been with Parker for almost 20 years and they're wonderful to work with. I've had my car stolen, was involved in a serious accident, etc. and each time they responded quickly and made it easy.
  12. Check with Azucena Bateman, a really good attorney in Ajijic, and she'll know if the offices in Guad are open. If so, it's really easy to do it yourself, or you could have Azucena help you.
  13. I just checked on the internet. Apparently, Michigan has changed its notary laws since I left there 25 years ago. A Michigan notary can only notarize documents within the State. Some States do allow out-of-state notarizations, but not Michigan. Geez, I was all over the country notarizing documents.
  14. Yvonne Jensen Lauterback is a US notary who I've successfully had notarize many documents, and a lot of my friends have too. Her home number is 76-52603. I was a Michigan notary for about 30 years and authorized to notarize anywhere - I just had to add some language about where I was commissioned, and then add "acting in ________County, State of _______________."
  15. Has anyone else heard the rumor that there's a McDonald's going in across from Bruno's on the carretera? Hopefully, it's just a rumor. Thanks.
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