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  1. iLox service in Ajijic (and Lakeside areas) has been compromised by a hack as we have been informed by two technicians with iLox. We have had our service down for a few days so far which has been very unfortunate following the large outage on Monday. Ironically, our iLox service has been very stable in Rancho del Oro for quite some time with no real issues. Had noticed after an outage about a month ago of a few hours (the second outage we had experienced since we started the service in June last year) that speeds declined a bit and never were quite as good. Were told they were adding some additional main fiber lines to expand bandwidth capacity in the lakeside area and that it may have been affecting their peering (ISP routing) for various services which would control some of that bandwidth loss. In any case, it has started to sound like tons of excuses being made for their inability to respond to their infrastructure's needs. As many have mentioned, having a backup to this service is prudent and we have been using our mobile phone (on Telcel network) as mobile hotspot but that can also be pricey and certainly not as high of quality. Am now going forward with Telmex and seeing what their fiber option is like...this is for backup, but may indeed become primary service and dump iLox if this isn't resolved. Here are their offerings: https://telmex.com/web/hogar/contratacion-fibra-optica - a bit more expensive and likely no guarantees of these speeds or synchoronous (same speed up and down) service which most fiber ISPs do tend to offer. It is ashamed that iLox has allowed this to occur (sabotage not withstanding) as this market is truly theirs to lose to the larger players and with all the significant effort that it took to get them to Lakeside. We work remotely everyday and rely heavily on video conferencing and have to upload large video files often. We do stream from providers in the evenings too...so really a typical customer. I want to give iLox the benefit of the doubt (many doubts now) to make things right, but competition is a cruel mistress and it may be coming for them.
  2. Thanks for these responses. We can return the medications easily and get full refund as our good friend is their vet, we will do that to avoid hassle of losing that investment at customs. Regarding the foods we use for our indoor-only cats (12 years old each - brother and sister), we have used both Orijen Fit and Trim dry food as well as Acana Meadowlands (sometimes Grasslands but has restricted Lamb in it). For the wet food (once a day in evening), they receive Weruva B.F.F (except any beef flavors) and Fussie Cat Super Premium which are also Carrageenan free and all chicken-based. Was informed really that Chapala had nothing like these types of foods, so it will be great to see that there are equivalents to them possible. Otherwise, we don't mind expense of bringing down a supply from time to time since we will be going back and forth a number of times a year for a few weeks to visit with family. Natasha, so sorry to hear about the incidents with your babies, we do plan on continuing to keep our cats indoors for the remainder of their lives and hope to avoid any unncessary exposure to poisons, diseases, etc. by continuing this practice. We will definitely head to Lakeside Friends of Animals shop and see what they might have. Where do we find Revolution and do we still need a prescription and could use one from NOB? Dubhead
  3. Hello, We are flying into Guadalajara on Sat. with our two cats and are trying to sort through what is okay to "import" in for them. We have all of their health care paperwork and they are all set in that regard. It is really around the meaning of what we are reading here: https://www.gob.mx/cms/uploads/attachment/file/445895/List_of_agri-food_products_for_tourist_import.pdf Maybe this list doesn't apply since it is for "tourist" and we will be entering as Residente Temporal? In any case, we just want to bring in about 2-3 14lb. bags of dry cat food and potentially some wet (humid??) canned food as well. The dry food is only chicken/turkey/fish sources and from approved country (USA), so don't imagine problem necessarily but curious about wet/canned food which may be getting referenced as humid at that link. Would like to have a bit of this too if possible and don't mind paying overweight fees but are ultimately restricted by what Mexico allows in...some combination of wet and dry food perhaps? The other concern is we have prescription medications for our cats (Revolution flea treatment) that we bought in the US for hundreds of dollars (a year's worth/monthly application) that appears to be prohibited??? We understand that there is Revolution available there, so if this will just be confiscated, we will have to figure out getting it there. There is really a lack of clarity around some of this and we have been researching for a month or so and can't really get "straight" answers, perhaps largely due to whether you enter by land or air and potentially the mood of customs inspectors. Any clarifications on this would be helpful as we know it is already going to be a pretty long day of travel. Thanks, Dubhead
  4. You might also bite the bullet and subscribe to paid IPTV service like Vader Streams or Beast TV. These are often rebroadcasts, but include all NFL, PPV and tons of other sports, etc. also includes regional networks which may be nice to keep tabs on things in US, Canada, UK, etc. Have been subscriber to these for a few years and can basically watch any TV I want worldwide as long as decent bandwidth (5Mbps minimum) since most everything is in 720p and many have multiple options up to 4K (UHD). Sometimes VPN is needed depending on country and PIA has worked well for me. ~Dubhead
  5. There is also option to use Uber service (app on smartphone) and drivers are insured and would manage the “bad” roads without issue. Have used already multiple times here without any issues. ~Dubhead
  6. We are visiting Ajijic (staying in West Ajijic) and have a Project Fi phone that we use as a hotspot (older Nexus 6P) and the bandwidth is quite acceptable (see Speedtest result). Seems with the variable reliability in cable service internet wireless and maybe decent roof antenna as extra boost is best here until beeper service is in place. http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/i/2879385972 For project Fi, have two SIM cards, one in phone to use as hotspot, and another data-only SIM for use in cellular iPad. The speedtest results were from plain wifi iPad connected to the phone hotspot. The plan is never more than $60 USD which expensive based on standards here BUT the data is truly unlimited. ~Dubhead
  7. Hello, My wife and I will be in Ajijic until 10/17 and are interested in hiking Cerro de Garcia. We would like to see if there is anyone who would like to join (or has been up it before) for this hike sometime next week (10/8-10/12). We are estimating about 10 hours in total including drive time to get to the trailhead in San Luis Soyatlan and back (~45min one-way?). Any suggestions/tips are welcome of course too. We are very avid and experienced hikers/mountaineers. The information posted here was very helpful: https://www.wikiloc.com/hiking-trails/cerro-de-garcia-23340060
  8. Hello, First post here. We arrived in Guadalajara yesterday and used our USAA Debit card this AM to withdraw 2000 pesos from Santander bank. I was charged $108.75 by USAA for this transaction which seemed to be about .0395 (~4%) or 79 pesos on top of what the currenncy app I was using indicated ($104.62USD). Now I do realize this is not the Visa rate as indicated earlier, but that still seemed pretty reasonable to me. ~Dubhead
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