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  1. Jo, Do you still have Kefir grains to spare? Are they milk or water grains?
  2. This is my first post - so please excuse me if I am using inappropriately. I was hoping to find someone who is making a trip to Costco this weekend who would be willing to let me tag along. I will be happy to help with gas. I know there is a shopping service, but I have 2 items to return and want to check out a few items that are on coupon (that expires tomorrow) - plus I only have 2 items that I need for sure, so the service is not cost effective. Alternatively, does anyone know how to get to Costco by bus from lakeside, and roughly how long it takes? As a second query - will be needing a ride to the Guadalajara airport in a few weeks. Does anyone know a reliable service, and how much should I expect to pay (from San Antonio Tlayacapan)? Thanks!
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