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  1. Fast food is what it is. Convenience when we are too pressed for time , too lazy to create a masterpiece, or can't find anyone to go out with us to a fancy restaurant with cloth napkins. Sometimes the service is less than we expected from a minimum wage employee whose 15 year old car went dead on the way to work and they were docked for being late but normally we only see that we aren't getting what we expected. Fast food has been a god-send for millions who would have starved or eaten vegetables out of a can with their Vienna sausages or potted meat. Fast food restaurants allow us to eat decent , inexpensive food quickly so that afterwards we can spend precious time with our friends and family not washing dishes, napping, or cleaning up after a feast.
  2. Is your friend lifting weights or lifting heavy objects daily? Many weight lifters rupture the discs between the vertebrae. The MRI sounds like your best option to find out what is damaged and how bad. I personally don't like to rely on concocted chemicals to correct my medical conditions. Since the discs are cartilage and humans rarely eat anything cartilage I would eat Knox flavored gelatin everyday to replace the cartilage if I had that problem. That same cartilage is at every joint in our body and if I have pain at the joints I eat Knox gelatin also. I am not a representative of the Knox Gelatin company.
  3. I've found with earplugs that I could sleep thru an atomic explosion but this tradition is one that I would enjoy being awake to see . Don't take Mexican heritage as a personal affront because these traditions were happening long before you arrived and will continue long after you are gone. Complaining about the noise in the early morning will only antagonize the locals and make you look like an arrogant whiner, not to mention in the long run will turn local Mexican residents against the ex-pats.
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